8 Umrah Tips and Tricks Working in 2019

Umrah is a very important element in Islam. Those who can afford must perform it. Umrah means to go to Makkah and Madina to perform specific actions and duties which Allah has ordered about this worship. You can go to perform Umrah at any time of the year as there is no specific time for Umrah. This worship has very special merit and provides a chance to purify the soul.

The wish of performing Umrah is intense in almost all the Muslims and every year a lot of people get this blessing from all over the world.  This pilgrimage is not easy and you need to take a lot of precautions and tips before going for Umrah as well as at the time of performance. Here some important things to take care of are mentioned below which would help you to manage things well. If you are going to perform Umrah first time then more attention is needed for these tips.

Legal Documentation

You need to go to another country for Umrah and for this, a lot of legal documentation and procedures are needed. After making the decision to go to this holy pilgrimage, you need to apply for the required documents in which visa comes first. Check also about the validity of your passport. You cannot go without the incomplete papers which are necessary to travel. Before leaving you must check with great care that you have your passport, visa, ticket and identity card.

Time Management

If you are a worker or have other obligations then you need to manage time in order to inform about your absence during the Umrah performance. Almost two to three weeks are required so you have to inform the company so that things could be maintained in your absence.

Necessary Equipment

Umrah means going to another land, so it is necessary to have the things which are essential to have during a journey or your stay. Your first step should be to make a list of all the things which you find essential to have with you. Avoid carrying unnecessary things with you. t may cause trouble afterwards.  Ahram, clothes, Shoes, Umbrella,  basic medicines, nail cutter, shampoo, soap, travelling bags, prayer mat and some other basic things.

Medical Checkup

Pre-Umrah complete checkup is a very much essential thing which should not at all ignored in any case. You have to be physically fit and healthy in order to avoid any problem or trouble during your journey or performing Umrah. During the checkup, the doctor will tell you about your health or either you are fit enough to travel or not. You may also get many bits of advice and precautions which would help your great to do things in a more better and healthy way.

Guidance about the Umrah Actions

Umrah needs a lot of guidance and instructions about its rituals. A lot of guidance is available online while you can meet with the people who have already perform Umrah. You can learn a lot from their experience to make your journey comfortable in all the ways. Moreover, if you attend the seminars and lectures of scholars about this then it would be really helpful for you. You will get the authentic and required guidance in a proper manner through these lectures and seminars.

Residence During Umrah

Once you reached for Umrah then you need to be very careful while choosing a place to live. Your residence during your stay for Umrah should be comfortable and facilitated so that you can avoid certain problems. The place of your stay should be close to the Khana Ka’aba in order to reach easily there. if you have any friend or relative where you can live with them also.

Indulge in Worships

After reaching for Umrah, one should be very careful about the actual purpose behind this journey. You should avoid worldly activities as much as possible. Keep connected with Allah and collect his blessings by your sincere prayers. Most of your time should be spent in Haram, repenting for your sins and praising Allah for His kindness and mercy. Make dua for yourself,  your family, friends and for all.

Be Ethical

You have to be very careful about the small things which have a large effect not only on you but also on others. Do not make loud sounds or noise in Haram while also be careful about to jump from others. Wait for your turns at different points. Do not mingle with ladies and try to be respectful and patient all the time. Follow all the rules which have been set for the pilgrimages of Umrah.


Have a comfortable journey and make the best out of your Umrah by following the certain rules mentioned above. You must take them into consideration before leaving for Umrah. May your Umrah journey most beautiful and memorable for you!

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