How to fix “DNS Server Not Responding” Error on Windows 10, 8 and 7

We all know that Windows is the most used operating system, apart from its lagging people still feel it more user-friendly than other operating systems. Sometimes users of Windows 7, 8 and 10 faces a DNS server not responding error, I’m sure you also have faced this error once in your life because it’s a common error that makes users annoying.

I’d first like to tell my own story of this weird error, I was preparing a project on my laptop and suddenly my internet stopped working, and the browser started showing DNS server isn’t responding error, trust me it made me wild and I had to submit my project in the morning. I just felt that I’m going to throw my laptop out of the Window but I said to myself, Hey be calm, let’s find a way to fix this annoying error. I brainstormed for an hour and found lots of ways to fix it. So I thought I should share all these methods in this guide so you’ll benefit from it.

Flush DNS Cache:

flush dns cache


Almost everything related to the internet is cached on your PC because it consumes more bandwidth if your PC every time builds a new connection with websites or any other software. Just like cached websites in the browser, your DNS is also cached and when you try to open websites and there is an error with it, you face DNS server not responding error every time. Just clear that cache and you can resolve this error. Below is the method to do it:

Open command prompt in your Windows PC and type this:

ipconfig /flushdns

and press enters and you’re done.

Use Google’s DNS:

I know that this one is the newest method that most of us don’t know about. Let me tell you how you can use Google’s DNS, basically, there are default DNS under your DNS settings that is used by your computer to communicate with Internet websites, if there is something wrong with that DNS you can simply change DNS and can set default DNS of other companies including Google DNS or OpenDNS. Moreover, the same solution can work on an Android device if it’s showing mobile network not available, but you must be tech-savvy to do that. Here is a quick guide to doing that.

Other methods:

If the above methods don’t work for you then try the below ones:

  • Restart router
  • Reset and again do configurations of your router
  • Run Windows in Safe Mode.

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