Best Affordable Mobile Network for Students in Pakistan

Since various kinds of mobile phone users boast various kinds of mobile services needs. Usage of telecom services such as calling, SMS, Internet and other relevant services varies from person to person. This virtue also depends upon the lifestyle of the individual, for example, if you run a company that operates in various sectors then surely your mobile usage would be hefty on a daily basis, therefore you will prefer a mobile network that should grant competitive mobile services tariff among others mobile networks in the market.

Therefore, selecting a mobile network nowadays is like selecting a new car that you want to buy. Because later you will have to take care of its fuel economy and maintenance – similar to the call rates and other services Telco’s charge later.

Here at this juncture, we will specifically discuss the most lucrative mobile network for students in Pakistan, as they are considered the most expenditure conscious ones in the mobile market.

Why Students in Pakistan Remain Price Conscious?

The reason is simple why most students remain price-conscious in Pakistan particularly. For the reason that, Pakistan is one of those countries where unlike many western countries children at the time of their study period linger upon their parents – to support them financially. Most Students in Pakistan does nothing apart from studies until they start doing a job after concluding their studies.

This scenario is completely opposite what students in western countries do in the meanwhile they study, they work part-time to support themselves from the very early age. Since, this is not the case in Pakistan, because parents tend to pamper their kids here in every aspect of life “which is good” and also bear their mobile phone expenses too.

Most Affordable Mobile Network in Pakistan:

There are five mobile operators offering their mobile services locally involve Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong and Warid. All networks follow their own different services tariffs for prepaid and postpaid call packages, SMS, GPRS, 3G & 4G Tariffs and MMS.

Here are the tariff comparisons of all mobile operators that will surely help students to choose the best-suited one.

Obviously most of the students in Pakistan use prepaid mobile SIMs since it provides the leverage to load balance with any lowest amount at any time from anywhere.

Prepaid On-net Call Tariff (Per Min):

  1. Warid with offering lowest 89 Paisa call tariff through its Glow 2 Package.
  2. Telenor A1 package offers Rs 1 tariff for one minute call.
  3. Zong 45 package offers Rs 1.36 call charges.
  4. Mobilink Jazz One package offering Rs 1.50.
  5. Ufone 30 Seconds Package charges Rs 1.66 to its customers.

Prepaid Off-net Call Tariff (Per Min):

  1. Warid Glow 2 wins the race too here, with offering same 89 Paisa rate.
  2. Telenor Djuice that charges Rs 1.25 to customers.
  3. Zong 45 offering call rate of Rs 1.36.
  4. Ufone 30 Seconds Package charging Rs 1.66.
  5. Mobilink Jazz First charges most with Rs 1.98.

So, Warid is the most affordable mobile network of Pakistan as far as call tariff is a concern.

SMS Packages Tariff:

Talking about SMS packages, which are the most widely used mobile phone feature by students in Pakistan particularly, who always remain busy in texting 24/7.

Here Ufone takes the lead by offering most cheap SMS packages to its customers. The daily SMS package of Ufone charges 3.99 + tax, weekly in Rs 10 + tax, fortnightly in Rs 30 + tax and monthly bundle charges Rs 80 + tax with unlimited SMS.

Other four networks with little variations in rates offer second-best SMS rates to their respective customers in Pakistan.

Mobile Internet Tariff:

With the launch of 3G/4g high-speed mobile data services in Pakistan last year 2014, the competition is very stiff among all mobile operators to offer the most affordable mobile internet rates for their customers.

#1 Ufone resembling SMS bundle packages offers the most affordable internet packages in Pakistan, including 3G for its customers domestically up till now.

Telenor comes second in mobile internet tariff, Zong is at number three, Mobilink is at number four and lastly, Warid that is only offering 4G LTE services in Pakistan is at last spot.