PTCL Offers upto 100Mbps DSL Broadband for common Users

PTCL, which already encompasses the largest 1.5 million DSL broadband customer base in Pakistan is now offering more persuading packages. According to freshly revealed packages details, PTCL general home users can now get broadband connections from PTCL with speeds up to 20Mbps, 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps. The availability of these massive broadband speeds will vary in different areas of the country; nevertheless, users can check the accessibility by calling on PTCL helpline 1236 or 0800-80800. By acquiring these new super internet speeds now home users can enjoy blistering fast downloads and online gameplay – as well as seamless video streaming experience.

At present, the PTCL broadband has the largest outreach in more than 2,000 cities and villages across the country and still growing. The reason behind seizing the most number of DSL users in the country is also because of the wide DSL coverage and affordable rates of the different packages at offering. Moreover, PTCL is further slashing the prices of different DSL packages as its vision is to provide the highest speeds in reasonable prices to the masses of the country. PTCL now also offers Pakistan’s first 4G EVO LTE tablet in affordable price tag offering many freebies as well launched recently.

According to the details of the newly announced package, checks out PTCL’s broadband services are priced as mentioned below with value addition of Free Smart TV:

Broadband Packages: Monthly Charges: Data Volume: Installation Charges: Value Addition:
1 Mbps Economy Package Rs.599 10 GB Limit Rs. 1,500 NA
2 Mbps Economy Package Rs.750 15 GB Limit Rs. 1,500 NA
1 Mbps Student Package Rs.1,299 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500 NA
2 Mbps Student Package Rs.1,549 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500 NA
4Mbps Rs.2,100 Unlimited* Rs. 1,500 NA
4Mbps Rs.2,500 Unlimited* GPON Rs. 2,500 Free Smart TV & Smart TV App
8Mbps Rs. 3,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500 Free Smart TV & Smart TV App
12Mbps Rs. 4,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500 Free Smart TV & Smart TV App
16Mbps Rs. 5,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500 Free Smart TV & Smart TV App
20Mbps Rs. 6,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500 Free Smart TV & Smart TV App
30Mbps Rs.7,500 Unlimited Rs. 2,500 Free Smart TV & Smart TV App
50Mbps Rs. 10,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500 Free Smart TV & Smart TV App
100Mbps Rs. 20,000 Unlimited Rs. 2,500 Free Smart TV & Smart TV App

Fair Usage Policy is applicable to 300 GB per month (Not applicable to 8 Mbps and above connections).


Now with the offering of higher speeds to common household users in the country, PTCL is making sure that internet users in the country shall compete with other internet speeds offered in developed countries. Although, there is still huge scope in the up-gradation of PTCL infrastructure as plenty of users still complains about the poor internet connectivity and complaint resolve from PTCL. But, if after offering these superior internet speeds PTCL could also maintain its service quality – it will certainly persuade numerous users to upgrade their existing DSL packages as well as clinching new customers too.

So, if you are thinking about upgrading your existing internet speed or sick and tired of your current ISP (Internet Service Providers) then try any of the above cited PTCL DSL packages you may find its solution of your internet needs – once for all.

Source: PTCL

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