Jazz WhatsApp Packages [Daily, Weekly & Monthly]

WhatsApp is the most popular platform to keep people connected with their loved ones. It’s equally popular among youngsters, teenagers and mature people. Students share notes via WhatsApp and businessmen use it to stay in touch with their businesses. File sharing, audio, video calling and chatting have made it immensely popular among the people of all ages.

Jazz offers affordable WhatsApp packages for prepaid customers. Users can avail any of them on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I have listed all of them here along with terms and conditions. Check them below.

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages

Jazz users can avail this package if they don’t use WhatsApp frequently. This package brings sufficient WhatsApp data. You can check the status and send a few messages by using it. Check details here to know incentives and activation code.

Package Price ️ Data  Incentives Validity Activate De-activate
Jazz Daily SMS and WhatsApp Package Rs 6 10 MB for WhatsApp 1800 SMS 1 Day Dial *334# Dial *334*4# to unsubscribe, Dial *334*3# for info

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz offers some affordable WhatsApp packages for customers. These packages bring some incentives too. Check subscription details and prices of these plans.

Package Price ️ Data  Validity Activate De-activate
Jazz Weekly Social Offer Rs 30 1000MB for WhatsApp, Facebook and IMO 7 Days Dial *334# Dial *660*4# to De-activate
Weekly Bundle Recursive Rs 15 25MB for WhatsApp, 1500 SMS 7 Days Dial *507# Dial *507*4# for De-activation, Dial *507*3# for info
Weekly Bundle Once-Off Rs 15 25MB for WhatsApp, 1500 SMS 7 Days Dial *101*1*07# Dial *101*4*07# to De-activate, Dial *101*3*07# for info

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz offers only one WhatsApp plan for customers on a monthly basis. It’s for users who use WhatsApp frequently. It brings lots of data for them for the whole month. Check details here.

Package Price ️ Data  Validity Activate De-activate
Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package Rs 70 5000 MB FUP for WhatsApp, 12000 SMS 30 Days Dial *101*1*02# Dial *101*4*02# to unsubscribe, Dial *101*3*02# for info


How can I check balance?
Dial *111# to check balance. Standard charges i.e. 12 paisas apply every time you check balance.
What are necessary requirements to buy a Jazz prepaid SIM?
For prepaid SIM, biometric verification and a copy of CNIC is mandatory.
How Jazz postpaid customers can check the bill?
Dial *1111# (FOC) or Send “B” to 300 to check bill.
How to know the detail of active value-added services?
Send an empty SMS to 6611 to know the list of active value-added services.

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