Report; Bahria Town Karachi Initiated Possessions

Bahria Town is a mammoth real estate developer of not only Pakistan but of the region too that needs no introduction. Bahria Town administration in 2014 launched humongous Bahria Town Karachi chapter and triggered its development about 8 months back. And now Bahria Town Karachi has achieved a milestone by announcing the possessions awarding of residential plots located in Precinct 1 and ideal commercial plots situated in Midway Commercial Bahria Town Karachi.

This announcement of giving possessions of Bahria Town Karachi properties in merely 8 months time shows the commitment of Bahria Town management amid at its Karachi fraction. This possession announcement will further amplify the trust of investors, who have already invested in Bahria Town Karachi or thinking about it. The development in these two parts of Bahria Town Karachi has been completed and further advancements in this and contiguous division are taking place at a swift pace – considering the magnitude of the whole project will take time.

Process of acquiring Possession

  1. Get Possession Application from Bahria Town Offices
  2. Original Booking Form and all deposit slips
  3. Member’s CNIC Copy
  4. Member’s two passport size photographs.

Bahria Town Karachi’s Affluent Features

A grand World’s largest Jamia Mosque would be built inside Bahria Town Karachi chapter, will have the capacity to accommodate 8 Lac people. A Sheikh Zayed UAE kind of 400 feet wide Jinnah Avenue would also be developed. Pakistan’s first 27 hole golf course is also going to be developed in Bahria Town Karachi’s internal fraction called Bahria Golf City Karachi. Furthermore, international standard theme park and playlands are also designed by the Bahria Town architects. A five-star hotel, gold class cinema and other related recreational facilities are also going to be provided to fortunate future inhabitants of Bahria Town Karachi.

Moreover, as per the Bahria Town Karachi management pledges, World-class education institutes comprising of Montessori schools, colleges, and an international standard University is also planned. As far as the health care facilities are concerned, Bahria Town Karachi will be embraced with a complete health district and would also have a state of the art hospital as well. Additionally, an international standard cricket stadium, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, Zoo, and clubhouse will also be developed for Bahria Town Karachi residents.

The most important aspect of all Bahria Town Karachi from the beginning, which has also well taken care of here in Bahria Town Karachi chapter is ensuring the 24/7 availability of electricity – for the inhabitants of this iconic real estate endeavour.


As we have mentioned that the possession announcement of residential properties in Precinct 1 and commercial properties in Midway Commercial has initiated the ownership awarding process in Bahria Town Karachi. Undoubtedly, it’s a commendable achievement by Bahria Town Karachi management to launch the possession process of properties in just 8 months time of its development start. Since it’s a massive project and the complete possession of all the internal properties will take time, but like these pioneer ones, Bahria Town Karachi is on its way to conclude it on priority basis in future.