[News] Apple Pay Coming to UK From July 14th, 2015

Apple Pay the cutting edge wallet payment solutions is according to reports is finally going to be launched for its UK customers from 14th of July, 2015 after last years US launch. This momentous information is taken from a leaked document of a top UK supermarket Waitrose suggesting that they will accept payments through Apple Pay from 14th July.

Although, Apple proclaimed that the Apple Pay would be launched in the UK in recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015 held in San Francisco on the 8th to 12th of June. But now as this leaked document has confirmed that the much-awaited Apple Pay is approaching Great Britain retail stores from the 14th.

So, now as soon as this most advanced much-hyped digital payment solutions will be commenced in the UK, people having iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and new Apple Watch could make payments via them. This will be a huge benefiting feature for people of the United Kingdom having new iPhones and Apple in possession to pay via Apple Pay feature – rather than carrying Debit or Credit Cards for goods purchases in the country. Also, the Apple Pay feature will also require true bank accounts for users to make use of this feature aptly at any local retail outlet furnishing Apple Pay feature.

The Apple Pay digital Wallet payment solution works in a way that it keeps the users’ transaction information stored safely on a smartphone. Basically, the Touch ID in Apple Pay responds as the method of authentication requiring PINs or signatures detached entirely.

Apple Pay would definitely be an aiding choice for countless people in the UK make payments via it – as its said to be – fast and easy payment solution out there. Because, it will be more safe and integrated money managing tool as well for millions of people, who will be able to track their shopping digitally – straight from their Apple supported devices.

Thus, as Apple Pay is expected to be available in different retail outlets and supermarkets for customers to make payments via it – we will have to wait and see that what actually happens on the 14th. Furthermore, several banks are already taking advantage of this contemporary Apple Pay feature and one of the largest banks of UK Barclays is also in talks with Apple over this technology – who may well also implies it in near future.

Source: TheVerge

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