Maria B apologizes for controversial graveyard photoshoot

Renowned fashion designer, Maria B, has issued an apology after receiving backlash for filming a video of a photoshoot in a graveyard. A member of the Abbasi family, who were the rulers of Bahawalpur, called her out for shooting without approval in their ancestral graveyard. The designer was accused of being disrespectful as the model in the video was reportedly dancing on the grave of the family’s grandfather.

The screenshots taken from the video of the shoot were shared on social media by Chang Khan, which caused netizens to call out the designer on her outrageous act. Following the social media backlash, Maria B deleted the video of the shoot from her official Instagram account and issued an apology.

In her apology, Maria B clarified that the shoot was planned and executed by a production house with the concept of showcasing the cultural heritage of Bahawalpur. She further explained that the shoot was edited and published without any prior knowledge about the significance and sanctity of the site. The designer expressed her gratitude to the people who pointed out the mistake and took immediate action by removing all the relevant content. Maria B apologized to all those who were understandably distressed by the incident.

However, despite her apology, many social media users continued to criticize the designer for the photoshoot. Some questioned the professionalism of her team while others suggested that schools should teach subjects related to art and heritage to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. Nonetheless, some came to her support and appreciated her for taking responsibility and apologizing for the mistake.

It is worth noting that the designer has faced backlash in the past as well. Earlier this year, she was criticized for using a religious symbol on her clothing line, which led to protests by a religious group.

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