Rivo Mobile by Advance Telecom Launches in Pakistan

A fresh mobile phone brand in the flourishing mobile phone market of Pakistan has been launched called Rivo Mobile. This particular brand has been launched by the long time phone distributor of former entity Nokia and presently Microsoft devices in Pakistan.

Rivo Mobile

A glittering event was set-up by advance telecom on 15th February, 2015 at the Expo Center Lahore for Rivo Mobile’s official roll-out in Pakistan.

Currently advance telecom has unveiled three series of Rivo mobile phones for Pakistani market. First is its flagship android Smartphone range called Phantom, second is entry level android adorned Smartphone’s named Rhythm and lastly the low-cost Rivo feature phones.

Noteworthy thing to keep in mind is that Rivo mobile phones are made is Hungary not in china, therefore we can expect an overall better built quality and durability. And all Rivo roll-out models will be available in the market from this week.

Rivo Phantom Series

As we have mentioned above that Phantom series is the high-end Smartphone launched under Rivo band. Currently three models in Phantom series are being launched for customers to try their hands-on them.

First is the lowest priced Rivo Phantom Smartphone PZ8 costing Rs:14800 only, second is PZ10 priced Rs:17800 and the third and flagship Rivo Phantom is called PZ15 having price tag of Rs:23,500.

Moreover, the advance telecom is also offering a scratch card worth 500 to 2500 upon every Rivo Phantom Smartphone purchase, to persuade more and more customers.

Rivo Rhythm Series

This is the mid-range or saying it an entry level android phones will be more appropriate, regarding this Rivo Rhythm Smartphone. This series of Rivo mobiles is offering five models at present for their prospective customers.

The prices of the five models available in Rivo Rhythm Series are as following RX35 Rs. 6150, RX40 Rs. 7200, RX50 Rs. 8700, RX55 Rs. 9150, and RX60 Rs. 13800.

Rivo Feature Phones Series

The feature phone series is the most extended one, as far as the number of models provided by Rivo mobiles. Making available lots of options in ultra-cheap feature phone starting from as low as Rs. 1850 to Rs. 3650.

The feature phone comprises of several entities entitled as Classic Series, Rivo NEO Series, Rivo Advance Series, Rivo Jaguar Series, and Rivo Sapphire Series.


Advance Telecom the influence behind Rivo mobile brand launch in Pakistan has planned massive advertising campaigns across all platforms, for establishing the early footprints about Rivo mobile in local target market. Furthermore, the time is also crucial for the launching of Rivo mobile in Pakistan, when the whole nation would be glued to their television screens to watch Cricket World Cup 2015.Taking advantage of this opportunity Rivo mobile TVCs will be broadcast during World Cup matches, this will certainly provide millions of eyeballs to their advertisements. As a result, countless Pakistanis will get to know about this newly unearthed Rivo Mobiles, which says “Take Control” as there tagline.

This new mobile brand will surely give tough completion to established brands in Pakistan including QMobile, Huawei who enjoys huge market share as far as feature phones, low and mid range Smartphone are concern.

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Rise and Fall of Free SMS Websites in Pakistan

The trend of Free SMS websites in Pakistan was started after 2001 and people started making websites that were able to provide service to national and overseas people to send free sms in Pakistan. Before one decade it was an awesome opportunity for people to send sms via these websites because at that time prices of text messages were as high as sky. One reason of higher prices was that there was monopoly of telecom networks and at that time only Ufone and Mobilink were the telcos that were in action. Prices of sims, calls and sms were 30 times higher than the current prices.

Free SMS Websites in Pakistan

People were using these websites in the below situations:

  • Low balance in sim.
  • No mobile phone.
  • Living outside Pakistan.
  • For rapid advertisement.

Free sms websites were proved so much successful till 2008 because till then prices of calls and sms were high. But after the introduction of sms bundles by all telcos, people started using their sims and usage of free websites went down dramatically. In 2012 PTA cracked down against these free sms websites for breaching their policies, because these websites were increasing load on telecom networks. Major reason of breaching PTA’s policies was the bulk sms service that few websites was providing. But after that crack down almost 60% of companies stopped their websites.

Why Telcos Hate Free SMS Websites?

These websites are cutting down revenues of all telecom companies and because of this reason many telcos internationally banned free messaging services like WhatsApp and Viber, such incident has happened in Saudi Arabia where telecom companies have tried their best to block WhatsApp.

Especially, foreign telecom companies don’t like these website because international messages are the most costly ones, overseas Pakistanis have to pay up to 150 rupees per SMS if they are using any expensive international telecom’s sim card.

To Whom these Sites have Utmost Importance?

Obviously not all overseas Pakistanis are rich, Pakistani labors working in Gulf and other countries where SMS and call rates are very high, have to pay so much for just 1 sms and 1 minute call. Most of them don’t contact their family because of these much prices, because they are there to earn livelihood not for wasting money. These websites are most beneficial for these overseas Pakistanis and free sms websites are free heaven for these poor guys. I’d love to quote an incident here that happened to me when I was travelling to Dubai, a person next to me in the plane was suggesting his friend to use iFun website to send free SMS to Pakistan because it’s a free way to contact your family. He also said and appraised so much that website and I was surprised that how much these websites are God’s gift for these people.

Current Situations

I’m not sure what’s going to happen now because PTA has ordered telcos to re-verify all sims by bio-metric technology. As I discussed previously that some websites are using these sims illegally, have to face difficulty because I’m pretty sure that their sims aren’t registered on real people’s names; except iFun because I’ve found it a legit website, they have everything authorized and I’ve used their service personally.

Final Words

In the near future I personally think that PTA is going to clean more illegal free sms websites and will cut the crap from internet sites. Because these illegal sites that are allowing anyone to send sms to any number without any verification can be a great problem for security of Pakistan. After this crackdown I don’t see these illegal sites alive and only a few legit websites will keep running in long term.

Bahria Golf City Karachi Prices, Location and Details

Since giant real estate developer of not only Pakistan but of Asia Bahria Town last year launched its Bahria Town Karachi chapter finally after few years delay. Among its numerous scenic fractions which includes Bahria Town Tower, Bahria Town Icon, Opal 225, Bahria Apartments, Bahria Homes, Bahria Heights and the most affluent one is shinning Bahria Golf City Karachi.

Bahria Golf City Karachi

Bahria Golf City Karachi is the most stunning development of the Bahria Town Karachi chapter, as it is designed on the pattern of Emirates Hills Dubai kind of World-class project. As the name also suggests that it’s a scheme launched for the people who admire the game of Golf. The project is master planned keeping in mind complete attention to detail of providing lavish houses in the midst of exquisite Pakistan’s first 27 Hole PGA Standard Golf Course.

Price of Overseas Blocks

Below is complete payment plan for its overseas block along with their prices and area.

Project Details

Residential Plots

Luxury Villas
Size of Plot/Villa 500 sq.yds 1000 sq.yds 2000 sq.yds 500 sq.yds 1000 sq.yds
Down Payment US $29,200 US $45,000 US $60,000 US $62,000 US $86,000
Quarterly Monthly Installments (16) US $4,300 US $8,375 US $14,950 US $18,000 US $26,500
Total Amount Payable US $98,000 US $179,000 US $299,200 US $350,000 US $510,000


Bahria Golf City is to be found in Bahria Town Karachi precisely situated on the verge of M-9 Karachi Hyderabad Motorway. The travelling time from main Karachi city is about 15 to 20 minutes towards Bahria Golf City Karachi. Some of the significant establishments close by this immaculate Bahria Town division includes Fiesta Water Park, DHA Karachi various Phases, Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation and Malir River also flows in close proximity to Bahria Golf City Karachi.

Bahria Golf City Karachi Location Map

The location may look far from the main city, but the Bahria Town management have planned an expressway to be laid especially to connect Bahria Town Karachi to main Karachi city. Moreover, as per reports, the mega real estate developer has also announced to build a dedicated Metro Bus project for providing respectful and luxury transportation facility for the inhabitants of Bahria Town Karachi future residents.

Project Offerings

Bahria Golf City Karachi is a mammoth inhabit venture masterly planned by the skillful architects of Bahria Town. As per developers’ claim, every development in this particular venture will be of international standard, intended to make available lavish residential amenities to its prospective investors adequately.

This immaculate project since the time of its official launch is offering 1, 2, and 4 Kanals developed residential plots. Moreover, facility of 4 years installments is also there for its potential investors after paying the down payment of the chosen plot.

Furthermore, an internal fraction of Bahria Golf City advertised as Overseas Block has also been unveiled newly by the Bahria Town. This particular chunk is dedicated for the exemplary developments to be offered just for the esteemed hard working overseas Pakistanis. Bahria Golf City Karachi Overseas Block is ideal investment opportunity for the abroad settled families, to gain plots and houses in this remarkable Bahria Town Overseas Block.

Bahria Golf City Overseas Block is presently presenting Lake View Block Properties, Golf Course Block Properties, Residential Plots, Commercial Plots, Bahria Homes and Bahria Apartments situated on viable spots of the project. Additionally, various sizes of plots and houses are been presented in all above mentioned developments for the investors to invest in this optimum Bahria Golf City Overseas Block.

Wrapping Up:

Like all former ventures of Bahria Town, this particular project called Bahria Golf City Karachi would definitely provide a lucrative investment prospect for the interested clients to gain maximum financial benefit in future. On the other hand, people who want to live in a dream housing scheme, where all basic to advance residential and commercial amnesties are available should go for this project too.

Warid Mifi and Zong Dongles Launch in Pakistan

As the next-gen high speed data services entitled 3G/4G have been officially launched from past several months in Pakistan – now its by products have also been triggered by the Telco’s. Latest submissions of services linked with 3G/4G are the new portable internet devices commonly known as mobile broadband products.

Mifi Portable Internet Device in Pakistan

Firstly Warid Telecom few days back launched its flagship MiFi device for customers to use its blazing 4G LTE services on the move. Following the first and only 3G + 4G telecom operator of Pakistan Zong at this instant also unveiled its 3G dongles and 4G proficient MiFi devices to offer its customers something fresh at the same time having utility.

Launch of Portable Internet Devices

Warid’s Offering

Although, Warid Telecom contains the least number of mobile subscribers in Pakistan out of all five Telco’s, nevertheless famous for its lucrative telecom services in urban areas of the country. At this time, taken the lead among other mobile operators by launching Pakistan’s first ever shared LTE plan via its portable MiFi device. Not to mention, Warid is country’s only operator that has leaped from 2G to directly 4G LTE compliant in Pakistan. Also it’s considered as the most affordable network for Pakistani students.

Core Features of Warid MiFi

This particular device will allow users to share its MiFi hotspot internet with up to 10 devices simultaneously – no matter whether it’s a Smartphone, laptop or a desktop PC, existing in the range of 30 feet. A built-in battery is also provided in device that can last for about 6 hours, which will ensure that users get super fast LTE internet on the go, wherever Warid LTE coverage is available.

Shared high-speed internet for Warid’s prepaid and postpaid subscribers, moreover internet plan can also be shared with additional two Warid mobile numbers on single bill.

As far as the security is concern, connectivity authorization required, therefore nobody against MiFi users consent will be able to access internet.


To acquire Warid MiFi device users will have to pay Rs: 9,999 upfront. This will include a LTE SIM plus 35 GB of internet for consecutive 3 months from the date of activation.

Types of Internet Plans

  • MiFi Smart = Data Volume Limit 15 GB cost Rs 1500 Monthly
  • MiFi Extra = Data Volume Limit 20 GB cost Rs 2000 Monthly
  • MiFi Ultra = Data Volume Limit 35 GB cost Rs 3000 Monthly

Zong Mobile Internet Offering

Zong unlike Warid offers wide range of mobile broadband devices for its customers to choose the best suited one complimenting their requirements.


4G LTE Wingle, Super 3G Wingle and Super 3G Mifi are offered by Zong, which permit users to connect any USB power supply and support connectivity up to 10 WiFi devices at a time. All these mentioned dongles will be best suited for home users and young internet enthusiast considering there flexibility on plans.

3G internet Routers, this one is intended for commercial use as it can be mounted on wall easily and allowing internet access for various platforms in wide range. This particular Zong mobile broadband router can be used to get internet connectivity on various operating systems involving Windows 7, XP, 2000, VISTA, Apple MAC and Linux OS.


Both Warid and Zong customers who are interested in acquiring these mobile broadband devices called MiFi and Super 3G/4G Dongles can get a hold of them from their operators’ customer support centers and franchises. It’s obvious that availability of 3G and 4G internet depends upon areas where they are working fine.

Citi Housing Faisalabad Forms Prices, Location and Details

Citi Housing Faisalabad is the new upcoming luxurious housing project being unveiled by renowned real estate developers of Pakistan. Citi Housing is the proud developers of the project, who has launched three mighty successful housing projects in the past recognized as Citi Housing Sialkot, Citi Housing Gujranwala and Citi Housing Jhelum.


Update: Plots’ Booking Process of Citi Housing Faisalabad Has been Started, See this Post for Details.

All above mentioned projects have been successfully launched and possessions of properties are also been awarded to their owners. Currently numerous families are inhabit in these projects and enjoying stress free high-class living standard.

Citi Housing Scheme Faisalabad

At this instant Citi Housing is about to mark its real estate footprints in Pakistan’s Manchester industrial city of Faisalabad. Citi Housing after observing the growing needs of Faisalabad city, where people for quite some time now wanted a state of the art master planned and modern hosing scheme in their city. This desire and vacuum of having a World-class cum affordable residential project has been filled through revealing Citi Housing Faisalabad.

Citi Housing Faisalabad Forms Prices [Updated]

These are pre launch guide plot prices may get revised by the developers in future.

Citi Housing Faisalabad Forms Prices with Adjustment


The prospective location of Citi Housing Faisalabad is close to Motorway annexation. Therefore, access to Faisalabad Bypass and Sargodha Road is in minutes from this prescribed location. In addition traveling to any other part of Pakistan has also been made trouble-free via contagious linked highways.

Project’s Offerings

Citi Housing Faisalabad is offering lucrative fully developed plots of various sizes comprising of 5 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanals and massive 4 kanals plots as well. This wide range of plots are specially planned for every type budget investor to choose the best suited one out off all at offering.

Citi Housing Faisalabad Concept

This stunning high standard housing venture is going to be officially launched by the developers in the second week of February, 2015 as per sources. Nevertheless, the pre launch booking of the plots have already been started.

The core benefits of pre launch booking for its prospective investors would be to acquire plots on their desired location of the project. Also people who would book a plot before launching will also get the allotment of the plots as soon as the project get officially launched. Therefore, pre launch booking can be considered as a win win situation for all investors, who would take this initiative almost immediately.

Scoop in Future

Seeing the past record of the developers known as Citi Housing, which has delivered mega successful lush housing projects in the past and now unveiling this new Citi Housing Faisalabad, prospects look bright. Furthermore, as the developer has pledged to make available all latest residential amenities for its inhabitants. Therefore, the affiliation of the renowned developer enjoying valued repute in the real estate sector of Pakistan will further enhance the trust regarding Citi Housing Faisalabad.

Moreover, as the project will officially get underway and investors would start investing alongside execution on master plan will further amplify the viability of this venture. Also project has all the characteristics to be a profitable real estate investment opportunity for willing investors. Therefore, unquestionably Citi Housing Faisalabad will be a leading inhabit address of textile city of Pakistan in near future.

It’s not a Scam at All

Some sources were saying that this scheme is a scam back in 2013 but after some documentation the scheme officially approved by authorities and below is official certification of Citi Housing Faisalabad.

Citi Housing Faisalabad Certification

Affluent Features

  • Health Club
  • Power Backup
  • Prime Location
  • Boundary Wall
  • Parks & Zoo inside
  • 24/7 Rigid Security
  • Community Center
  • 40 Feet Wide Roads
  • International Food Chains
  • Multi National Brands Outlets

It’s a free advise for real estate investors to invest in this upcoming project, because many are saying that it will also be a successful project just like other projects of Citi Housing.