Life and People in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Out of the whole population, over 1.60 billion are Muslims reside in various countries, which are Muslim as well as millions of Muslims in non-Muslim states like India and America. After most populated Muslim country, Indonesia, Pakistan is the second most populated Muslim country. The demand of the separate country by the Muslims of the subcontinent was to be able to proactive their religion with complete freedom without any fear. Therefore, the maker of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah led to the movement and eventually on August 14, 1947.


At the time of partition, millions of Muslims were murdered by Hindus and Sikh’s. This shows the kind of courage and scarifies people who migrated from India did at that time for their coming generation to live in a free country made in the name of Islam for Muslims.

At, present if we look t the state of the country, it has developed in various paradigms, the population has now become 6th largest in the world. The country has seen different rules, but the country is mostly ruled by Army Heads. Because democracy and politicians have always lacked control over all sorts of matters whether it was an economy, foreign policy or working towards the prosperity of the country. Therefore, at different point of time martial law was imposed and military rulers ruled the country for many years in the last six decades or so.

But, the people of Pakistan are the true force behind where the country stands in the world. Pakistan is the nation of intelligent, hardworking and dedicated people; therefore they have made the country proud locally as well as globally. If we talk about the influence of religion on the people in the country it is imperative. However, on the other hand, the country is considered liberal in various regards because of its ruling elite is predominantly belongs from liberal class.

Nevertheless, there is a huge population out of a whole in the countries, who are practicing Muslims and have kept religion alive in their daily practices and also offers prayers five times a day. Moreover, Pakistan is the country from where most numbers of pilgrims go for Hajj and Umrah that is the ultimate act of worship for any Muslim. This year, millions of Pakistani’s made use of their gathered financial resources, especially for these sacred worships and utilize Umrah packages, like every past year.

If we talk about the life of the native peoples they belong from various ethnic backgrounds, speaks various languages, wear different clothes, eat different types of food. This makes Pakistan one of the world’s most rich cultured countries, where you will come across all weather seasons, Sea, deserts, green fields, cold hilly resorts to warmest places on earth. The Almighty has blessed the country with everything they could think of. But, still millions of people in Pakistan lack basic needs of life in far flange areas of the country – because of negligence and incompetence of its rulers.

Yet, the country has more positives than negatives for its nationals to be hopeful that the coming days will be better. The only thing country requires is a dedicated and honest leadership to govern and provide rights to people, which they deserve and impose a true rule of all for everyone likewise.

[True Story] How I Survived in Dubai with Low Monetary Resources?

I am one of those millions of people, mostly from the subcontinent, who always dreamed to travel and settle abroad to run away from my miserable life in my country. Because, even after having a Master’s degree I was not able to get any adequate job in Pakistan. That’s when one of my friends suggested me to come to Dubai, who was already working there and was earning well. So, I met a travel agent and get myself a visit visa so that I could first go and hunt for a job and then the employer will arrange for my work visa and other relevant paperwork.

Burj Khalifa #Dubai

So, in merely 15 days I was able to travel to Dubai on a visit visa for a month and landed there, where my friend had arranged temporary accommodation for me. But, the issue was that Dubai is very expensive when it comes to accommodation and food also, and if you have to traveling also in becoming a tough ask to manage. Nevertheless, as I was just landed there my friend guided me about how life works here and told me to stay focused for what you have traveled here.

I asked him other than everything what is the cheapest and easiest way to get in touch with your family back home in Pakistan. He told me that he is in Dubai for over three years and is able to send free SMS to Pakistan. I instantly become curious and wanted to know about this amazing free SMS sending thing, he told me about a website that permit its user to send free SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan. It was a big relief for me, as soon as I used this service and informed my family about my arrival in Dubai safely by sending free SMS from internet to my brother’s mobile phone.

The next day I went out for dropping my resume in relevant company’s offices, I also took help from some of the famous recruitment related website, which provides vacancies details listed on them and also aloe to apply for those positions. Somehow, I was lucky to get an interview call only after two days and I went there to interview for the position of manager supply chain, it was an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company.

The next day I got a call from this company’s HR department they told me that you have got selected for the position of manager supply chain – the salary they offered me was 3000 UAE Dirham’s. I said yes instantly because this was the only option for me to somehow support myself for living in Dubai having a white color job initially and send some money back home to family.

But, trust me it was really hard to manage your living, food, traveling and then saving some money to send back home – that I realize only after one month stay in Dubai. However, by the grace of GOOD and my will power – I was able to cope up with low monetary resources. What I did first I searched an accommodation in 1000 Dirham’s, managed my food and traveling in 1000 more and my communication bother back home was resolved with the above cited free SMS sending websites to Pakistan. And every month I used to send remaining 1000 Dirham’s to my family, which I gradually increased – as my salary was incremented with time.

Thus, this is how I survived with less money in Dubai, so if you want to come to Dubai to find your dream job, you have to be prepared for some hardships – because life is not a bed of roses here. But, once you find a good employer and luck destiny is also on your side, you can enjoy a good life in Dubai by earning handsome money.

5 Reasons why you should make money online in Pakistan

It is hard to believe that you can make money online. The internet seems to be a place just for surfing, but there are thousands of people already utilizing it and making millions of dollars each month. Most of the people would consider it as a waste of time. If you make use of this technology in a positive way, you can also earn hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars every month. I highly favor the people who make money online, as I am one of those. Let me tell you a secret, I am making 100 times or even more income online as compared to my offline job.  Last month I resigned from my managerial position because making money online in Pakistan is extremely easy, and here are five reasons why you should also be making money online.

Why you should make money online?

Why you should make money online?

1) Make a steady income stream sitting at home

There are fewer people around the world who are making money online. However, a great benefit is that you can sit back at a comfortable place, have a beverage in your hand and explore great ideas of making money online. The internet is a place that doesn’t ask you to submit your resume or experience or even restrict you to wake up early in the morning and reach office to make money online. You just need passion, time and hard work. On average if you don’t waste time surfing the Internet, rather explore useful guides, you will be making your first $100 or even more within 3-5 months while sitting in your home.

2) You can generate a second income stream

It isn’t necessary that if you start making money online then quit your offline job. In fact, you can carry on both and secure 2nd hand income that will help you spend the whole month with ease. There are many platforms like Clickbank, Adsense, PTC, and Blogging, Freelancing, etc. that can help yours in generating a steady income online.

3) Get paid securely and on time

I know our bosses and companies in Pakistan quite often delay our salaries. But, the internet is a place where you get paid on time and securely for what you’ve earned. For example, Google Adsense pays its publishers on 22nd of every month with a minimum threshold of $100. So, on 22nd you’ll have your money in hands. Same goes for freelancing sites like,, These sites pay through PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill. However, PayPal isn’t available in Pakistan, but still you check out how to withdraw PayPal money in Pakistan.

4) Building your online Personality

Once you have mastered your online skills, you develop an online personality. You get fame and endorsements that make you more successful than ever. People admire you because of your quality work and have more trust in you. Not only personality but your value also increases. For the instance, if you were being paid $5 per hour in the beginning, then after an experience of a year or two it would be $20 or even $50 per hour depending on your skills.

5) You become Vigilant

It is common to face an online scam once in your career. But, once you get involved in this field, you experience so many different faces, colors and another thing that make you vigilant and prevent any future scams.

Pakistani’s living abroad; why not send free SMS to Pakistan?

Are you one of those millions of Pakistani’s who have left their homes and went abroad to make their future bright. Pakistan is a developing country and is the 6th most populated country of the world, this is why people who do not get adequate jobs in the country due to different sort of limitations go abroad – in search of getting better jobs. Although, most of these people do not get white collar jobs and has to do blue collar jobs in different counties across the world to be able to earn to support their families back home.


And as living abroad all these people want to make contact with their family and friends to inquire about their conditions and other matters. But, calling back home from any country of the world in touch expensive for these Pakistani’s, because most of them work as laborers who can’t afford to make expensive calls every day. So, if you are one of those people who have minimized contact with your family friends because it costs you a lot – then why not you try and send free sms to Pakistan.

The availability of alternate sources to contact other people in this current day and age is immense. This has been made possible with the massive penetration of internet and most imperative Smartphone’s. These two in collaboration have transformed this era, for people who wants to make contact with anyone living anywhere in this world. Like now you can make use of many Smartphone communication apps to send instant message and even make free voice and video calls to anyone register on the same apps platform – by just having the internet facility on its Smartphone.

Furthermore, there are many websites are being developed in recent years with the objective of allowing its local and overseas Pakistani’s to send SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan that too absolutely free. Moreover, now these send SMS to Pakistan websites also permits users to receive replies as well from the recipient they are sending free SMS via their web service. This has made life so easy from Pakistani’s living abroad to say what they want to say to people back home they know by sending those free SMS.


So, why not make use of these websites which are offering option to send as many as you want free of charge SMS to mobile numbers in Pakistan – just requiring you to register on their website.

Microsoft’s New Internet Browser Edge Supports WhatsApp Web

Most of the Smartphone users will be glad who excessively use world’s most popular communication app WhatsApp to know that – it’s soon going to support Microsoft Edge. People who still don’t know about what Microsoft Edge is, it’s basically totally revamped version of veteran Internet Explorers. This fresh Microsoft internet explorer renamed and made much more potent than its previous versions is available with newly released Microsoft Windows 10 -as its default web browser.

MS Edge Browser

With this latest updated Internet Edge browsers with the extension will allow users to make instant WhatsApp chatting and files sharing straight from their internet explorer. As this was not possible before, because the older versions of IE provided till the last release of Microsoft Windows 8.1 does not have compatibility with lots of extension and online content including WhatsApp web support. Moreover, now millions of WhatsApp users will be able to post best Whatsapp status on their profiles directly from Microsoft Edge Internet browser.

Although, this WhatsApp web support was available for other top browsers involving Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari for Apple Mac users were able to use WhatsApp through it. But, as Microsoft Windows is the most widely used computer operating systems across the world now its users will be able to use WhatsApp from its default browser – rather than installing third party web browsers.

Furthermore, there was a rumor about this support coming to Microsoft Internet Explorer for the past few months. But now it’s been confirmed as the upgraded internet browser Edge is accessible from Microsoft Windows 10 – user who has upgraded their Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to Windows 10 can use the WhastApp online version from it.

Also, the Microsoft Program Managers for Edge, Greg Whitworth and David Storey also referred about this upcoming support of the WhatsApp web in their tweet. Saying that they are in talks with the Whatsapp developers to bring support for Microsoft Internet browser – but its time frame was not given.

Nevertheless, now this news has become reality and users can use WhatsApp easily from their Windows 10 default edge internet browser. And can enjoy exchanging thoughts and supported files comprising of videos, images and even audio files to WhasApp contacts they want. This will certainly aid countless users who have just get their hands on most awaited latest version of Windows 10 to also take pleasure of using their favorite WhatsApp features via it.