Get Samsung S6 and S6 Edge on Bank Installment with 0% Markup

As the latest next galaxy tagged flagship model of Smartphone giant Samsung’s S6 and S6 Edge is being officially released all over the world – including Pakistan few months back. It’s the most power pack and stunningly crafted two models by Samsung, offering some breath taking specs and scenic durable metal finishing. But when numerous users have claimed their S6 and S6 Edge in the country there are many who still think it’s too costly for them to pay at once.

Samsung S6 and S6 Edge

The retail market price of these magnificent looking and equipped with potent internal specs in Pakistan is Rs. 75,000 of Samsung’s S6 and Rs. 93,000 of S6 Edge. It’s obvious that the price of these new Samsung’s flagship phones it to hefty for many local users to bear. Specially, the fix salaried people cannot pay the entire amount for purchasing these Samsung latest Smartphone’s at all.

The remedy of this pondering aspect for countless native people is here, many commercial banks of Pakistan is offering Samsung’s S6 and S6 Edge on installments – that too having Zero percent markup.

The banks which are offering to get S6 and S6 Edge on installments involves Bank Alfalah, UBL, Askari, Silk Bank and MCB. The installments plans vary from 3 months to 6 months time period in which users is liable to pay the prescribed installments having 0% additional markup. Moreover, accidental coverage is also offered for the period of one year to its customers, who will avail Samsung S6 and S6 Edge out of this offer.

Banks Installments Plans Details:

Check out the installments plan detail bellow with mentioned amounts to be paid for availing this offer of different banks with 0% markups.

Bank Alfalah:

Model Name: Retail Customer Price 3 Months Installment 6 Months Installment
Samsung Galaxy S6 Rs. 75,000/- Rs. 25,000/- Rs. 12,500/-
Samsung Galaxy 56 Edge Rs. 93,000/- Rs. 31,000/- Rs. 15,500/-


UBL (United Bank Limited):

Model Name: Retail Customer Price 3 Months Installment 6 Months Installment
Samsung Galaxy S6 Rs. 74,999/- Rs. 25,000/- Rs. 12,500/-
Samsung Galaxy 56 Edge Rs. 92,999/- Rs. 31,000/- Rs. 15,000/-


Askari Bank:

Model Name: Retail Customer Price 3 Months Installment 6 Months Installment
Samsung Galaxy S6 Rs. 74,999/- Rs. 25,000/- Rs. 12,500/-
Samsung Galaxy 56 Edge Rs. 92,999/- Rs. 31,000/- Rs. 15,000/-


Silk Bank:

Model Name: Retail Customer Price 3 Months Installment 6 Months Installment
Samsung Galaxy S6 Rs. 74,999/- Rs. 25,000/- Rs. 12,500/-
Samsung Galaxy 56 Edge Rs. 92,999/- Rs. 31,000/- Rs. 15,000/-


  • 50% of the Smartphone price will be required in customers account.
  • Silk Bank will charge processing fee in Rs. 850/-


Model Name: Retail Customer Price 3 Months Installment 6 Months Installment
Samsung Galaxy S6 Rs. 78,999/- Rs. 26,333/- Rs. 13,167/-
Samsung Galaxy 56 Edge Rs. 92,999/- Rs. 31,000/- Rs. 15,000/-


Applicable Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer is only valid for credit card holder
  • Equal amount to the retail price of S6 and S6 Edge must be in your account

Processing fee of every bank for its offered services will be applied

Importance of Telecom Sector for the Media Industry of Pakistan

It’s an interesting coincident that telecom industry and private electronic media industry in Pakistan came into being in more or less same time span – in early 2000. The more interesting thing is that now after quite a few years of their inception, both these contemporary industries have become established and considered the most dynamic and hefty revenue generating industries of Pakistan. Now the significance of telecom sector for the electronic media is immense, because according to a research made by Synchronize Media, telecom sector of the country is in the top 3 advertising clients for media industry.

Telecom Operators and Media Channels

Furthermore, the stats shows that the telecom sector spent Rs. 98 million on “out of home” (OOH) advertisements, which includes billboards, flyers, and other brand activations – just in the month of February, 2015. Keep in mind that telecom sector had just lagged behind the blossoming fashion industry of Pakistan, which spent the hefty amount of Rs. 158 million in advertising solely.

So, after witnessing these staggering stats, we can imagine the sum of money telecom sector spends to run their TVS’s on numerous media channels – round the clock in Pakistan. While, the tariff of running TV commercial on a TV channels differs according to the channels (TRP) ratings and market standing. For example, at present GEO News charges the most tariffs to run a TVC of telecom sector and all other brands by charging per seconds depending upon at what time slot advertiser want their ad to sprint. Time slot factor is also important in television advertising because, in Pakistani media industry 7 PM to 11 PM is considered the prime time, when most number of viewership is been recorded by the electronic media. Therefore, to run a TVC at this time slot – costs lot more than other time slots of the day – catching millions of eyeballs or prospective customers.

The telecom sector has also become the backbone for the media and advertising agencies as well as for mobile subscriber since its inception – because it’s the most obligatory modern day communication tool.

Furthermore, Telco’s in Pakistan are providing unmatchable telecom services tariff in the country if we compare it with rest of the world. Mobile phone users in our country are enjoying the most affordable telecom services – alongside having many value added proficiencies as well like 3G/4G data services now.

Ending Thoughts:

Nevertheless, no one can deny the significance of telecom sector for end users as well for electronic media in Pakistan – because this sector exclusively spends millions of rupees in advertisements every year. Also, if the telecom sector stops advertising their TVC’s on the media industry of Pakistan imagine how denting it could be for this dynamic looking sector. Nevertheless, its healthy sign for Pakistan that still both these sector are swiftly working in cohesion, which in the benefit of both industries simultaneously.

As the country of over 190 million people and still growing the scope of further prospering for both telecom and media industry are towering in the years to come. As electronic media is the best source for enlightening their millions of subscribers instantly for the entire telecom operator of Pakistan – regarding any new promotion offered.

New Nokia 105: Best Backup Feature Phone in Just Rs. 2,450

Nokia as well all know is a veteran mobile phone manufacturers from many years now, which is being recently merged in itself by technology giant Microsoft. Although, Nokia is facing a vicious competition from numerous other feature phone brands grown in recent years. Moreover, the massive penetration of Smartphone has also dented the sales of the conventional feature phones immensely in this day and age.

Nokia 105 Feature Phone

Nevertheless, still Nokia holds a sizeable market share in the existing feature phones sales around the world including Pakistan. The report from Microsoft suggests that the cheap feature phones by Nokia encompass 100 units per minute selling score – since the year 2013 across the globe.

The feature phone we are citing towards here is the glittering New Nokia 105 that is available in Pakistan at the price of Rs. 2,450 only. This cheapest feature phone is designed for the hefty masses of the country, which just require a phone for usual mobile phone proficiencies like calling and SMS.

Noteworthy Features on Latest Nokia 105:

As it’s a traditional feature phones having all basic telecom knack, but there is some influential perks being added into it by Nokia making it best buy for its customers – in its category. This phone can also be bought for a reason that it could be utilized as a secondary backup phone, a part from your costly Smartphone’s. Because, it can provide you with long 15 hours continuous talk times along with 35 days standby time too after complete charge – best for robust travelers.

The reason why most people prefer Nokia feature phones even nowadays, because of their durability as well as their enormous battery life and best speaker’s voice quality. So, in this regard this Nokia 105 can become top pick as it offers extensive battery timing and the durability aspect is intact like all Nokia feature phone contains – as they don’t break even after falling from adequate height.

Furthermore, the significant aspect of Nokia 105 is that it is offering extended phonebook that can store up to 2000 contacts – in its built-in memory. This knack will certainly become its selling point amongst some others because Pakistani mobile phone users typically have the habit of saving enormous contacts.

Default Features:

  • Torch Light
  • USB Charging Support
  • Single & Dual SIM Version
  • FM Radio (3.5mm Audio Jack)
  • Colored 1.45 inches TFT Screen
  • Available in Cyan, Black and White Colors


The new Nokia 105 has the potential to become the first choice for local Pakistani and International mobile phone users, who are in search of viable feature phone. Since, millions of people have trust on Nokia, when it comes to feature phones in that case Nokia with its fresh 105 model – will not let down its buyers. Because the phone has all the qualities that you need in customary feature phone with bit more alluring alteration have been made in this new release. The phone will soon be available in local retail outlets with 1 year’s warranty wrap.

Review: Haier Esteem i70

Haier is the new mobile phone player that has just entered in the local Pakistani market with its wide range of headsets. This new home-grown mobile phone brand is offering extremely affordable feature phones to mid-range Smartphone and has in stock its premium flagships android Smartphone too for native users.

Haier Esteem i70

The first flagship android Smartphone being revealed by Haier through massive road block kind of advertisements these days is Esteem i70. It’s a sparkling Smartphone by the looks of it including internal specs for user’s user to experience efficient performance in all Smartphone paradigms.

Firstly let’s talk about its price, which is obviously the foremost thing that a prospective buyer will look at. Haier Esteem i70 is available at the cost of Rs. 19,999 with one year warranty plus accidental and anti theft insurance – like Samsung Mobiles Pakistan offers for its customers.

Here is the specs review of this fresh Smartphone launched by globally recognized electronics brands Haier in Pakistan.

Haier Esteem i70 Specs Review:


Esteem i70 by Haier is decked with a potent 1.4GHz Octa-Core MediaTek processor, alongside moderate 1GB of RAM. There is nothing much to talk about furnished under the hood – as far as hardware features is concern of this phone. It does not have GPU, which is must to help run high-end graphics games and have only 1GB of RAM that is considered insufficient nowadays – because of several apps installation and multitasking that users does. Moreover, by default more than 50% of the RAM capacity was been consumed by the default Android OS and built-in apps installed out of the box.

On the whole, there nothing much fancy about Haier Esteem i70 hardware specs, which will certainly impede users as the phone is priced highly too.


Phone has a 5.0 Inches screen encompasses resolution of 1280 x 720 Pixels. Furthermore, the display type is IPS offering crisp picture quality with excellent viewing angles, flanking good outdoor visibility that is an implicit knack of IPS panel Smartphone’s.

The phone is build with good durable plastic with aluminum frame making the phone solid besides its ultra slim thickness of 7.95mm – that has shaped the phone a scenic looking Smartphone. The design and display can be ranked the best amongst all other aspects of Esteem i70.


Talking about its primary camera it is of amazing 13MP with autofocus, LED flash that will certainly proficient enough to capture excellent quality images with details. The secondary front facing camera is of 5MP capacity, having adequate potential to click fine selfies and video calling flair for its users effortlessly.

Battery and Storage:

Esteem i70 battery is of 2300 mAh capacity, which is not bad considering that fact, that phone it’s a mid-range Smartphone. The phone will certainly be able to provide complete day battery backup to users even upon sufficient usage.

As far as the storage capacity is concern phone offers 16 GB of built-in storage, along card support up to 32GB for the users – who want more extended storage space for hefty data.

Network and OS:

Phone only supports single SIM, which is very rare nowadays specially in home grown Chinese origin Smartphone’s. Nevertheless, phone provides the support of 3G network that has become an obligatory feature since the 3G/4G launch in the country last year.

The android OS adorned in the phone is KitKat 4.4.2, but on top has Haier’s own customized theme making phone transaction and graphical interface more alluring and beautiful.


This i70 is the part of the Haier’s Esteem series flagship android Smartphone being launched in Pakistan freshly. Although, it’s difficult right now to give verdict about what kind of response this handset will boast from local Smartphone users. But after evaluating its offered specs and features, phone is presenting nothing whooping that could persuade users instantly towards buying. Also the price tag of about 20K is asking for too much out of end-users pocket.

Telenor Launched USB Dongle & Wingle for 3G Internet with Free Data

Telenor that has eventually became Pakistan’s second largest telecom operator in regard of mobile subscriber base. Additionally, it has also become the top 3G operator of the country as well offering its next-generation data services in most number of cities in Pakistan. At present it encompass the most number of 3G subscribes 3,530,421 – as per last recorded stats by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).

Telenor USB Dongle & Wingle

Now Telenor is offering USB internet Dongle & Wingle devices for customer to make use of its 3G internet on-the-go, with these plugs & play devices having affordable packages. This is the second most influential development by Telenor in last few days, after its recent partnership with giant social networking entity Facebook for launching free internet initiative in Pakistan.

Offer Details:

Telenor Pakistan has launched two variants of USB dongles out of which, Telenor 3G Connect will be liable to use for only single user, while Telenor 3G Connect Wi-Fi will allow up to 10 users to connect for internet connectivity at once – via its hotspot proficiency. Furthermore, the most alluring thing about this offer resides in the fact that Telenor is offering 20GB with USB Dongle and 30GB with USB Wingle free internet volume – for two months separately.

This free internet volume is certainly a persuading offer for not just existing Telenor customers, even other network subscribe can also avail this offer for utilizing this lucrative presentation by Telenor Pakistan.

Telenor 3G Connect Dongle:

  • Price is Rs. 2,200
  • 1 Year Warranty Offered
  • Will Work for 2G and 3G Connectivity
  • Dial *345*4005# to activate Free trial
  • Two months of free internet (20 GB/month)
  • To check remaining internet data and its validity dial *999#
  • Cost Comprise Free Prepaid 3G SIM with 3G Connect Package
  • Dedicated Web Portal for internet activations and usage verify provided


Telenor 3G Connect Wifi Dongle:

  • Price is Rs. 3,000
  • 1 Year Warranty offered
  • Easy Plug & play installation
  • Will Work for 2G and 3G Connectivity
  • Dial *345*4005# to activate Free trial
  • User can connect up-to 10 Devices on Wi-Fi
  • Two months of free internet (30 GB/month)
  • To check remaining internet data and its validity dial *999#
  • Cost Comprise Free Prepaid 3G SIM with 3G Connect Package
  • Dedicated Web Portal for internet activations and usage verify provided


Internet Data Plans for Dongles:

Data Limit: Price: Validity: Activation:
2GB Rs. 75 1 Day *345*4000#
3GB Rs. 300 30 Days *345*4001#
10GB Rs. 750 30 Days *345*4002#
20GB Rs. 1,100 30 Days *345*4003#
30GB Rs. 1,500 30 Days *345*4004#



It’s unquestionably a viable offer by Telenor enabling prospective users to experience fast internet connectivity on-the-move, in cities and towns of the country – where Telenor has its 3G coverage. Although, the dongles will also work on 2G network, however will be more lucrative for users of 3G covered areas. Furthermore, user who already has a Telenor SIM can also make use of it for availing this offer through Telenor 3G Connect devices, but the SIM once subscribed for this offer will be blocked for any other network services other than data service.

These Telenor Internet Dongles can be acquired from Telenor’s nationwide Customer Service Centers, Franchises and retail outlets.