QMobile LINQ X70, X100 & X300 Launch with Awesome Specs

LINQ is a new affordable low-end Smartphone range launched in Pakistan by home grown largest Smartphone selling brand of the country, which is QMobile. The buzz regarding these new LINQ’ models roll-out by QMobile was on the cards for several weeks, but experts were unsure that – what is coming their way.

Following the recent advertisement campaigns’ patterns, QMobile once again neglected local celebrities and gave priority to a neighbouring country’s Bollywood actress “Priyanka Chopra” to star in their new LINQ Smartphone series TVC (Television Commercial) and other advertisement campaigns running now on multiple platforms. On the other hand, RivoMobile by Advance telecom has been launched with a roar in the mobile phones market and media is claiming that it can be a tough competitor for Qmobile.

Now focusing on the Smartphone being revealed through this LINQ series QMobile has put forward three models currently in the market for users. These three models comprise of LINQ X70, X100 and X300 significantly all are 3G supported. These all are low-end or you can say entry-level android Smartphone is being floated by QMobile, considering the current highly power-packed Smartphone echo system – now available for users around the World.

LINQ Smartphone Specifications


Qmobile LINQ X300

X300 is a flagship model of QMobile LINQ Series if we go through its specs, it is adorned with 1.3GHz Quad-core processor backed by 1GB RAM that will allow the device to run smoothly without any lag. Other noteworthy features of the X300 model include 4GB internal and 32GB memory card support and 3G connectivity support that was must in the current flowing 3G roll-out in the country by all Telcos. Furthermore, X300 is a Dual SIM supported phone, its rare camera is 8MP and the front-facing camera is moderate 2MP.

The display of this particular model is 4.5 Inches IPS with FWVGA screen and as far as the Android OS is concerned, it is running KitKat 4.4. The battery of the phone is not huge but can last a whole day having 1800mAh capacity.

An overall phone is a good option against some other leading international brands models offering same specs, but with substantially high prices – whereas QMobile X300 is currently priced at Rs. 13,190 only/-.


Qmobile LINQ X100

QMobile LINQ X100 is another Android Smartphone loaded with 1.3GHz Quad-core processor backed with 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM, nevertheless, have Supported for microSD up to 32GB. Other than this phone has a 4.5″ FWVGA display and embraced with 5MP primary and VGA secondary camera. The battery in the X100 is of 1700mAh that is not enough for hefty usage of phone and has a price tag of Rs. 10,100 only/-.


LINQ X70 Smartphone

QMobile LINQ X70 is a low price and low specs model. This phone is decked with 1.3GHz Quad-core processor and 512MB RAM alongside 4GB ROM. The display of the phone is 4 inches and it’s also a Dual SIM proficient phone. Furthermore, it encompasses WiFi, 5MP camera and a moderate 1500mAh battery as well for users to utilize phone features utterly. The labelled price of X70 is just Rs. 9,850 only/- that will surely tempt price-conscious domestic android admirers.


As we have elaborated the details about new QMobile LINQ series Android Smartphone recently staged by QMobile, although these all are low-end phones as crafted for the price-conscious Pakistani target market – who just need to buy an android phone in cheapest rate. Therefore, as all these phones support 3G, it will attract countless low budget Pakistani customers.