SA Gardens Lahore Kala Shah Kaku Location,Payment Plan and Other Details

There has always been a charm of New Housing schemes in Lahore because the inhabitants from all areas of the Punjab like to come here with the expectation of new chances for work, study, better scoring and to raise their living standard. And Lahore is the urbanized and metropolitan city that provides all above opportunities, […]

How to fix “DNS Server Not Responding” Error on Windows 10, 8 and 7

We all know that Windows is the most used operating system, apart from its lagging people still feel it more user friendly than other operating systems. Sometimes users of Windows 7, 8 and 10 faces a DNS server not responding error, I’m sure you also have faced this error once in your life because it’s […]

Bahria Town Peshawar Location, Forms Prices and Launch/Booking Details

Peshawar is the Provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is also known as “City on the Frontier” because of its strategic significance located nearby Pak-Afghan border and also provide a trade route to Central Asia states and South Asia. Also, the recognition of this historical city that is one of the oldest existing cities in […]

Sending Free SMS while living abroad is Like Sending Memories

People who lived away from their families in the past and who are currently living would aptly aware of the fact how it feels, to live overseas in the absence of people – who really cares for you. But, everyone has to sacrifice something in various stages of life and people, who live overseas scarifies […]

Life and People in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Out of the whole population, over 1.60 billion are Muslims reside in various countries, which are Muslim as well as millions of Muslims in non-Muslim states like India and America. After most populated Muslim country, Indonesia, Pakistan is the second most populated Muslim country. The demand of the separate country by the Muslims of the […]

[True Story] How I Survived in Dubai with Low Monetary Resources?

I am one of those millions of people, mostly from the subcontinent, who always dreamed to travel and settle abroad to run away from my miserable life in my country. Because, even after having a Master’s degree I was not able to get any adequate job in Pakistan. That’s when one of my friends suggested […]

Pakistani’s living abroad; why not send free SMS to Pakistan?

Are you one of those millions of Pakistani’s who have left their homes and went abroad to make their future bright. Pakistan is a developing country and is the 6th most populated country of the world, this is why people who do not get adequate jobs in the country due to different sort of limitations […]