Pakistani’s living abroad; why not send free SMS to Pakistan?

Are you one of those millions of Pakistani’s who have left their homes and went abroad to make their future bright. Pakistan is a developing country and is the 6th most populated country of the world, this is why people who do not get adequate jobs in the country due to different sort of limitations go abroad – in search of getting better jobs. Although, most of these people do not get white-collar jobs and has to do blue-collar jobs in different counties across the world to be able to earn to support their families back home.


And as living abroad all these people want to make contact with their family and friends to inquire about their conditions and other matters. But, calling back home from any country of the world in touch expensive for these Pakistani’s, because most of them work as labourers who can’t afford to make expensive calls every day. So, if you are one of those people who have minimized contact with your family friends because it costs you a lot – then why not you try and send free SMS to Pakistan.

The availability of alternate sources to contact other people in this current day and age is immense. This has been made possible with the massive penetration of internet and most imperative Smartphone’s. These two in collaboration have transformed this era, for people who want to make contact with anyone living anywhere in this world. Like now you can make use of many Smartphone communication apps to send an instant message and even make free voice and video calls to anyone register on the same apps platform – by just having the internet facility on its Smartphone.

Furthermore, there are many websites are being developed in recent years with the objective of allowing it’s local and overseas Pakistani’s to send SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan that too absolutely free. Moreover, now these send SMS to Pakistan websites also permits users to receive replies as well from the recipient they are sending free SMS via their web service. This has made life so easy from Pakistani’s living abroad to say what they want to say to people back home they know by sending those free SMS.


So, why not make use of these websites which are offering the option to send as many as you want free of charge SMS to mobile numbers in Pakistan – just requiring you to register on their website.

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