Life and People in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Out of the whole population, over 1.60 billion are Muslims reside in various countries, which are Muslim as well as millions of Muslims in non-Muslim states like India and America. After most populated Muslim country, Indonesia, Pakistan is the second most populated Muslim country. The demand of the separate country by the Muslims of the subcontinent was to be able to proactive their religion with complete freedom without any fear. Therefore, the maker of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah led to the movement and eventually on August 14, 1947.

At the time of partition, millions of Muslims were murdered by Hindus and Sikh’s. This shows the kind of courage and scarifies people who migrated from India did at that time for their coming generation to live in a free country made in the name of Islam for Muslims.

At, present if we look t the state of the country, it has developed in various paradigms, the population has now become 6th largest in the world. The country has seen different rules, but the country is mostly ruled by Army Heads. Because democracy and politicians have always lacked control over all sorts of matters whether it was an economy, foreign policy or working towards the prosperity of the country. Therefore, at different point of time, martial law was imposed and military rulers ruled the country for many years in the last six decades or so.

But, the people of Pakistan are the true force behind where the country stands in the world. Pakistan is the nation of intelligent, hardworking and dedicated people; therefore they have made the country proud locally as well as globally. If we talk about the influence of religion on the people in the country it is imperative. However, on the other hand, the country is considered liberal in various regards because of its ruling elite is predominantly belongs from liberal class.

Nevertheless, there is a huge population out of a whole in the countries, who are practising Muslims and have kept the religion alive in their daily practices and also offers prayers five times a day. Moreover, Pakistan is the country from where most numbers of pilgrims go for Hajj and Umrah that is the ultimate act of worship for any Muslim. This year, millions of Pakistani’s made use of their gathered financial resources, especially for these sacred worships and utilize Umrah packages, like every past year.

If we talk about the life of the native peoples they belong from various ethnic backgrounds, speaks various languages, wear different clothes, eat different types of food. This makes Pakistan one of the world’s most rich cultured countries, where you will come across all weather seasons, Sea, deserts, green fields, cold hilly resorts to warmest places on earth. The Almighty has blessed the country with everything they could think of. But, still millions of people in Pakistan lack basic needs of life in far flange areas of the country – because of negligence and incompetence of its rulers.

Yet, the country has more positives than negatives for its nationals to be hopeful that the coming days will be better. The only thing the country requires is a dedicated and honest leadership to govern and provide rights to people, which they deserve and impose a true rule of all for everyone likewise.

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