Bahria Town Peshawar Location, Forms Prices and Launch/Booking Details

Peshawar is the Provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is also known as “City on the Frontier” because of its strategic significance located nearby Pak-Afghan border and also provide a trade route to Central Asia states and South Asia. Also, the recognition of this historical city that is one of the oldest existing cities in South Asia established at least in 539 BC. The city has now become more momentous ever since the influx of Afghan migrants in heavy numbers since more than 3 decades and also Peshawar city have become a focal point for trade activities not only for the whole province – but for Afghanistan too. News about Bahria Town Peshawar was first launched by wall.pk real estate Pakistan website.

Bahria Town Peshawar

So, because of this immense trade activity in Peshawar city and also numerous people from the tribal areas FATA also shifting in various areas of the city in search of better life. This has increased the need of urban housing in the city so to fill this gap Pakistan’s renowned real estate developer Bahria Town that is also Asia’s largest private real estate developers is planning to launch Bahria Town Peshawar very soon.

Yes, after the launch of world-class massive projects in Lahore, Rawalpindi and lastly in Karachi Bahria Town is soon going to launch more projects in other cities of Pakistan. The upcoming on the cards Bahria Town projects in Pakistan includes Bahria Town Hyderabad, Bahria Town Nawabshah, Bahria Town Sukkur and finally Bahria Town Peshawar. Find updates about its development here.


If we talk about the details regarding the launching date of Bahria Town Peshawar it’s not yet revealed officially by the Bahria Town management. However, as per reports the Bahria Town is setting up to launch its Bahria Town Peshawar master planned community very soon.


Many people are curious to know the proposed location of Bahria Town Peshawar, we don’t’ want to miss lead our esteem readers mentioning the wrong project site – Because, Bahria Town has not yet revealed location details of its Peshawar chapter. So, all the anxious people wanting to know the actual location of Bahria Town Peshawar will have to wait a little and do not trust upon false reports regarding its prospective location. Thus, we promise that we will enlighten our readers about it, as soon as the Bahria Town Peshawar actual location is disclosed.

Prospective Features:

As Bahria Town is known for its state of the art planning and execution of master planned housing and commercial developments in its all projects – this is also expected in this upcoming Bahria Town Peshawar fraction. The project will offer a dream standardized lifestyle to its inhabitants in secure and tranquil atmosphere. Also, all the basic to luxurious amenities would also be made available for the fortunate people – who will be able to reside in this master planned, lavish community of Bahria Town Peshawar.

It’s expected that Bahria Town will offer affordable plots and houses of 5, 10 Marla to 1 and 2 kanal. There will also be Bahria Apartments developed in Bahria Town Peshawar and offered for clients who belongs from the middle-class financial background. Because, the prices of these planned various size luxury apartments would be well in their reach to purchase.

Furthermore, massive Bahria Town Villas will also be established for the elite class who want to acquire these costly ready to live villas having all the world-class facilities. And how come we forget that recreational developments, commercial avenues, high-rise commercial buildings, shopping malls, alongside massive infrastructures and road network will be established inside Bahria Town Peshawar expectedly – as it’s the forte of all Bahria Town projects.


The booking of all the Bahria Town properties will be made through booking forms and allotment will be done through balloting after its authorized launching. Also, the Bahria Town Peshawar payment plan would also be released after its official launch – alongside the installments plans details. The Bahria Town Peshawar Files sale, purchase kick off will too take place only after the official launch and balloting.


So, keep your finger cross as the launch of Bahria Town Peshawar is expected very soon. The project will undoubtedly be one of its kind in the city and would offer a superlative lifestyle to its future inhabitants. Also, project will encompass enormous investment opportunities for people – who want to invest in a viable real estate project in Peshawar city.

8 Umrah Tips and Tricks Working in 2019

Umrah is a very important element in Islam. Those who can afford must perform it. Umrah means to go to Makkah and Madina to perform specific actions and duties which Allah has ordered about this worship. You can go to perform Umrah at any time of the year as there is no specific time for Umrah. This worship has very special merit and provides a chance to purify the soul.

The wish of performing Umrah is intense in almost all the Muslims and every year a lot of people get this blessing from all over the world.  This pilgrimage is not easy and you need to take a lot of precautions and tips before going for Umrah as well as at the time of performance. Here some important things to take care of are mentioned below which would help you to manage things well. If you are going to perform Umrah first time then more attention is needed for these tips.

Legal Documentation

You need to go to another country for Umrah and for this, a lot of legal documentation and procedures are needed. After making the decision to go to this holy pilgrimage, you need to apply for the required documents in which visa comes first. Check also about the validity of your passport. You cannot go without the incomplete papers which are necessary to travel. Before leaving you must check with great care that you have your passport, visa, ticket and identity card.

Time Management

If you are a worker or have other obligations then you need to manage time in order to inform about your absence during the Umrah performance. Almost two to three weeks are required so you have to inform the company so that things could be maintained in your absence.

Necessary Equipment

Umrah means going to another land, so it is necessary to have the things which are essential to have during a journey or your stay. Your first step should be to make a list of all the things which you find essential to have with you. Avoid carrying unnecessary things with you. t may cause trouble afterwards.  Ahram, clothes, Shoes, Umbrella,  basic medicines, nail cutter, shampoo, soap, travelling bags, prayer mat and some other basic things.

Medical Checkup

Pre-Umrah complete checkup is a very much essential thing which should not at all ignored in any case. You have to be physically fit and healthy in order to avoid any problem or trouble during your journey or performing Umrah. During the checkup, the doctor will tell you about your health or either you are fit enough to travel or not. You may also get many bits of advice and precautions which would help your great to do things in a more better and healthy way.

Guidance about the Umrah Actions

Umrah needs a lot of guidance and instructions about its rituals. A lot of guidance is available online while you can meet with the people who have already perform Umrah. You can learn a lot from their experience to make your journey comfortable in all the ways. Moreover, if you attend the seminars and lectures of scholars about this then it would be really helpful for you. You will get the authentic and required guidance in a proper manner through these lectures and seminars.

Residence During Umrah

Once you reached for Umrah then you need to be very careful while choosing a place to live. Your residence during your stay for Umrah should be comfortable and facilitated so that you can avoid certain problems. The place of your stay should be close to the Khana Ka’aba in order to reach easily there. if you have any friend or relative where you can live with them also.

Indulge in Worships

After reaching for Umrah, one should be very careful about the actual purpose behind this journey. You should avoid the worldly activities as much as possible. Keep connected with Allah and collect his blessings by your sincere prayers. Most of your time should be spent in Haram, repenting for your sins and praising Allah for His kindness and mercy. Make dua for yourself,  your family, friends and for all.

Be Ethical

You have to be very careful about the small things which have a large effect not only on you but also on others. Do not make loud sounds or noise in Haram while also be careful about to jump from other. Wait for your turns at different points. Do not mingle with ladies and try to be respectful and patient all the time. Follow all the rules which have been set for the pilgrimages of Umrah.


Have a comfortable journey and make the best out of your Umrah by following the certain rules mentioned above. You must take them into consideration before leaving for Umrah. May your Umrah journey most beautiful and memorable for you!

SA Gardens Lahore Kala Shah Kaku Location,Payment Plan and Other Details

There has always been a charm of New Housing schemes in Lahore because the inhabitants from all areas of the Punjab like to come here with the expectation of new chances for work, study, better scoring and to raise their living standard. And Lahore is the urbanized and metropolitan city that provides all above opportunities, so people desire to have a home in Lahore. The population has grown day a new housing scheme is launched; that are too expensive that middle-income people can’t afford it. But now everyone can provide a modern and luxury living at Lahore because SA Developers has presented the solution with the title SA Gardens. SA Gardens Lahore is an unmatched housing scheme at the prime location of GT Road near Kala Shah Kaku. SA Gardens Lahore will provide you a modern way of living to a high standard and luxurious lifestyle. The project is designed to meet all the necessities of modern and well-organized housing scheme.

SA Gardens Lahore

About Location

Now if we talk about the site that always matters to the success and failure of any project, the SA Developers have chosen the most extreme and prime location of Lahore. The SA Gardens is located near Kala Shah Kaku, while going to Gujranwala through main GT Road. It is approximately 2 minutes drive away from Kala Shah Kaku interchange and about 20 minutes away from the Lahore central areas. The project has two different entrances that will allow residents to access Lahore City in time.

Offerings of the Project

SA Gardens is a fully facilitated and gated housing community that provides a peaceful and independent life to the people whole lifestyle to its residents. SA Gardens offers a secure environment within the gated community where you can enjoy the modern housing facilities and amenities. The project is providing beautiful constructed houses and plots on the easy and convenient installments. The project has completely developed eight blocks that are offering both commercial and residential plots of 3.3 Marla, 5 Marla, and 10 Marla.

SA Developers has built the model houses for the people who want to see the house design. The houses will be available in 3 Marla single storey and double storey and 5 Marla single storey and double storey.

Booking method

The SA Gardens is offering an extensive payment plan where you can book a plot or home with just 20% down payment and the residual amount can be paid in 24 monthly installments. 

Accompanied features

The SA Garden is an ideal place for living a peaceful life according to modern standards and a golden opportunity for investment. The project has two entry gates, secure environment, a developed commercial area, Food Courts, Park and availability of all utilities and basic amenities.

In short, we can say that the SA garden holds all the features that modern society has as it has schools, hospitals, mosques,  shopping centers, sports complex entertainment and leisure facilities and world famous McDonald’s site. An extensive power backup plan has been developed to provide consistent power supply in case of load shedding of electricity

How to fix “DNS Server Not Responding” Error on Windows 10, 8 and 7

DNS Server Not Responding

We all know that Windows is the most used operating system, apart from its lagging people still feel it more user friendly than other operating systems. Sometimes users of Windows 7, 8 and 10 faces a DNS server not responding error, I’m sure you also have faced this error once in your life because it’s a common error that makes users annoying.

I’d first like to tell my own story of this weird error, I was preparing a project on my laptop and suddenly my internet stopped working, and the browser started showing DNS server isn’t responding error, trust me it made me wild and I had to submit my project in the morning. I just felt that I’m going to throw my laptop out of the Window but I said to myself, Hey be calm, let’s find a way to fix this annoying error. I brainstormed for an hour and found lots of ways to fix it. So I thought I should share all these methods in this guide so you’ll can benefit from it.

Flush DNS Cache:

Flush DNS

Almost everything related to internet is cached on your PC because it consumes more bandwidth if your PC every time builds a new connection with websites or any other software. Just like cached websites in browser your DNS is also cached and when you try to open websites and there is an error with it, you face DNS server not responding error every time. Just clear that cache and you can resolve this error. Below is the method to do it:

Open command prompt in your Windows PC and type this:

ipconfig /flushdns

and press enter and you’re done.

Use Google’s DNS:

Google’s DNS

I know that this one is the newest method that most of us don’t know about. Let me tell you how you can use Google’s DNS, basically there are default DNS under your DNS settings that is used by your computer to communicate with Internet websites, if there is something wrong with that DNS you can simply change DNS and can set default DNS of other companies including Google DNS or OpenDNS. Moreover, the same solution can work on an Android device if it’s showing mobile network not available, but you must be tech savvy to do that. Here is a quick guide to do that.

Other methods:

If above methods don’t work for you then try the below ones:

  • Restart router
  • Reset and again do configurations of your router
  • Run Windows in Safe Mode.

How to Fix Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter?

Computers have become the widely used device and the internet as the biggest source. There is nothing which cannot be done on the web and even a kid knows how to operate a computer nowadays but at times, technical problems trouble us from working.

Fix Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter?

There is a very common error which is commonly referred to as “code 10,” in actual the error comes like “Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface This device cannot start. (Code 10)” that is why it is popular with “code 10” or “Error 10.” The problem is not that significant because the actual problem lies in the lack of knowledge. We cannot study a particular thing if we do not know what it is all about and similar is the case with Teredo Tunneling. There are many ways of fixing Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter.

Teredo Tunelling is an interpreter that process both IPv4 and IPv6 languages to make the communication between both the protocols possible. Earlier, there were only IPv4 addresses which never lead to such “code 10” errors but later when the demand for computers rose the limitation over IPv4 started accompanying. To resolve the issue IPv6 came into the role but it does not mean IPv4 got vanished, both are being used which has led to the demand of Teredo Tunelling Adapter.

Teredo Tunelling helps in proper communication between IPv4 and IPv6 which results in smooth operation and “code 10” error can become a problem while working. Many ways can assist you in resolving this issue but at times, none of them work, for example, the registry method, which is a bit complicated but if steps are followed properly then it has highest chances of resolving but at times this also does not work. So, if you are not getting any way to fix this issue or whatever you did, didn’t work for you then the best way is to reinstall the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter driver.

The main reason to do is that the actual problem lies in the driver so if you first uninstall current Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter driver and then reinstall it then it will be able to update itself which will fix Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter. The initial error arises during updating the device to install the driver and if the problem is out-of-reach then reinstalling can be a better option. Other than this you can use the command prompt to fix Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter driver problem but it is hardly used way, and you will not find steps everywhere too because of the high usage of registry editor and reinstallation methods.

One of the common mistakes which an unprofessional may do is not backing up the registry. At times editing the registry may lead to improper functioning of other files which will ultimately affect the operating system because it will not be able to load the files that got changed because of the modification. So, it is always advised to create a backup of the registry before making any change so that you can avoid any data loss situations.

How Done.pk is revolutionizing the Ecommerce Industry

In the era of increasing e – commerce in Pakistani economy done.pk is coming up with some of the most astonishing ideas so that it can be named as a complete online store in the growing market. Done.pk has become the game changer in the e-commerce by reaching from scratch to success by providing the best to its customers and increasing the customer loyalty towards itself. There is still a part to be done to achieve the genuine class e-business capability and to fight its rivals. Coming up with the idea of providing everything at fingertips at the ease of comfort.

Done.pk Online Shopping Portal Pakistan

Done.pk has changed the thinking of people how they used to shop at ecommerce. Done.pk identified as well as comprehended the needs, hobbies, and desires of their prospective clients. That implies knowing what they need to purchase, as well as how and where they like to buy, and also keeping in mind their concerns: value, choice, delivery, and security. Done.pk is growing like; the blink of an eye and you are lost. Done.pk intended to characterize customers’ requirements and desires, and then surpass them by conveying a faultless online shopping portal. From information administration frameworks to portable and social enhancement, all parts of done.pk meet up toward a solitary objective: fulfill the customer need and win his belief.

Done.pk has altered the corporate world, and now it’s modifying the future. It really feels great when somebody peruses your brain or sees precisely what you require. Now a tap on the screen is sufficient to bring home your most loved mobile, laptop, dslr or similar products from done.pk. Providing an amazing system for web shopping, it empowers its clients to “heart” or get “price notification” of their most loved products so that they get great discounts notification instantly and stunning offers from their adored online store. Shopping here will definitely save your time, and offering a variety of product from which you can choose from as well as saves money on petrol and customers bears no tax.Done.pk loyal employees are always there to help its customers and to beat each and every one of its rival competitor. Currently, e-commerce is at the situation of “live hard or die fast” so to cope with such situation done.pk will never disappoint its loyal clients.

Done.pk is coming up with several online payment system to provide more comfort than ever. It relies more on its customer satisfaction than on its own benefit. This e commerce store is offering the best prices to its customer and several offers that are hard to ignore.Done.pk never disappoint its customer by saying No this is not available at the moment, Yes is there policy no matter what, you will be provided with the product you asked for as quick as a blink of an eye. If still there is a reason of not shopping at www.Done.pk let us know we are sure that there is nothing that we can’t do to fulfill your requirements.

Sending Free SMS while living abroad is Like Sending Memories

People who lived away from their families in the past and who are currently living would aptly aware of the fact how it feels, to live overseas in the absence of people – who really cares for you. But, everyone has to sacrifice something in various stages of life and people, who live overseas scarifies continuous communication with people having a special place in their life. Out of these people, most of them go aboard in search of work and to do better earning jobs and some go for studies and for some other reasons. However, living away from your family feels the same to everyone, no matter for what reason they left their homes abroad.

The point we are dragging into the limelight is that now the technology has developed so much that you can easily make contact with people you want – where ever you are in this world. Take in consideration the internet services as well as now day’s Smartphone communication category applications – they allow any of the users to get in touch with any other users using the same application platform. These modern day tools have revolutionized the way of communication with peoples living in a various part of the world. Now you can send a free instant message, make free voice or even video call from your Smartphone apps well as from computer – just requiring internet connectivity.


Living Abroad


However, still there are many people who because of their illiteracy and lack of technology tools knowledge, remains in search of some more handy source to communicate with their families from abroad. Take the example of a laborer from a small city of Pakistan go to the UAE to work after making valiant efforts of many years gathering money for this purpose. Then when at last they managed to go and find a job of 1500 Dirham’s, of which he himself have to service there and also send sizeable money back home for its family. For this kind of low-income less aware of the tools available to communicate with family back home services like to send free SMS from the internet is an adequate way to remain in contact with their family.

To make use of this service they can take help of any of their friends living with them overseas to help them send free SMS to their family member’s mobile number. This way they send tell and let know about the condition of their family back home from their native town – that too for free. This service also lets users send, as well as receive replies from a mobile number they are sending free SMS too. This then becomes the best source for them to sending their memories and thoughts with their siblings and other family and friends – by sending SMS directly to their mobile numbers.

Although, the utilization of Smartphone’s is also a lot easier for making contact with people you want while living aboard. Anyhow, the use of any technology sources depends on user consent that which tools they want to utilize for making and remaining with the people they want to from overseas.

People who lived away from their families in the past and who are currently living would aptly aware of the fact how it feels, to live overseas in the absence of people – who really cares for you. But, everyone has to sacrifice something in various stages of life and people, who live overseas scarifies continuous communication with people having a special place in their life. Out of these people, most of them go aboard in search of work and to do better earning jobs and some go for studies and for some other reasons. However, living away from your family feels the same to everyone, no matter for what reason they left their homes abroad.

The point we are dragging into the limelight is that now the technology has developed so much that you can easily make contact with people you want – where ever you are in this world. Take in consideration the internet services as well as now day’s Smartphone communication category applications – they allow any of the users to get in touch with any other users using the same application platform. These modern day tools have revolutionized the way of communication with peoples living in a various part of the world. Now you can send a free instant message, make free voice or even video call from your Smartphone apps well as from computer – just requiring internet connectivity.


Life and People in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Out of the whole population, over 1.60 billion are Muslims reside in various countries, which are Muslim as well as millions of Muslims in non-Muslim states like India and America. After most populated Muslim country, Indonesia, Pakistan is the second most populated Muslim country. The demand of the separate country by the Muslims of the subcontinent was to be able to proactive their religion with complete freedom without any fear. Therefore, the maker of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah led to the movement and eventually on August 14, 1947.


At the time of partition, millions of Muslims were murdered by Hindus and Sikh’s. This shows the kind of courage and scarifies people who migrated from India did at that time for their coming generation to live in a free country made in the name of Islam for Muslims.

At, present if we look t the state of the country, it has developed in various paradigms, the population has now become 6th largest in the world. The country has seen different rules, but the country is mostly ruled by Army Heads. Because democracy and politicians have always lacked control over all sorts of matters whether it was an economy, foreign policy or working towards the prosperity of the country. Therefore, at different point of time martial law was imposed and military rulers ruled the country for many years in the last six decades or so.

But, the people of Pakistan are the true force behind where the country stands in the world. Pakistan is the nation of intelligent, hardworking and dedicated people; therefore they have made the country proud locally as well as globally. If we talk about the influence of religion on the people in the country it is imperative. However, on the other hand, the country is considered liberal in various regards because of its ruling elite is predominantly belongs from liberal class.

Nevertheless, there is a huge population out of a whole in the countries, who are practicing Muslims and have kept religion alive in their daily practices and also offers prayers five times a day. Moreover, Pakistan is the country from where most numbers of pilgrims go for Hajj and Umrah that is the ultimate act of worship for any Muslim. This year, millions of Pakistani’s made use of their gathered financial resources, especially for these sacred worships and utilize Umrah packages, like every past year.

If we talk about the life of the native peoples they belong from various ethnic backgrounds, speaks various languages, wear different clothes, eat different types of food. This makes Pakistan one of the world’s most rich cultured countries, where you will come across all weather seasons, Sea, deserts, green fields, cold hilly resorts to warmest places on earth. The Almighty has blessed the country with everything they could think of. But, still millions of people in Pakistan lack basic needs of life in far flange areas of the country – because of negligence and incompetence of its rulers.

Yet, the country has more positives than negatives for its nationals to be hopeful that the coming days will be better. The only thing country requires is a dedicated and honest leadership to govern and provide rights to people, which they deserve and impose a true rule of all for everyone likewise.

[True Story] How I Survived in Dubai with Low Monetary Resources?

I am one of those millions of people, mostly from the subcontinent, who always dreamed to travel and settle abroad to run away from my miserable life in my country. Because, even after having a Master’s degree I was not able to get any adequate job in Pakistan. That’s when one of my friends suggested me to come to Dubai, who was already working there and was earning well. So, I met a travel agent and get myself a visit visa so that I could first go and hunt for a job and then the employer will arrange for my work visa and other relevant paperwork.

Burj Khalifa #Dubai

So, in merely 15 days I was able to travel to Dubai on a visit visa for a month and landed there, where my friend had arranged temporary accommodation for me. But, the issue was that Dubai is very expensive when it comes to accommodation and food also, and if you have to traveling also in becoming a tough ask to manage. Nevertheless, as I was just landed there my friend guided me about how life works here and told me to stay focused for what you have traveled here.

I asked him other than everything what is the cheapest and easiest way to get in touch with your family back home in Pakistan. He told me that he is in Dubai for over three years and is able to send free SMS to Pakistan. I instantly become curious and wanted to know about this amazing free SMS sending thing, he told me about a website that permit its user to send free SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan. It was a big relief for me, as soon as I used this service and informed my family about my arrival in Dubai safely by sending free SMS from internet to my brother’s mobile phone.

The next day I went out for dropping my resume in relevant company’s offices, I also took help from some of the famous recruitment related website, which provides vacancies details listed on them and also aloe to apply for those positions. Somehow, I was lucky to get an interview call only after two days and I went there to interview for the position of manager supply chain, it was an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company.

The next day I got a call from this company’s HR department they told me that you have got selected for the position of manager supply chain – the salary they offered me was 3000 UAE Dirham’s. I said yes instantly because this was the only option for me to somehow support myself for living in Dubai having a white color job initially and send some money back home to family.

But, trust me it was really hard to manage your living, food, traveling and then saving some money to send back home – that I realize only after one month stay in Dubai. However, by the grace of GOOD and my will power – I was able to cope up with low monetary resources. What I did first I searched an accommodation in 1000 Dirham’s, managed my food and traveling in 1000 more and my communication bother back home was resolved with the above cited free SMS sending websites to Pakistan. And every month I used to send remaining 1000 Dirham’s to my family, which I gradually increased – as my salary was incremented with time.

Thus, this is how I survived with less money in Dubai, so if you want to come to Dubai to find your dream job, you have to be prepared for some hardships – because life is not a bed of roses here. But, once you find a good employer and luck destiny is also on your side, you can enjoy a good life in Dubai by earning handsome money.