DHA Lahore Phase 9 File Price, Location Map and Details

DHA Lahore Phase 9 is the largest fraction of the Defense Housing Authority in recent times. This particular phase-out of all 11 phases of DHA Lahore is the largest and spread over 48000 Kanals of Land. Phase 9 of DHA Lahore is one of the most skilful masters planned chunks of DHA Lahore that is intended to make available luxurious at the same time affordable DHA properties to its attracted people. Since it was launched 5 years ago the development work took place very slowly, but now has gained momentum.

DHA Lahore Phase 9 File Price

Phase 9 Proper Files Prices

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Phase 9 Extension Files Prices

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9 Town/Shohuda Town Phase 9 Files Prices

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Location Map

As the location is considered the most core aspect of any real estate venture that’s why the prescribed location for DHA Lahore phase 9 looks viable. Precisely Phase 9 is to be found close to Allama Iqbal International Airport nearby Bedian Road. It’s far from LDA City Lahore housing scheme but both of these housing schemes are almost running parallel in terms of development and booking. The location demonstrated the viability of this particular location as bedian road is known for its farm houses that elite class of Lahore has established over there. These lavish farm houses base has boosted the value of this phase immensely and having Lahore Airport close by is a meaningful aspect regarding phase 9 positioning.

Some of the other significant developments are Barki Road, Elite Police Training School, LSE (Lahore School of Economics), Lahore Cantt, DHA Phases, Askari Housing Scheme and Lahore Garrison Golf & Country Club. Moreover, from the location where DHA Lahore phase 9 is situated approach to Gulberg Lahore, Model Town, Garden Town and other contiguous areas is easy.

The access to all above-mentioned areas is effortless, because of state of the art infrastructure that has been laid keeping in mind complete attention to detail in this area.


DHA Lahore phase 9 is segregated into three internal fractions and tagged them as sole entities. it now comprises of phase 9, phase 9 Extension and phase 9 Town. All these elements of DHA Lahore are in the process of development.

According to aware market sources, the development progression in this phase and its extension is taking place very slowly from the past many years – for unknown reasons. But, phase 9 town is on its way to being urbanized firstly in a few years – as far as contemporary developments are a concern. More than 80% of development work has been completed by the developers of phase 9 Town currently and remaining will also be concluded very soon.

Property Dealings

As we have mentioned above that phase 9 of DHA Lahore was originally launched many years ago that’s why sale purchase of files is happening from long-ago. After seeing the fast-paced development in phase 9 town numerous people are investing heavily in it and countless others are also framing their minds about investing shortly.

All the divisions of DHA Lahore phase 9 offering various sizes plots ranging 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal developed plots for its concerned clients.

Future Prospect

Seeing the overwhelming response towards each and every DHA venture from people from ages, this fraction of DHA Lahore is also going to become lucrative. Because time is the key element in real estate business especially in a country like Pakistan, wherewith the increase of housing needs value of every property is bound to amplify. Same is the case with DHA Lahore phase 9, although the development has consumed lots of time, nevertheless once people going to start living here the worth of its properties will hike.

Update 1x: At present, some rumours exit about DHA Lahore Phase 9 balloting, but one cannot give a time frame of balloting, however, it is understood that Phase 9 Town which is a project for descendants of Defense Persons of Pakistan, i.e. Pak Army, Air Force, Navy and others. Other fractions of DHA Lahore Phase 9 will be completed after the completion of DHA Phase 9 Town Lahore.