Top 8 Software and Apps of last week of 2017

The editorial team offers you its weekly selection of new software, applications and updates. On the program for the December 22, 2017 edition: Avast, Portable Santa, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, Run Sausage Run! …

Top 8 Software and Apps of last week of 2017

1. Avast

The antivirus protection software publisher Avast has unveiled version 17.9.2322 of its software. In addition, Avast integrates Avast Premier users with the ability to securely delete the contents of the Recycle Bin directly from the pop-up menu. The scan pane and shield interface in the protection menu has been redesigned to provide simplified navigation, while the Avast Password Manager window has been facelifted for easier use.

Among the other improvements provided by this refresh, it is remembered that Windows XP and Vista users can now take advantage of the protection shield for sensitive data, and that the anti-phishing protection system is now functional under Windows XP. For the rest, the developers have mainly focused on the resolution of bugs and other instabilities found in the previous version of the software.

2. Portable Santa

Essential to make a surprise to the youngest, and dreadfully effective to keep the most quiet children dissipated on New Year’s Eve, Santa Claus Portableoffers you to create a personalized video message with, please, in the lead role, the Santa Claus.

The online service, available in the form of mobile applications, makes it possible to send a picture of the child, to indicate his name and to choose the correct pronunciation, to inform his date of birth, and even to include a more personal element drawn from the child’s everyday – he / she goes to kindergarten, stays home with mom, etc. – so much valuable information that will then be used directly by Santa in a very personal video message directly to your child for a guaranteed effect.

3. LibreOffice

The Document Foundation has just updated its LibreOffice office suite in version 5.4.4, just one month before the release of the major version 6.0 update. This fourth minor update of branch 5.4 corrects some 80 bugs and instabilities found in the previous version.

Available free of charge, LibreOffice is an open source office suite that can replace professional programs like Microsoft Office. As a reminder, the suite includes a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet editor (Calc), a presentation tool (Impress), a drawing application (Draw), a database manager (Base), a mathematical formulas editor (Math), as well as a chart creation tool (Charts).

4. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a cleaning and optimization utility for Windows. Effective for removing unwanted and obsolete files that unnecessarily occupy space on your hard drive, Glary Utilities also knows how to delete traces that you leave on your computer when you surf the Internet.

The program has just been updated to version 5.90, a refresh that improves the disk cleaning and trace removal module by integrating the support of two new programs: Snagit 10 and ABBYY FineReader 14.

The developers also worked to optimize the registry repair module, an improvement work on the cleaning algorithm that allows Glary Utilitiesincrease its efficiency by almost 30% compared to previous versions.

5. OSArmor

Offered by NoVirusThanks, OSArmor is a new security tool to monitor your machine for potential threats. The program analyzes your computer in real time and can, if necessary, block suspicious processes or activities detected on your computer.

The tool automatically blocks a number of processes but allows you to add new ones manually. With it, you can prevent certain programs from running without your knowledge, but also block processes that can affect the operation of your machine.

Thus, OSArmor is able to stop the suspicious actions of processes with a double file extension that could hide its primary purpose to the user, a system of operation frequently used by malware and other malicious programs to infiltrate at the heart of your computer.

6. Internet Download Manager

IDM needs no introduction and you can download and manage all your downloads with lightening fast speed at one place. Use its Chrome and other browser based extensions to download any media file with just one click.

For users who can afford its paid version they can use IDM crack and also free serial keys can activate it easily.

Moreover, IDM has tone of other features that a native downloader never provides.

7. Shazam for iPhone

While we learned a few weeks ago that Apple was going to get its hands on Shazam , the music recognition app is enjoying an interesting update that ushered in an offline mode.

How? When you try to Shazamer a song away from any connection to the Internet, the application saves locally the song you submit to it and submits it to Shazam’s servers as soon as you are back within range of a connection.

Once the result is obtained, Shazam will inform you of the availability of the result (s) that are recorded in the My Shazam section. Note that it is possible for those who have a Shazam account and are connected to it, to keep a complete history of your searches synchronized between all your devices.

8. Go Plane

As simple as addictive, Go Plane offers you to take control of a fighter plane in unfortunate posture. As you move freely in clear skies, your aircraft suddenly finds itself chased by smoking missiles. Thrown at your heels, they follow you to the trace forcing you to operate dangerous maneuvers to dodge.

If the gameplay is ultra simple, the longevity of Go Plane is infinite since the game has an end only when you fail to escape from a fatal outcome. To avoid a premature crash, you will have to be extremely concentrated and have incredible reflexes to fuse the explosive devices that chase you, for example by suddenly changing direction to make them collide with each other and thus ward off the danger.

Go Plane tests your stress resistance and rewards you based on your endurance by unleashing bonuses in the sky to give you a few moments of respite, but also by unlocking new aircraft faster and more effective.