Life and People in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Out of the whole population, over 1.60 billion are Muslims reside in various countries, which are Muslim as well as millions of Muslims in non-Muslim states like India and America. After most populated Muslim country, Indonesia, Pakistan is the second most populated Muslim country. The demand of the separate country by the Muslims of the […]

[True Story] How I Survived in Dubai with Low Monetary Resources?

I am one of those millions of people, mostly from the subcontinent, who always dreamed to travel and settle abroad to run away from my miserable life in my country. Because, even after having a Master’s degree I was not able to get any adequate job in Pakistan. That’s when one of my friends suggested […]

Pakistan Steel Mills Calamity: Reasons of Collapse and Future Possibilities

Pakistan Steel Mills is another model of how corruption and miss handling of vital national assets were spoiled in recent times, with billions of Pakistan’s tax payers money was put into bonfire of bailout packages. The latest example of misconduct in the country is miserable Petrol Crisis. PSM was Pakistan’s biggest industrial production unit established […]

LNG Import in Pakistan; Can it be a Game Changer?

Pakistan is currently facing a severe energy deficiency for many years now, because of merciless non productive use of its own energy resources mainly Natural Gas. Moreover, recent Govt lacked any long term planning in regard to conquer this immense energy requirements for the country and never seriously considered set up of new projects keeping […]

Petrol Crisis in Pakistan: The whole Story behind Mismanagement

People of Pakistan primarily people of Central Punjab and Islamabad region, went through disastrous situation regarding petrol famine. Millions of people from the most heavily populated and alleged most prosperous province of Punjab came across never thought of circumstances of not able to basic commodity to keep running their life vehicle called petrol. Embarrassment for […]