QMobile Introduces Power3 Feature Phone with Marathon 45 Days Battery Backup

QMobile the Pakistan’s most favorite local mobile phone brand has come up with another exiting mobile phone introduction. This time it’s a feature phone called Power3, which is decked with a 2500 mAh battery that can last for 45 days on standby. It merits mentioning here that Qmobile has also recently launched Noir M90 with massive 4200 mAh battery Smartphone.

Qmobile Power3

The home grown mobile phone brand that has brought innovation with affordability for the local budget conscious market is on the wining voyage. QMobile has always anticipated the need of something unique for the local mobile phone user for furnishing something whooping for them. So, nowadays when every other mobile phone users looks pensive regarding their dying battery due to extensive power shortage in the county, QMobile has presented Power3 feature phone as its remedy.

Power3 Feature Phone Specs

The most obvious selling point of the phone would definitely be its massive 2500 mAh battery that is enormous for a feature phone. For the reason that feature phones does not offer feature what a Smartphone offers like big bright screen, Wi-Fi, high graphics video games and HD video playback option – all these feature consumes extensive battery.

Other imperative features of this standard looking feature phones includes Dual SIM support, for running two networks mobile number simultaneously for its user. The display size of the Power3 is 2.4″ QVGA making sure that user come across satisfactory content viewing.

Additionally, the connectivity options provided for the phone consist of Bluetooth, USB and GPRS proficiencies. Furthermore, user can also access the most renowned social networking and communication sites like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter with it also. Not to forget a part from its few MBs internal memory the expandable option with micro SD Card up to 16 GB is supported for its prospective customers.

As far as the entertainment corner is concern, QMobile Power3 contains FM Radio, 3.5mm Audio Jack for attaching headphones, Mp3 player for music playback, Video Player to run 3GP and mp4 files, games and also offer a smart camera located on the back side to capture pictures.


The announced price of this promising looking Qmobile Power3 is Rs. 2600 only and it is available in black color only in the market.


As QMobile holds the local market strongly even after the penetration of some other local and international mobile phone brands in recent years. At present QMobile considering the need of high-end Smartphone’s is continuously striving to offer its flagship models like Noir Z8 a apart from also offering affordable QMobile Linq Series. But, as Pakistan comprises of hefty population that only requires a basic feature phone for accomplishing calls and SMS only. Therefore, this latest QMobile Power3 is certainly a good option for masses to get massive battery phone – with all other standard features also available in it.

Saleem Janjua

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