Last Date of Biometric Sim Verification Extended in Pakistan

According to telecom industry sources the news has been busted that the mobile SIM biometric verification deadline in Pakistan has been extended. The last date for verifying 103 Million non-biometric verified SIM’s was 26th February, which was perpetually conversed as unrealistic to verify this hefty number of mobile Sims.

Currently, the aware sources are claiming that the date is extended till 12th April, 2015 and importantly no SIM will be blocked on 26th February, 2015, that was the advertised last date to verify every SIM through biometric mechanism.

Furthermore, the industry’s internal human resources have also unearthed that there was nothing communicated in regard of the blocking Sims upon the conclusion of the 26th February deadline to Telcos by PTA. This was actually a trick played by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) to enhance the urgency in the minds of mobile users in Pakistan to verify their mobile Sims as soon as possible to prevent Sim blockage bother.

This extension of deadline in Sim Re-Verification drive comes as a no surprise, since it was on the cards seeing that only about half 50 Millions non-biometric Sims were verified, before the day of 26th February, 2015 deadline. Therefore, it was predictable that PTA in association with Govt of Pakistan will extend the Sims verification campaign date in the country to be able to let telecom operators to cease verification of the remaining 50 Millions Sims too.

There was a high profile meeting took place in Islamabad, where all Telcos representatives and PTA the telecom regulatory authorities of Pakistan delegate gathered. This meeting was especially called to discuss the future strategy about how to conclude the remaining mobile Sims re-verification oblige in the country.


As we have mentioned that the last date to verify non-biometric Sims working in Pakistan has been extended to April 12, 2015 now. This decision does look rational now, because last ordered 90 days deadline to verify humongous more than 103 Million mobile Sims was impossible to attain. At this instant, now the deadline has been eased this will certainly give manageable time frame to all operators and customers to complete this Sims’ biometric re-verification – once for all in the country.

Keep in mind that the need of this virtue was felt like hot bed by Govt of Pakistan, when security agencies tracked that terrorists were using unregistered mobile Sims to carry out deadly assault in Pakistan including – Army Public School children’s carnage in Peshawar. It’s also Pakistani Nation’s responsibility to verify their Sims on time to help our authorities in fight against terror.