QMobile Launches Noir M90 with Unbelievable 4200 mAh Battery

QMobile the Pakistan’s largest selling Smartphone brand, which is famous for its affordable Smartphone’s in the country, has announced another tempting model M90. The home grown mobile phone brand QMobile that has made a substantial market for itself amongst several multinational and other local mobile phone brands from the past many years now. The native mobile phone brand has understood the temperament of the local mass mobile phone users, which tends to prefer low-price over quality while buying a Smartphone most of the time. Therefore, exploiting this tendency of numerous low-budget Smartphone buyers QMobile has introduced countless affordable at the same time having satisfactory specs Smartphone over the years.

QMobile Noir M90

Now following its novel Smartphone launching strategy QMobile has launched another lucrative Smartphone called Noir M90 the amazing thing about this phone is that it is equipped with 4200 mAh battery. As now a day’s excessive usage of Smartphone in lots of aspects users always remain short of battery life, QMobile as a remedy of this pondering aspect of Smartphone has presented Noir M90 loaded with massive 4200 mAh battery. This proficiency of decked with marathon battery will certainly provide hike in sale of this particular model from others in this same price bracket.


Other than loaded with massive battery the overall specification is also good making this model more persuading. QMobile Noir M90 has a 1.3 GHz quad core processor support by 1 GB RAM, making the phone works fine during conventional feature and moderate game play. Phone has a 5.0 inch display having 480 x 854 screen resolutions that is not great – but acceptable considering its phones price tag.

Furthermore, another alluring thing about this model that it supports dual SIM’s on top of allows 3G connectivity ton both of them too apart from usual 2G proficiency. This knack certainly will provide more popularity boost to M90 Smartphone by QMobile allowing users to make use of two mobile networks basic and 3G data usage simultaneously.

Remaining significant specs comprises of phone has 8GB internal storage with option of inserting card storage too. The main camera provided in this phone is of 8MP with LED flash and secondary front facing one is of 2MP capability – to be used mainly for video calling and chatting. M90 by QMobile comes preloaded with Android 4.2, Jelly Bean that is upgradable to 4.4 KitKat as well making the phone run smoother.


As we have enlightened our readers that this new M90 Smartphone by QMobile does seems lucrative over all and seeing its specs in the price tag of Rs 13,500 only. This new model will certainly give an option to buyers as well as competition to rival brands Smartphone falling in this price range.

LG G4 Specifications and Price in USA

LG the renowned South Korean mobile phone manufacturer, who has flipped its fortune since the last few years by launching its amazingly crafted G series Smartphone Worldwide. Now LG has revealed the much awaited latest flagship LG G4 after last year’s successor of its premium G series model G3. People all over the World was curious about what this fresh new mighty Smartphone had to offer after witnessing other leading manufacturers like giant Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge and Apple’s IPhone 6 & 6 Plus last year.


Focusing on this new LG G4 it’s a power packed Smartphone adorned in distinct leather back furnishing it one of its kind look. Check out the in-depth dissection of what it has in store for users below.

LG G4 Specs

Design and Display

LG has put in lots of effort in formulating a premium at the same time eye ball catching funky designed Smartphone in the shape of LG G4. Talking about its design first its more or less has same dimensions as former G3, but as cited above offering pioneer leather back getting rid of glossy and slippery plastic back cover. Also leather back eradicates the possibility of scratches all the way. Overall it’s a fantastic looking phone little curved however not as much as LG G Flex is. The volume and power key this time around is also placed on the back side of the phone under the main camera lens, which has now become trade mark style for LG Smartphone’s. LG G4 is 9.8 mm thick that is not as slim as some of the other flagships Smartphone are these days but nevertheless, it looks sleek and provide solid feel while holding in the hand.

Moving in to G4’s display which is the main highlight of this latest Smartphone and has been chanted allot by tech experts. G4 has a 5.5 inch IPS LCD furnishing quantum display with quad HD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. The ppi is also massive having 538 pixels, which is highest amongst all contemporary Smartphone by all other rival brands. The Quantum Display of LG G4 is tagged as one of the most premium feature of this phone, which basically provides better color reproduction with better outdoor visibility having minimal dead pixels.


G4 is also decked with the power pack hardware specs underneath to furnish blistering fast efficient performance and high end graphics. Have latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chipset alongside Dual-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A57 & quad-core 1.44 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU; don’t forget the Adreno 418 GPU is also there. This dynamic processing speed is supported by 3GB of RAM to help run smoothly while playing high end graphics apps – as well as lag free multi tasking.


Both main and front facing secondary cameras are another persuading aspect of this LG G4. The primary camera of LG G4 is of 16MP offering excellent quick & sharp images in in-door and out-door environment as well as in lowlight too. The resolution at max this main camera can click images is of 5312 x 2988 pixels with extra perks of phase detection, laser autofocus, optical image stabilization and dual-LED flash.

The secondary camera is also potent having influential 8MP capability and proficient enough to record videos @1080p with 30fps capacity.


It has been observed from many users and experts review about LG’s own installed UX in its G series phone that is considered bit complex and overcrowded with useless apps.  This time also LG G4 is operated through newly formulated UX 4.0 interface on top of Android Lollipop OS 5.1, so users will have to live with its bunch of ineffective apps as of now.


A Smartphone of LG G kind of high-end specs and massive display and PPI ratio is obligatory to have substantial battery. The battery provided in LG G4 is of Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery, which might last for a whole day upon moderate use with battery saving feature on. Although, the latest battery advancements like rapid charging and wireless charging is absent, which can be considered as a deficiency in this modern day Smartphone.

Supplementary Features

Some of the other substantial feature loaded in LG G4 comprises of it’s a nano-single SIM device having proficiency to run 2G, 3G and 4G LTE data services. Furthermore, Corning Gorilla Glass 4 scratch protection is also furnished on screen. Another, impactful aspect is its storage capacity having 32 GB built-in and a card slot is also provided for extending it up to 128 GB. Lastly, G4 has stereo FM radio amid RDS also supports USB2.0 and has Wi-Fi 802.11 to endow better connectivity and speed.

The release date of this LG G4 Phablet Smartphone is 29th of April, 2015 and the expected price will be around $650 American.

Auto Binary Signals Review; Choose Right Time to Trade!

As the modern World is converting everything to automation money making market known as “Forex Trading” has also started incorporating tech help since recent few years. This proficiency actually work in a way that it helps assist users to do trades on perfect time to make it money making with sending binary indications to trade. This way of doing trading nowadays getting popular through different software, which abet users to be in right market at the right time to make trade with perfection. Because timing is the key to success in Forex trading as well as all kinds of hedge funds to earn maximum.

Auto Binary Signals

The particular platform we are dragging into limelight here is “Auto Binary Signals” presented by a successful Forex veteran trader Roger Pierce. The man holds a computer science degree from London School of Economics and former JP Morgan employee. He also encompasses heaps of experience in hedge funds and Forex trading and also witnessed the 1987th Black Monday the deadliest day in the history of stock market crash – when investors lost their mammoth $500 billion.

And after spending many years in financial market now managing financial software, he has mastered the art of binary trading, which gives auto binary signals – to earn profits by trading correctly.

What Auto Binary Signals Does?

It’s basically software which indicates signals for users to trade at the accurate time, when it should earn well. Auto Binary Signals make use of market trend evaluation parameters to allow users to trade better – rather than losing their money robustly.

Five Customs Made Indicators

The five solely designed indicators of the software only send binary signals for trade to users, if all parameters evaluates market position in good knack and the time is right to trade.

These five indicators of Auto Binary Signals include “BP trend filter, market deviation, price pattern, REL, price impulse and start price range”. If all these indicators are green, the software then indicates trade, which facilitate traders to add max profit and minimize the risk down to more than 90% of loss.

Other Important Aspects of Auto Binary Signals

There are some more fruitful aspects of “Auto Binary Signals” as well, which help aspiring Forex traders to make big money professionally. The multi indicator system of this platform helps user to perform accurate trades and the built-in “secret strategy feature” assesses the viability of the binary signals before indicating it to user.

In addition, users can also exploit digital and turbo options for dealing briskly besides also has user friendly UI compatible with all binary signals.

So, get rid of your old fashioned trading processes, which you have adopted from last many years but was never able to increase your profit. Now this modern technique of binary signals will make conventional graph and algorithm evaluating norms unproductive. Because these traditional software consume enormous time of users and also require trader to get in touch with some expert to understand the existing Forex trends fittingly. But now with auto binary signals, traders can earn well by trading skillfully at the accurate time himself.

Download AutobinarysignalsHow to Use it?


As we have described above affluent features and process of Auto Binary Signals, which guide users that how modern day traders can earn maximum profits with dead right buy and sell. So, for productive gains in nominal point in time start using this contemporary approach of binary signal skill, which is navigating innumerable users across the World – to make their dream come true.

The platform produces upto 80 and sometimes 90% accurate binary signals leading users towards successful trades. This proficiency of first evaluating the whole market from the backend is the most worthwhile proficiency to have in Forex platform. Because its features minimize the risk close to nil and escalate the profit ratio significantly – for its end-users to get maximum respite.

Furthermore, the built-in features such as risk and reward stabilizing feature always provides users benefiting trade binary signals. On the other hand, its auto adaptive profit trade technology squeezes the most prospective and lucrative trades and indicates user with its binary signals to seal the deal. Additionally, Auto Binary Signals allows users to earn more in least amount of time with making quick but heavy profitable trades – to catch hundreds of dollars within few minutes.

Download Autobinarysignals

QMobile i9 Price in Pakistan, Specification & Review

Qmobile is in a tradition of introducing new Smartphone with a road block kind of strategy, because we see a new models launch from QMobile about after every few weeks time. At this juncture, we are talking about another low-priced but competitive Smartphone introduced in the market by QMobile called i9. This particular model is a fraction of ongoing i series of Smartphone launched by QMobile like former QMobile i5 – via its vigorous advertisement campaigns recently on all platforms. Check out below the dissection of this affordable QMobile i9 Smartphone to comprehend – what’s in it for you.

QMobile i9

QMobile i9 Price

The price offered to get your hands on this funky QMobile i9 is Rs. 15,000 only. It’s the best suited price for Smartphone of this caliber, which is perfectly balanced with satisfactory specs alongside reasonable price. QMobile i9 can be an ideal choice of entry-level Smartphone users most probably youngster – who likes colorful Smartphone in affordable price tag attached to them.

QMobile i9 Features & Review

As far as the display of QMobile i9 concern, it has a vibrant 5.0 HD inch IPS display having 720 x 1280 pixels. And overall the phone is 9.3mm thick and 167 gram of weight, which gives it a sold feel while holding in hand that is rare to have in a low-end Smartphone – offered in this price range.

Talking of what’s inside the phone in regard of its hardware specs, i9 has a 1.3GHz Quad core CPU alongside ARM Cortex A7 chipset. Furthermore, this processor is backed by 1GB of RAM that is making this phone working lag free upon multitasking too.

The storage capacity of QMobile i9 furnishes 4GB of built-in memory and also provides option to extend it using SDCard of up to 32 GB volume. Thus having, 4 GB in today’s day and age is close to insufficient memory for a Smartphone, but as i9 offering SDCard support, which should fulfill the storage needs of the user’s adequately.

Additionally, QMobile i9 is a dual SIM supported phone that allows users to use two networks mobile numbers standby simultaneously. Moreover, phone also supports 3G, which has become an obligatory proficiency now after the next-generation mobile data services launch in Pakistan.

The main camera of this i9 Smartphone by QMobile is of 8MP capability, permitting users to capture sharp images @ 3264 x 2448 pixels with autofocus and LED flash support. The secondary camera is of moderate 2MP potential – making sure that users should have reasonable video chat and selfies as well.

Other influential and much needed features of the QMobile i9 includes, 2000 mAh battery to help phone run all day easily. Furthermore, the operating system is Android Jelly bean v4.2 that is seldom upgradable to kitkat 4.4. Additionally, i9 also has all standard features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM Radio, USB 2.0 OTG support and Gyro, Accelerometer, proximity, digital compass sensors as well beside multi touch knack too.

Wrapping Up:

As we have done an in-depth review of features provided in QMobile i9 with the price tag on which it is offered above. On the whole, phone furnishing reasonable specs alongside offering several colors to for users to choose their favorite color on the time of purchase out of all available. Not to forget the one year warranty also awarded by the manufacturer Qmobile – for complete piece of mind for 365 days, if any issue erupts.

QMobile i5 Price in Pakistan, Features & Review

QMobile is the renowned home grown mobile phone brand of Pakistan, and has penetrated in local market immensely – since its inception in 2009. Now QMobile has captured more than 50% market share of total mobile phone sales in feature phone and substantial share in Smartphone sales in the country as well. This progress in minimal time is staggering, but QMobile has achieved this by understanding the temperament of native mobile phone users. Initially Qmobile introduced cheap feature phones and made a mark with them and soon after anticipating the need of affordable Smartphone in the country launched its reasonably priced Smartphone range – such as this newly revealed QMobile i5. This new Smartphone model offers about all obligatory features needed in a usual Smartphone that to in ultra affordable price.

QMobile i5

Price in Pakistan

The big reason behind the success of QMobile is the prices of its Smartphone that’s why it is the no. 1 selling Smartphone brand of Pakistan. Same goes with this newly launched QMobile i5, which is a good entry level Smartphone priced at Rs. 11,800 only. This price will certainly persuade local prospective Smartphone consumers, who are in search of low-cost Smartphone offering competitive specs at present.

QMobile i5 Features & Review

QMobile i5 is part of i-series Smartphone range by the home-grown mobile phone brand introduced some time back to provide a new alternative Smartphone purchase to users. This particular model called QMobile i5 has some competitive specs firstly talking about its display, it has a 4.7″ IPS LCD WVGA screen and the phone is 9.5mm thick. Overall display quality is good for an entry level Smartphone and considering its price tag. Furthermore, also has Light, Motion, Proximity, Magnetic and GPS sensors too.

As far as the hardware specs are concerned QMobile i5 has 1.3GHz Quad core CPU backed by 512 MB of RAM. These hardware specs are obviously not great, but can easily mange working of usual Smartphone dealings and low end-graphics apps.

The storage of the phone is 4GB built-in memory with the option of extending it via SDCard upto 32 GB. This leverage will permit users to have surplus storage with the help of external memory to store high volume data.

Talking about its camera the main camera of the i5 is of 5 MP having autofocus capability and secondary front facing camera has 2 MP lens will furnish satisfactory video call and chatting facility.

Another significant element of this Smartphone is its battery backup, as nowadays because of the excessive use of Smartphone’s battery it’s the most pondering item. QMobile i5 has been powered with sufficient 2000 mAH battery that is not bad, seeing price of the phone and can with no trouble last for a whole day upon normal usage.

Extra Perks

QMobile i5 vital perks comprise of a dual SIM support, additionally it also supports 3G. Having 3G support is an affluent aspect regarding this model from QMobile since now every operator in Pakistan is offering 3G mobile data services after last year’s 34/4G spectrum auction in Pakistan.


Local prospective Smartphone users, who want a good entry level Smartphone in affordable price tag offering 1 year warranty as well, should consider QMobile i5 for buying. Moreover, as we have elaborated all the features of QMobile i5 the phone seems to be decked with reasonable hardware specs and having Android Jelly bean 4.2 OS out of the box making sure that all features run smoothly.

Image Credit: QMobile Official