List of all Illegal Housing Schemes in Lahore, Pakistan

As the population of the Pakistan’s second largest city Lahore is on the rise from past few decades, the housing needs are also boosting vigorously. Therefore, numerous fraudulent housing schemes are also being launched by different dubious unknown developers with advertising false development promises – to make instant money. Therefore, numerous native people of Lahore city after coming across the sky-high claims from these bogus housing schemes – invest and then sink their lifelong saved money.

LDA (Lahore Development Authority) which has the power to award NOCs and other relevant approval for the development of any new real estate venture including housing schemes, acts time to time against illegal projects. This time after a while LDA has taken a bold step and advertised names of the illegal housing scheme – being launched in the past years in District Lahore premises illegitimately.

These names comprise of some known housing societies of Provincial Capital as well in, where countless people have invested millions of rupees. Moreover, most of the inhabitants of these illegal housing societies after purchasing plots in hefty prices have also invested heavily for building their luxurious dream houses. But sadly, it’s the dilemma in our country that not just illiterate but, numerous sophisticated educated people also never bother to check the authenticity of the project – in which they are willing to invest profoundly.

The names of the illegal housing societies of Lahore advertised by LDA on (20-02-2015):

Some of the significant ones include Park View Villas Multan Road, LDA Employees Housing Scheme Multan Road, Pearl Garden Ferozepur Road, and Jamal Homes Khayaban-e-Firdausi.


As in the past, LDA has published names of the illegally launched and developed housing schemes, it’s high time that investors and the general public should understand their responsibility. People who want to invest in real estate projects situated Lahore should check their standing from LDA’s relevant department – then take a decision regarding investment in only legitimate ones. Since, acquiring a plot in a scheme and then building your dream home is a wish of every individual, who does not own any house. Therefore, why not do some homework before investing in any of the launched projects, to cure of any future mishap.

This tiny little drill will eradicate the pondering aspect of the project in which you are willing to invest – may not be labelled as illegal by the LDA authorities later. On the other hand, once a project is tagged as illegal if an investor’s property falls in the illegal framework of the project, for which LDA had not given permission – action is bound to be taken on that property. Moreover, LDA would not sanction your claim on any property that comes in illegal jurisdiction of the alleged venture.

Thus it’s a pertinent initial footstep to check the legitimacy of any new or old housing scheme or commercial project from LDA, before investing in it. These endeavours will certainly eradicate the dubious aspect regarding any real estate venture from an investor’s perspective.