MyWi 8 for iOS 8.3 Helps you to Better Manage your Wifi Hotspot

MyWi 8 that is a popular jailbreak tweak that has now been updated and supports to be installed in freshly jailbroken apple devices having iOS 8.3 firmware. It’s notable that this is the most popular Cydia packages that exists in iPhones and cellular iPads equipped with version 8.03.02 of late.

MyWi 8 for iOS 8.3

For users who aren’t still aware about what MyWi 8 is all about, it’s basically a personnel Wifi hotspot making tool for jailbroken Apple devices. Its new version works in a way that it now supports tethering of data connections through its ‘Personal Hotspot’ feature, which than enables WiFi-to-WiFi tethering. This tweak is useful for sharing your Wifi with other apple devices users at any place, where there is limited access granted for users to connect to internet. So, by having this MyWi 8 jailbreak cydia tweak one user can rebroadcast its Wifi signals with others through Wifi sharing – to enjoy internet connectivity simultaneously. Moreover, tool also let user to formulate a 5GHz Wifi hotspots, the feature which you don’t find in stock iOS from Apple.

Keep in mind that it’s not a freeware tweak, therefore for getting these services you have to purchase MyWi 8 for sharing your Wifi. Nevertheless, users who already have purchased its recent MyWi 6, 7 versions for them the update to latest version of MyWi 8 to install in iOS 8.3 is totally free of charge. But users who haven’t yet acquired MyWi in the recent past would have to spend $19.99 – to be able to sharing their Wifi with others at anytime. However, the price is hefty but as the feature it offers is so significant it worth paying for people – who require its proficiency of creating Wifi hotspot often.

However, Intelliborn the developer of this handy tweak also offers a free three day trial too, for prospective users to check out its offering before purchasing it.

Ending Thoughts:

The latest version of the MyWi 8 for jailbroken iOS 8.3 apple devices is a handy tool for users, who most of the time requires to share their internet with others. This requirement most of the time felt by various apple devices users when they travel to some place on a vacations, where there is internet connectivity is allowed for only one device. So, by utilizing this cydia tweak one apple device users can create a Wifi sharing hotspot for its family and friends to get connect to internet easily via it.

Saleem Janjua

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