Importance of Telecom Sector for the Media Industry of Pakistan

It’s an interesting coincident that telecom industry and private electronic media industry in Pakistan came into being in more or less same time span – in early 2000. The more interesting thing is that now after quite a few years of their inception, both these contemporary industries have become established and considered the most dynamic and hefty revenue-generating industries of Pakistan. Now the significance of the telecom sector for the electronic media is immense because according to a research made by Synchronize Media, telecom sector of the country is in the top 3 advertising clients for the media industry.

Furthermore, the stats show that the telecom sector spent Rs. 98 million on “out of home” (OOH) advertisements, which includes billboards, flyers, and other brand activations – just in the month of February 2015. Keep in mind that the telecom sector had just lagged behind the blossoming fashion industry of Pakistan, which spent a hefty amount of Rs. 158 million in advertising solely.

So, after witnessing these staggering stats, we can imagine the sum of money the telecom sector spends to run their TVs on numerous media channels – round the clock in Pakistan. While the tariff of running TV commercial on TV channels differs according to the channels (TRP) ratings and market standing. For example, at present, GEO News charges the most tariffs to run a TVC of the telecom sector and all other brands by charging per seconds depending upon at what time slot advertiser wants their ad to sprint. Time slot factor is also important in television advertising because in the Pakistani media industry 7 PM to 11 PM is considered the prime time when the most number of viewership is been recorded by the electronic media. Therefore, to run a TVC at this time slot – costs lot more than other time slots of the day – catching millions of eyeballs or prospective customers.

The telecom sector has also become the backbone for the media and advertising agencies as well as for mobile subscriber since its inception – because it’s the most obligatory modern-day communication tool.

Furthermore, Telco’s in Pakistan are providing unmatchable telecom services tariff in the country if we compare it with the rest of the world. Mobile phone users in our country are enjoying the most affordable telecom services – alongside having many value-added proficiencies as well like 3G/4G data services now.

Ending Thoughts:

Nevertheless, no one can deny the significance of the telecom sector for end-users as well for electronic media in Pakistan – because this sector exclusively spends millions of rupees in advertisements every year. Also, if the telecom sector stops advertising their TVC’s on the media industry of Pakistan imagine how denting it could be for this dynamic looking sector. Nevertheless, its healthy sign for Pakistan that still both these sector are swiftly working in cohesion, which in the benefit of both industries simultaneously.

As the country of over 190 million people and still growing the scope of further prospering for both telecom and media industry are towering in the years to come. As electronic media is the best source for enlightening their millions of subscribers instantly for the entire telecom operator of Pakistan – regarding any new promotion offered.