Bahria Town Peshawar Location, Forms Prices and Launch/Booking Details

Peshawar is the Provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is also known as “City on the Frontier” because of its strategic significance located nearby Pak-Afghan border and also provide a trade route to Central Asia states and South Asia. Also, the recognition of this historical city that is one of the oldest existing cities in South Asia established at least in 539 BC. The city has now become more momentous ever since the influx of Afghan migrants in heavy numbers since more than 3 decades and also Peshawar city have become a focal point for trade activities not only for the whole province – but for Afghanistan too. News about Bahria Town Peshawar was first launched by real estate Pakistan website.

Bahria Town Peshawar

So, because of this immense trade activity in Peshawar city and also numerous people from the tribal areas FATA also shifting in various areas of the city in search of better life. This has increased the need of urban housing in the city so to fill this gap Pakistan’s renowned real estate developer Bahria Town that is also Asia’s largest private real estate developers is planning to launch Bahria Town Peshawar very soon.

Yes, after the launch of world-class massive projects in Lahore, Rawalpindi and lastly in Karachi Bahria Town is soon going to launch more projects in other cities of Pakistan. The upcoming on the cards Bahria Town projects in Pakistan includes Bahria Town Hyderabad, Bahria Town Nawabshah, Bahria Town Sukkur and finally Bahria Town Peshawar. Find updates about its development here.


If we talk about the details regarding the launching date of Bahria Town Peshawar it’s not yet revealed officially by the Bahria Town management. However, as per reports the Bahria Town is setting up to launch its Bahria Town Peshawar master planned community very soon.


Many people are curious to know the proposed location of Bahria Town Peshawar, we don’t’ want to miss lead our esteem readers mentioning the wrong project site – Because, Bahria Town has not yet revealed location details of its Peshawar chapter. So, all the anxious people wanting to know the actual location of Bahria Town Peshawar will have to wait a little and do not trust upon false reports regarding its prospective location. Thus, we promise that we will enlighten our readers about it, as soon as the Bahria Town Peshawar actual location is disclosed.

Prospective Features:

As Bahria Town is known for its state of the art planning and execution of master planned housing and commercial developments in its all projects – this is also expected in this upcoming Bahria Town Peshawar fraction. The project will offer a dream standardized lifestyle to its inhabitants in secure and tranquil atmosphere. Also, all the basic to luxurious amenities would also be made available for the fortunate people – who will be able to reside in this master planned, lavish community of Bahria Town Peshawar.

It’s expected that Bahria Town will offer affordable plots and houses of 5, 10 Marla to 1 and 2 kanal. There will also be Bahria Apartments developed in Bahria Town Peshawar and offered for clients who belongs from the middle-class financial background. Because, the prices of these planned various size luxury apartments would be well in their reach to purchase.

Furthermore, massive Bahria Town Villas will also be established for the elite class who want to acquire these costly ready to live villas having all the world-class facilities. And how come we forget that recreational developments, commercial avenues, high-rise commercial buildings, shopping malls, alongside massive infrastructures and road network will be established inside Bahria Town Peshawar expectedly – as it’s the forte of all Bahria Town projects.


The booking of all the Bahria Town properties will be made through booking forms and allotment will be done through balloting after its authorized launching. Also, the Bahria Town Peshawar payment plan would also be released after its official launch – alongside the installments plans details. The Bahria Town Peshawar Files sale, purchase kick off will too take place only after the official launch and balloting.


So, keep your finger cross as the launch of Bahria Town Peshawar is expected very soon. The project will undoubtedly be one of its kind in the city and would offer a superlative lifestyle to its future inhabitants. Also, project will encompass enormous investment opportunities for people – who want to invest in a viable real estate project in Peshawar city.

How You Can Make Money by Writing an Article

Being able to write and get money by writing is really pleasing. There are so many ways to get paid by writing an article. You can get enough or more through writing by yourself. It is not a big issue to write any article. You should have lettering skills and some sort of general knowledge about grammar.Writing of an article has sound effects on many people in the world. You can set your own hours to work in the whole day. And get a rid of that rigid timing of working hours.

How You Can Make Money by Writing an Article

You can chose sites according to your own interest. You can also enjoying your working style as you want. And can get price in shape of a balanced earnings for that.

How to Get Started:

  • First you have to read some articles of others to get the knowledge about the style. Take a view of contents and try to understand them.
  • Make sure that you are not creating a duplicate copy of others content.
  • Be innovative by constructing your own contents.
  • You have to focus on the efficacy of the readers.
  • Create such sample as required by the readers in easy steps to follow. If you’ve a great article rewriter then no need to write it yourself just get it spun from that tool and spend rest of your time on marketing your content.

By keeping in mind the above mentioned points you will able to earn money by writing an article. For this purpose you have to follow some steps as below;

Step: 1

Every writer needs a blog and you too. It is a good platform for you to exhibit your skills and make your audience. Post some of the articles there. This regular posting makes your own space in the eye of readers. And connect with the site of your own interest.

Step: 2

Send them the best sample of your content for an article with a unique heading with your payment potentials. Topic should have exclusive and a high impact. They can ask you to send some of your publish work to check your skills and capabilities. They will inform you if your topic will inspire them according to their requirements.

Step: 3

If your piece of that work can affect them then you are selected to write articles for them. Then take a step and start writing from the best of your skills to the best of their satisfaction. Send your material for the review.

Step: 4

After the submission, your article will be reviewed. They trying to ensure that this contents are being write by your own self. And this is not a copy paste of others material. And when they finished their review process you can get one of three replies.

  • Rejected ( due to poor quality)
  • You have to change some of it.
  • Accepted

If it is accepted then you will paid at the mutual considerate rate through any channel of money transfer.

It is compulsory to know that your article must be accurate and have sound wording without any exaggerations. You should have the knowledge of all the requirements of the selected site. So that you can be able to fulfill their all necessities and the rules for writing.


Are you on the subway, on a highway area or in the Senate? It’s time for your “Massage-minute” break! In a society where everything happens ever faster, the masseurs have had to compete with ingenuity to find their place in this continuous movement. In France, Joel was the forerunner. He was one of the first in the 80s to make the massage known. A modern massage that adapts to the rhythm of urban life. Today, it is not uncommon to see masseurs with their chairs, calling their customers during their lunch break, even in restaurants and cafes.


The client is seated and does not need to undress, which allows to practice the massage in any place. Fast and efficient, it is gaining popularity with the public. The massage comes out of its 4 walls and so much the better.

But to practice sitting massage, you need the chair that goes with it. And there, there are advertisements on the Internet. As with any purchase you need to take a lot of precautions: weight, shape, price … Within 3 minutes, the different chairs and its accessories will no longer have secrets for you!


Mobility but at what cost? The models are available in several materials: the least expensive are those made of metal and then aluminum, or wood. The most expensive are made in “composite”. The latter (mixture of various elements) are the lightest, but also the most expensive. Awards

Around 149 €

For low-end, and go up fast

Up to 600 €

. There are many ads on the net, just like scams, so beware of prices that would be abnormally low. And

Do not neglect the duration of the guarantee

. It helps to verify the confidence of the manufacturer in its products. Thus, make sure that the duration of

The warranty is at least 2 years

. If this is a manufacturer’s warranty, it is much better because it allows you to contact the manufacturer directly in case of a problem.


Several criteria must be taken into account. A massage chair should present a lot of options.

Do not forget that you will be massaging people of all sizes. The accessories will allow you to adapt your table to each one.
Here are the different options you can find:

A headrest adjustable in height and in inclination, which will thus adapt to the morphology of the customer. Moreover, it will allow you to work more easily the neck and the trapeziums. Attention, some chairs also allow to adjust the angle of lateral inclination: it is not really useful. Often, this even represents a discomfort for the comfort of the patient.

An armrest tablet to release the shoulders. It must be wide enough so that the person can lay his arms without having to cross them. If the tilt is adjustable, it is even better because the shoulder release is complete and your client will be even better installed.

A pectoral support (bust) will be used to adjust the inclination of the person until it is in a sitting position. Some brackets are designed to fit directly into strong breasts. If the support is adjustable in height or “scratched”, this allows additional comfort for pregnant women or people of high build.

The seat (the seat) must be adjustable according to the size of the customer for more versatility. A hydraulic adjustment allows to adapt the height to the centimeter near your needs, for an optimal comfort of the customer. The comfort of the cushion is very important, prefer a cushion wide, with a dense foam (minimum 25kgs / m3).
The tibia rest allows your client to sit comfortably. They allow him to support his legs according to the alignment of the spine, in an ideal position for the lumbar. On certain chairs, they are removable, which favors the comfort of people who can not bend the knees or the legs (elderly people in particular).

The feet of the chair ensure the stability of the whole. Four feet is enough, but for more vigorous massages using large pendulum movements, prefer a chair with feet in the form of a cross bar, such as Ecopostural chairs, or Habys chairs. If you regularly massage outdoors, prefer the transverse feet because the four-legged chairs can sometimes sink (on soft ground for example).

The height adjustable chairs (with rope or other) are ideal because they can adapt to the height of the practitioner and promote better postures and therefore a better comfort.


Concerning the choice of the material, beyond the price, it is

Related to robustness and weight

Wanted. Be aware that a chair weighs between 7 and 10 kg. It is therefore often easier to transport

A folding massage table

. Of the various materials, wood always appears to be the most noble. But it is not the most practical, since the wooden chair wears out faster. Why ? Simply because of the frequent adjustments of the chair, which the wood has difficulty to cash in. Therefore,


Which is both robust and light: what more?

The steel

Remains much less expensive and more often used.


They come to improve the practicality of your chair, and there are several:

The “pouch of value” is a pouch that allows the customers to put away their personal belongings and thus empty their pockets for more comfort during the massage. It is not really useful because very few people empty their pockets. This also prevents your customers from forgetting their business. Prefer to place their belongings in their bag, or on a table.

The protective cover is placed on the face plate. In cotton washable or disposable, you will change it between two people massaged for reasons of hygiene. Even more hygienic, you can also find protective sets for all the cushions of the chair. It is preferable to use a protective cotton cover that will be changed if necessary, combined with a single-use charlotte, as this prevents the face “sticking” to the headrest. Indispensable in case of heat, and summer for a practice outside.

The “sternum pad” is a cushion that you place on the pectoral support, thus offering a better comfort to the client. It also helps to wedge the female chest for comfort. There are massage chairs equipped with rollers to facilitate their movement. However

Prefer a carrying case

To the chair with wheels for the following reasons:

Hygiene: a chair equipped with a wheel moves as it is, without protection. You would not want to sit in a chair dragging in the street in the rain. It protects better from shocks.

The casters are often small and do not allow to roll everywhere. Note that a cover can be simple or with wheels.

The best carrying case has storage pockets, wheels, or even a retractable handle as on the suitcases for easy movement. Some models are also equipped with straps to carry the cover as a backpack, which has the advantage of distributing the weight and facilitating the movements to the maximum. Finally, there are also small practical transport trolleys, in case your cover

Keep in mind that the accessory is not gadget, it is there to meet the expectations of your customers so do not overlook its importance.

Finally one of your selection criteria is obviously the look, the shape, the design. Whatever the shape, they are studied so that you can practice all the styles of sitting massage. The master word is “ergonomics”.

You now have all the cards in hand to make the best choice. Of course, it is your hands that remain your best tools!

And you, what is your experience with chair massage? Do you have one? What do you think, what is your advice? Give us your opinion by leaving a comment.

SA Gardens Lahore Kala Shah Kaku Location,Payment Plan and Other Details

There has always been a charm of New Housing schemes in Lahore because the inhabitants from all areas of the Punjab like to come here with the expectation of new chances for work, study, better scoring and to raise their living standard. And Lahore is the urbanized and metropolitan city that provides all above opportunities, so people desire to have a home in Lahore. The population has grown day a new housing scheme is launched; that are too expensive that middle-income people can’t afford it. But now everyone can provide a modern and luxury living at Lahore because SA Developers has presented the solution with the title SA Gardens. SA Gardens Lahore is an unmatched housing scheme at the prime location of GT Road near Kala Shah Kaku. SA Gardens Lahore will provide you a modern way of living to a high standard and luxurious lifestyle. The project is designed to meet all the necessities of modern and well-organized housing scheme.

SA Gardens Lahore

About Location

Now if we talk about the site that always matters to the success and failure of any project, the SA Developers have chosen the most extreme and prime location of Lahore. The SA Gardens is located near Kala Shah Kaku, while going to Gujranwala through main GT Road. It is approximately 2 minutes drive away from Kala Shah Kaku interchange and about 20 minutes away from the Lahore central areas. The project has two different entrances that will allow residents to access Lahore City in time.

Offerings of the Project

SA Gardens is a fully facilitated and gated housing community that provides a peaceful and independent life to the people whole lifestyle to its residents. SA Gardens offers a secure environment within the gated community where you can enjoy the modern housing facilities and amenities. The project is providing beautiful constructed houses and plots on the easy and convenient installments. The project has completely developed eight blocks that are offering both commercial and residential plots of 3.3 Marla, 5 Marla, and 10 Marla.

SA Developers has built the model houses for the people who want to see the house design. The houses will be available in 3 Marla single storey and double storey and 5 Marla single storey and double storey.

Booking method

The SA Gardens is offering an extensive payment plan where you can book a plot or home with just 20% down payment and the residual amount can be paid in 24 monthly installments. 

Accompanied features

The SA Garden is an ideal place for living a peaceful life according to modern standards and a golden opportunity for investment. The project has two entry gates, secure environment, a developed commercial area, Food Courts, Park and availability of all utilities and basic amenities.

In short, we can say that the SA garden holds all the features that modern society has as it has schools, hospitals, mosques,  shopping centers, sports complex entertainment and leisure facilities and world famous McDonald’s site. An extensive power backup plan has been developed to provide consistent power supply in case of load shedding of electricity

How to fix “DNS Server Not Responding” Error on Windows 10, 8 and 7

DNS Server Not Responding

We all know that Windows is the most used operating system, apart from its lagging people still feel it more user friendly than other operating systems. Sometimes users of Windows 7, 8 and 10 faces a DNS server not responding error, I’m sure you also have faced this error once in your life because it’s a common error that makes users annoying.

I’d first like to tell my own story of this weird error, I was preparing a project on my laptop and suddenly my internet stopped working, and the browser started showing DNS server isn’t responding error, trust me it made me wild and I had to submit my project in the morning. I just felt that I’m going to throw my laptop out of the Window but I said to myself, Hey be calm, let’s find a way to fix this annoying error. I brainstormed for an hour and found lots of ways to fix it. So I thought I should share all these methods in this guide so you’ll can benefit from it.

Flush DNS Cache:

Flush DNS

Almost everything related to internet is cached on your PC because it consumes more bandwidth if your PC every time builds a new connection with websites or any other software. Just like cached websites in browser your DNS is also cached and when you try to open websites and there is an error with it, you face DNS server not responding error every time. Just clear that cache and you can resolve this error. Below is the method to do it:

Open command prompt in your Windows PC and type this:

ipconfig /flushdns

and press enter and you’re done.

Use Google’s DNS:

Google’s DNS

I know that this one is the newest method that most of us don’t know about. Let me tell you how you can use Google’s DNS, basically there are default DNS under your DNS settings that is used by your computer to communicate with Internet websites, if there is something wrong with that DNS you can simply change DNS and can set default DNS of other companies including Google DNS or OpenDNS. Moreover, the same solution can work on an Android device if it’s showing mobile network not available, but you must be tech savvy to do that. Here is a quick guide to do that.

Other methods:

If above methods don’t work for you then try the below ones:

  • Restart router
  • Reset and again do configurations of your router
  • Run Windows in Safe Mode.

How to Fix Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter?

Computers have become the widely used device and the internet as the biggest source. There is nothing which cannot be done on the web and even a kid knows how to operate a computer nowadays but at times, technical problems trouble us from working.

Fix Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter?

There is a very common error which is commonly referred to as “code 10,” in actual the error comes like “Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface This device cannot start. (Code 10)” that is why it is popular with “code 10” or “Error 10.” The problem is not that significant because the actual problem lies in the lack of knowledge. We cannot study a particular thing if we do not know what it is all about and similar is the case with Teredo Tunneling. There are many ways of fixing Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter.

Teredo Tunelling is an interpreter that process both IPv4 and IPv6 languages to make the communication between both the protocols possible. Earlier, there were only IPv4 addresses which never lead to such “code 10” errors but later when the demand for computers rose the limitation over IPv4 started accompanying. To resolve the issue IPv6 came into the role but it does not mean IPv4 got vanished, both are being used which has led to the demand of Teredo Tunelling Adapter.

Teredo Tunelling helps in proper communication between IPv4 and IPv6 which results in smooth operation and “code 10” error can become a problem while working. Many ways can assist you in resolving this issue but at times, none of them work, for example, the registry method, which is a bit complicated but if steps are followed properly then it has highest chances of resolving but at times this also does not work. So, if you are not getting any way to fix this issue or whatever you did, didn’t work for you then the best way is to reinstall the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter driver.

The main reason to do is that the actual problem lies in the driver so if you first uninstall current Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter driver and then reinstall it then it will be able to update itself which will fix Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter. The initial error arises during updating the device to install the driver and if the problem is out-of-reach then reinstalling can be a better option. Other than this you can use the command prompt to fix Microsoft Teredo Tunneling Adapter driver problem but it is hardly used way, and you will not find steps everywhere too because of the high usage of registry editor and reinstallation methods.

One of the common mistakes which an unprofessional may do is not backing up the registry. At times editing the registry may lead to improper functioning of other files which will ultimately affect the operating system because it will not be able to load the files that got changed because of the modification. So, it is always advised to create a backup of the registry before making any change so that you can avoid any data loss situations.