Microsoft’s New Internet Browser Edge Supports WhatsApp Web

Most of the Smartphone users will be glad who excessively use world’s most popular communication app WhatsApp to know that – it’s soon going to support Microsoft Edge. People who still don’t know about what Microsoft Edge is, it’s basically totally revamped version of veteran Internet Explorers. This fresh Microsoft internet explorer renamed and made much more potent than its previous versions is available with newly released Microsoft Windows 10 -as its default web browser.

MS Edge Browser

With this latest updated Internet Edge browsers with the extension will allow users to make instant WhatsApp chatting and files sharing straight from their internet explorer. As this was not possible before, because the older versions of IE provided till the last release of Microsoft Windows 8.1 does not have compatibility with lots of extension and online content including WhatsApp web support. Moreover, now millions of WhatsApp users will be able to post best Whatsapp status on their profiles directly from Microsoft Edge Internet browser.

Although, this WhatsApp web support was available for other top browsers involving Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari for Apple Mac users were able to use WhatsApp through it. But, as Microsoft Windows is the most widely used computer operating systems across the world now its users will be able to use WhatsApp from its default browser – rather than installing third party web browsers.

Furthermore, there was a rumor about this support coming to Microsoft Internet Explorer for the past few months. But now it’s been confirmed as the upgraded internet browser Edge is accessible from Microsoft Windows 10 – user who has upgraded their Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to Windows 10 can use the WhastApp online version from it.

Also, the Microsoft Program Managers for Edge, Greg Whitworth and David Storey also referred about this upcoming support of the WhatsApp web in their tweet. Saying that they are in talks with the Whatsapp developers to bring support for Microsoft Internet browser – but its time frame was not given.

Nevertheless, now this news has become reality and users can use WhatsApp easily from their Windows 10 default edge internet browser. And can enjoy exchanging thoughts and supported files comprising of videos, images and even audio files to WhasApp contacts they want. This will certainly aid countless users who have just get their hands on most awaited latest version of Windows 10 to also take pleasure of using their favorite WhatsApp features via it.

Saleem Janjua

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