DHA Lahore Phase 9 File Price, Location Map and Details

DHA Lahore phase 9 is the largest fraction of Defense Housing Authority in recent times. This particular phase out of all 11 phases of DHA Lahore is the largest and spread over 48000 Kanals of Land. Phase 9 of DHA Lahore is one of the most skillfully master planned chunks of DHA Lahore that is intended to make available luxurious at the same time affordable DHA properties to its attracted people. Since, it was launched 5 years ago the development work took place very slowly, but now has gained momentum.

DHA Lahore Phase 9 File Price

Phase 9 Proper Files Prices

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Phase 9 Extension Files Prices

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9 Town/Shohuda Town Phase 9 Files Prices

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Location Map

As location is considered the most core aspect of any real estate venture that’s why the prescribed location for DHA Lahore phase 9 looks viable. Precisely Phase 9 is to be found close to Allama Iqbal International Airport nearby Bedian Road. It’s far from LDA City Lahore housing scheme but both of these housing schemes are almost running parallel in terms of development and booking. The location demonstrated the viability of this particular location as bedian road is known for its farm houses that elite class of Lahore has established over there. These lavish farm houses base has boosted the value of this phase immensely and having Lahore Airport close by is a meaningful aspect regarding phase 9 positioning.

Some of the other significant developments are Barki Road, Elite Police Training School, LSE (Lahore School of Economics), Lahore Cantt, DHA Phases, Askari Housing Scheme and Lahore Garrison Golf & Country Club. Moreover, from the location where DHA Lahore phase 9 is situated approach to Gulberg Lahore, Model Town, Garden Town and other contiguous areas is easy.

The access to all above mentioned areas is effortless, because of state of the art infrastructure that has been laid keeping in mind complete attention to detail in this area.


DHA Lahore phase 9 is segregated into three internal fractions and tagged them as sole entities. it now comprises of phase 9, phase 9 Extension and phase 9 Town. All these elements of DHA Lahore are in the process of development.

According to aware market sources, the development progression in this phase and its extension is taking place very slowly from past many years – for unknown reasons. But, phase 9 town is on its way to be urbanized firstly in few years – as far as contemporary developments are concern. More than 80% development work has been completed by the developers of phase 9 Town currently and remaining will also be concluded very soon.

Property Dealings

As we have mentioned above that phase 9 of DHA Lahore was originally launched many years ago that’s why sale purchase of files is happening from long-ago. After seeing the fast paced development in phase 9 town numerous people are investing heavily in it and countless other are also framing their minds about investing shortly.

All the divisions of DHA Lahore phase 9 offering various sizes plots ranging 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal developed plots for its concerned clients.

Future Prospect

Seeing the overwhelming response towards each and every DHA venture from people from ages, this fraction of DHA Lahore is also going to become lucrative. Because time is the key element in real estate business especially in country like Pakistan, where with the increase of housing needs value of every property is bound to amplify. Same is the case with DHA Lahore phase 9, although the development has consumed lots of time, nevertheless once people going to start living here the worth of its properties will hike.

Update 1x: At present, some rumors exit about DHA Lahore Phase 9 balloting, but one cannot give time frame of balloting, however it is understood that Phase 9 Town which is a project for descendants of Defense Persons of Pakistan, i.e. Pak Army, Air Force, Navy and others. Other fractions of DHA Lahore Phase 9 will be completed after the completion of DHA Phase 9 Town Lahore.

LDA City Lahore Location, Price and Reviews

LDA City is the uprising state of the art residential project of Lahore city, this scenic venture is the largest housing scheme of Pakistan up till now – spread over 60 Thousand Kanals of Land. The project is initiated by the LDA (Lahore Development Authority) itself that’s why the legitimacy and conviction regarding this humongous mega project in unquestionable. The project is masterly planned according to the modern architecture and construction standards globally. LDA City Lahore has struck the minds of prospective clients immensely ever since it’s been launched, reason being the gigantic internal infrastructure and urbanized developments it comprises.

LDA City Lahore

Furthermore, according to LDA City management claiming this mammoth project will provide contemporary residency to 50 thousand families in future. LDA City Lahore presently offering fully developed plots measuring sizes of  5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal for its prospective clients in the setting of superlative developments.

The project will be equipped with all modern diverse amenities developed under pubic private partnership. The developers have the core intention of providing luxurious at the same time affordable inhabit solutions for esteem LDA City clients. Moreover, this iconic project will surely fill the vacuum of housing needs of the ever growing population of provincial capital Lahore.


Since location is the main artery for the success and productivity of any real estate venture, therefore the scale on which LDA City is master planned location should have been ideal. LDA City hasn’t disappointed its potential investors, as far as the prospective location designated for the establishment of this huge housing scheme is concern.

The precise location of the project is primarily just 13 minutes drive away from Kalma Chowk Lahore additionally Allama Iqbal International Airport can also be accessed in 15 minutes signal free drive. LDA city is exactly to be found nearby renowned Ferozepur Road Lahore – adjacent to Kahna area as maps shows.

LDA City Lahore Location

Furthermore, some of the other noteworthy close by developments to LDA City Lahore comprises of DHA Phase 9-10 also exist not too far away and Grand Avenue, Elite Town and Central Park Housing schemes also exist in extreme nearness to LDA City.

So, after looking at the prescribed location on Google maps of this giant project, the center areas of Lahore city can also be approached in merely few minutes. Famous areas reminiscent of DHA Lahore, Liberty Market, Barkat Market, Main Boulevard Gulberg and Lahore Cantt; all these significant destinations of Lahore city could easily be accessed via various familiar routes from LDA City.

Click the below image to view in large size.

LDA City Lahore Detail Google Map

Plots’ Prices

Numerous people are currently curious about the actual prices of various sizes plots in LDA City Lahore. After witnessing the kind of attractive true urbanized developments, which LDA City developers have planned internally to the whole project – prices of plots were anticipated very high. But, surprisingly the announced prices of the plots for sale in LDA City are inaptly kept very reasonable. These competitive prices of plots in LDA City Lahore can be the distinguishing element among competitors’ housing ventures, because offering ultra modern housing in such minimal prices is difficult to find in any other venture.

LDA City Payment Plan

Mode of Payment 5 Marla 10 Marla 1 Kanal
Total Price 1,390,000 1,990,000 3,490,000
Down Payment 290,000 490,000 690,000
1st Quarter 200,000 300,000 540,000
2nd Quarter 200,000 300,000 540,000
3rd Quarter 200,000 300,000 540,000
4th Quarter 200,000 300,000 540,000
5th Quarter 150,000 150,000 320,000
6th Quarter 150,000 150,000 320,000

As you can witness above the complete payment plan of LDA City Lahore, showing how affordable are the rates of various sizes of plots that too with the installments option – after paying the upfront down payment. The prices of plots in LDA City are comparatively low; if we compare it with other housing schemes of this standard. This is the main reason why countless people are interested to invest in this ultra affordable, but at the same time luxurious housing venture.


Booking of LDA City Lahore’s plots is open and you can book your plot by calling on the below given numbers now.

LDA City Lahore Booking

Experts’ Reviews

As we have discussed all the nucleus characteristics of LDA City Lahore beyond, now here is the in-depth rabbit hole like review of LDA City.

Exquisite Town Planning

The impressive aspect regarding the extent of hype LDA City has incorporated is its high-class immaculate planning and advertised modern developments. The project on the whole has been designed and will be developed under the supervision of renowned real estate developers of Pakistan. The development partners include developers akin to Urban Developers, Paragon City (Pvt) Ltd, Alpha Estate, Pak Estates and Maymar. All these experienced real estate developers will make sure the availability of unforeseen residential houses for the future inhabitants of LDA City.

Affordable and Viable Investment Opportunity

Like we have highlighted above the minimal plots’ prices of LDA City are the main reason behind its amplifying popularity. Seeing Pakistani real estate target market, where people are price conscious other than anything else. In this regard, LDA City Lahore will persuade more and more people, no matter how far the project is located from the main Lahore city. Because the ever growing population of Lahore will certainly integrate LDA City with contiguous localities that look far away from it currently, with stretch of housing.

Furthermore, it’s also the ideal opportunity of investment for people, who are in search of some lucrative and secure real estate investment in Lahore. For the reason that LDA City plots prices will surely hike substantially in coming few years time, when the development will finish and residents will start living in houses practically.

Iconic Inner Developments

As per the broadcast that LDA City is making through paper ads and TVCs – the inside developments would be massive. Some of the paramount proclaimed inside developments of LDA City will definitely temp numerous clients in coming days. Which includes, modish shopping malls and lavish hotels, international standard education to LDA City populace children, vigorously planned infrastructure comprising of wide carpeted roads network, flyovers and other related civic facilities. Moreover, a state of the art health care city would also be established for furnishing health services and a sports city has also been planned, which include a 18 Holes Golf Course as well – besides sports grounds and parks.


LDA City Lahore is undoubtedly a sprinkling start of Lahore’s real estate galaxy, rational the kind of state of the art master planning, developments intent and cost effective plots of various sizes. Making remark concerning its success or letdown would be too early, because project has just been officially launched. But chances of its success are more than failure because this project is powered by LDA itself and it’s one of the trusted authorities in Pakistan.

PTCL; History of Pakistani Telecom Giant

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd) is Pakistan’s largest land-line telephone, internet, and other telecom service provider. PTCL was found in the same year of Pakistan’s independence in 1947. Its Head Quarter is situated in country’s capital Islamabad, it’s considered the backbone of communication network domestically, as it possess several telecommunication and data services for millions of customers. Additionally also have 2000 telephone exchanges all over the country, which are also recognized as the data centers.

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd)


PTCL provides copious numbers of services such as fixed line phones, IPTV (Smart TV), CDMA (Vfone), Broadband, Wireless Internet (Evo, Wingle, and WiMax, Charji), and several other telecom related value added services.


PTCL was a state owned enterprise completely till 2006, when in Pervez Musharraf’s rule the privatization of the 26% shares of PTCL was sold to UAE telecom giant Etisalat Telecommunication in $2.6 Billion. Since then, Govt of Pakistan owns 62% shares and remaining 12% shares are owned by the general public, as now PTCL is a listed company in KSE (Karachi Stock Exchange). Nevertheless, having huge chunk of 62% Govt of Pakistan still manages the enterprise and take big managerial decisions.

Effects After Privatization of Shares:

The after effects of PTCL’s privatization were seen positive at the customers end except for the PTCL employees. Because, like all Govt run organizations PTCL was also overcrowded with a lot of useless employees, who were recruited upon political references or after the creation of forced vacancies. Therefore, instantly after the privatization of PTCL 26% shares, which include operational control too, the new management throw out ineffective employees to reduce PTCL’s loses.


Since the new administration of PTCL was firing worthless employees, at the same time was arranging an adequate remedy for it. What PTCL did that the new competent management introduced automation and vendor concepts in all departments of PTCL. Therefore, under new management PTCL revamped completely, customers care that was pathetic – became bit agile and responsive.


After privatization and firing old employees PTCL embraced the outsourcing concept for their various services. Like recruitments, currently vendors known as ASK Development, E-square, the private human resource companies were hired for providing various employees to PTCL.

What PTCL do that these companies hire employees for PTCL, they work for PTCL but they are not considered the employees of PTCL. Because, their salaries come from vendors not directly through PTCL, these vendors have mutual agreements with PTCL nowadays meant for Human Resource – for what they get paid.

As a result, PTCL does not have to take care of the huge list of various departments’ employees anyhow. This custom primarily saves lots of recruitment time and money of PTCL now that eventually any company has to bear during this pondering process of hiring.

Modern Services Launch:

While these days everything is technology driven and linked with telecommunication and Internet synergy. Therefore, to match the competitive market of telecom and internet, PTCL focuses more on introducing innovative services from recent few years. In view of the fact that after mobile phone and mobile networks introduction the land-line phone is considered a hopeless communication tool, seeing this virtue PTCL now focus more on value added services.

The revolutionary services that PTCL has introduced off late are PTCL Smart TV that allows users to watch hundreds of digital crystal clear TV channels through their phone line. Smart TV is one of its kind IPTV service in Pakistan that permits users to pause, rewind and record live TV streaming. Moreover, PTCL provides the leverage to PTCL land-line customers to enjoy trio of Telephone, Broadband, and Smart TV collectively via one PTCL connection.

Broadband Split:

Furthermore, presently PTCL has the largest number of Broadband subscribers’ base in Pakistan, which is also the main source of revenue of PTCL solely. The current figure of PTCL broadband connections are more than 3.5 Million. The reason of having highest number of broadband users in Pakistan is bypassing other private ISPs similar to Wi-Tribe, Qubee, Wateen, Nayatel and Multinet. PTCL threw these ISPs by providing high speed internet – with unlimited bandwidth that other can’t provide.

Wrapping up:

PTCL, which now has to tackle the Telco’s services penetration in Pakistan that has further tightened after the launch of 3G/4G data service last year. As, internet services are the main foundation of returns for PTCL, seeing that all telecom operators are now offering affordable internet via their 3G and 4G services, it’s high time for PTCL to come up with some counter-productive strategy to retain the position of market leader in internet service contributor in Pakistan.

Best Affordable Mobile Network for Students in Pakistan

Since various kinds of mobile phone users boast various kinds of mobile services needs. Usage of telecom services such as calling, SMS, Internet and other relevant services varies person to person. This virtue also depends upon the lifestyle of individual for example, if you run a company that operates in various sectors then surely your mobile usage would be hefty on a daily basis, therefore you will prefer a mobile network that should grant competitive mobile services tariff among others mobile networks in the market.

Affordable Mobile Network for Students in Pakistan

Therefore, selecting a mobile network nowadays is like selecting a new car that you want to buy. Because, later you will have to take care of its fuel economy and maintenance – similar to the call rates and other services Telco’s charge later.

Here at this juncture, we will specifically discuss about the most lucrative mobile network for students in Pakistan, as they are considered the most expenditure conscious ones in the mobile market.

Why Students in Pakistan Remain Price Conscious?

The reason is simple that why most students remain price conscious in Pakistan particularly. For the reason that, Pakistan is one of those countries where unlike many western countries children at the time of their study period linger upon their parents – to support them financially. Most Students in Pakistan does nothing apart from studies until they start doing a job after concluding their studies.

This scenario is completely opposite what students in western countries do in the meanwhile they study, they work part-time to support themselves from the very early age. Since, this is not the case in Pakistan, because parents tend to pamper their kids here in every aspect of life “which is good” and also bear their mobile phone expenses too.

Most Affordable Mobile Network in Pakistan:

There are five mobile operators offering their mobile services locally involve Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong and Warid. All networks follow their own different services tariffs for prepaid and postpaid call packages, SMS, GPRS, 3G & 4G Tariffs and MMS.

Here are the tariff comparisons of all mobile operators that will surely help students to choose the best suited one.

Obviously most of the students in Pakistan use prepaid mobile SIMs, since it provides them leverage to load balance with any lowest amount at anytime from anywhere.

Prepaid On-net Call Tariff (Per Min):

  1. Warid with offering lowest 89 Paisa call tariff through its Glow 2 Package.
  2. Telenor A1 package offers Rs 1 tariff for one minute call.
  3. Zong 45 package offers Rs 1.36 call charges.
  4. Mobilink Jazz One package offering Rs 1.50.
  5. Ufone 30 Seconds Package charges Rs 1.66 to its customers.

Prepaid Off-net Call Tariff (Per Min):

  1. Warid Glow 2 wins the race too here, with offering same 89 Paisa rate.
  2. Telenor Djuice that charges Rs 1.25 to customers.
  3. Zong 45 offering call rate of Rs 1.36.
  4. Ufone 30 Seconds Package charging Rs 1.66.
  5. Mobilink Jazz First charges most with Rs 1.98.

So, Warid is the most affordable mobile network of Pakistan as far as call tariff is concern.

SMS Packages Tariff:

Talking about SMS packages, which are the most widely used mobile phone feature by students in Pakistan particularly, who always remain busy in texting 24/7.

Here Ufone takes the lead by offering most cheap SMS packages to its customers. The daily SMS package of Ufone charges 3.99 + tax, weekly in Rs 10 + tax, fortnightly in Rs 30 + tax and monthly bundle charges Rs 80 + tax with unlimited SMS.

Other four networks with little variations in rates offer second best SMS rates to their respective customers in Pakistan.

Mobile Internet Tariff:

With the launch of 3G/4g high speed mobile data services in Pakistan last year 2014, the competition is very stiff among all mobile operators to offer most affordable mobile internet rates for their customers.

#1 Ufone resembling SMS bundle packages offers the most affordable internet packages in Pakistan, including 3G for its customers domestically up till now.

Telenor comes second in mobile internet tariff, Zong is at number three, Mobilink is at number four and lastly Warid that is only offering 4G LTE services in Pakistan is at last spot.

Magnitude of Real Estate Sector in Pakistan

According to research, real estate sector of Pakistan is the second largest employer for the people locally after agriculture. It’s also considered as the multi-million $ industry of the country, which can be gauged from the domestic real estate assets market value that is about 700 Billion USD. Furthermore, the share of housing & overall real estate sector in Pakistan’s economy – it contributes over 2% of total GDP. Real estate industry of Pakistan is also the backbone of urban economy, since it also involves many other business activities as well.

Real Estate Sector in Pakistan

Linked Business to Pakistan Real Estate Industry:

The associated business and industries with countries real estate sector makes it a syndicate. Because, these all elements makes it a proper industry and none of the businesses can survive without each other. The associated industries to real estate sector of Pakistan comprises of Bricks industry, Cement, Steel, Marble, Furniture & Wood, Sanitary, Aluminum and last with some other small ones includes Paint Industry.

These all manufacturing and services sector are interconnected with real estate sector of Pakistan. Also these all industries and business provide employments to thousands of native people, and nothing could be constructed in real estate sector without these essential elements of real estate industry mentioned above.

Why Domestic Real Estate Sector is Considered Viable:

The ample reason behind this conjecture is based upon realistic aspects that why real estate industry in Pakistan remained dynamic for many years now and still growing. The rational of this viability in domestic real estate sector is because, the over 65% rural population of the country always remain in hunt of lucrative investment in real estate sector. So, with the acute of hefty rural population of first buying a plot in urban areas for building a home later is a major aspect that’s why heavy investment being made in housing schemes time to time.

Although, not all people buy a new plot or property for constructing a home in Pakistan, most of them who already own a house do it as an investment point of view. Because, the rate of properties is bound to rise significantly in future and so people buy and then sale these properties eying heavy margins from generic prices from the past. This is the form of long term investment locally and a very lucrative solitary. As a result, buying and selling of properties 365 days in Pakistan keeps the real estate industry flowing.

One of the other most vital reasons of the boom in the real estate sector of Pakistan is the dream of owning house in Pakistan. Some people easily have it as an inherit properties but countless other Pakistani’s still has to work hard for fulfillment of their wish concerning own house. Therefore, these people become the main fuel for the real estate business in the country. This huge population of the country, who does not have possession of any house, invests heavily in real estate sector.

Obstacle for the Sector:

Some of the pondering aspects that is making real estate sector of Pakistan stumbling include under mentioned ones.

  • Land Grabbing
  • Scam Housing Schemes
  • Congestion of Projects
  • Poor Law & Order Situation
  • Dubious Investment Sources
  • Transfer and Registry Issues (Legal Framework)

These all pessimistic aspects prevailing in the country playing the rule of evil spirit and stopping not only local investor to invest more but foreign investors as well. Resolve of these issues will surely further amplify the productivity of real estate industry of Pakistan.


Undoubtedly, real industry of Pakistan has immense potential as the ever growing population of Pakistan, which has touched 190 Million. So, to conquer the housing need of this gigantic population, the domestic real estate industry will surely have to play a fundamental role. Thus, we can expect establishment of more wonderful real estate venture in Pakistan as the time progresses following latest trends.