Best Text Message Marketing Methods in Pakistan

Since the introduction of mobile phones, telecommunication technology has changed the whole outlook of how people communicate with each other. Mobile phones have replaced conventional landline telephones, now everyone has their own mobile phone with a trademark kind of mobile number AKA SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) as well, used as a source chip for communication with other mobile numbers.

Similarly, the impact of mobile phones has also an impact on businesses as well, take the example of text message marketing being done nowadays, utilizing SMS feature of mobile phones. This custom works in a way that various online and physical bulk SMS marketing providers offer a variety of packages for text message marketing. Using this service, all kind of brands and companies can market their products conveniently by sending direct text messages to any mobile number. Moreover, the leverage of masked text messages is the most idyllic form of text message marketing, which can be used to send Branded SMS in Pakistan, on any local mobile phone number with a brand name.

Branded Text Message Marketing

Branded Text message marketing is a type of bulk SMS campaigns, which allow marketers to send the desired marketing SMS with their own brand name. This is a very unique and forceful way of marketing any business, products or services through your own brand name as a message sender. Because the identity of any brand name is the most significant thing to be advertised vigorously upfront so that its stamp could be discernible on potential customer mind.

Furthermore, the impact of branded marketing is a lot more than the non branded SMS marketing in which – marketers massage are sent with a shortcode, not by brand name. While the first thing receiver gaze at after receiving any new message, is that from which number this message has been sent, if the marketing message is branded showing brand name on top – certainly recipient will consider it more authentic.

Therefore, the element of authenticity is an affluent aspect in text message marketing at present, since numerous uncertain brands have also adopted a text message marketing technique to market their products – using non branded SMS. Since these dubious marketers offer fake products and services, that has also affected the repute of genuine credible companies and brands too. Nevertheless, using branded SMS marketing is the most result-oriented modern-day marketing knack to reach out to a maximum number of potential customers collectively and instantly.

Ending Thoughts

Above cited rudiments are clearing the fact that if you are thinking for marketing your business via text message marketing, you must go for branded SMS. In addition, the option of adding multiple mobile networks’ numbers operating domestically is another advantage of text message marketing, which does not restrict marketers to send SMS on one particular network only.