SMS marketing VS Social Media Marketing; Which One is Better?

In this technical world, competition level between different companies, services, and products is getting high rapidly. Many companies use different services of social media marking and SMS marketing to gain trustworthy customers and promote their services and products. SMS marketing has introduced very earlier before introducing Social Media Marketing. Both, SMS marketing and Social Media Marketing services are used nowadays, but the question arises that which one is giving effective and impressive results right now? Find the answer in the given discussion.

Degree of Engagement

SMS Marketing

More than 90% of peoples in the world have their own mobile phones, and according to a current survey, smartphone users check their mobile phone 150 times within 24 hours. If you are using SMS Marketing service to connect with your customers, definitely you have a direct connection and you can send your message more accurately and timely to your customers.

Social Media Marketing

On the other hand, if you talk about Social Media Marketing, most of the youth is attracting towards Social Media Marketing rapidly. You can meet with only 2% of people through Facebook and only 11% of people read marketing posts. 100 Million people are active users of Twitter and only 29% of peoples read posts.

So if you are judging SMS Marketing and Social Media Marketing performance on the basis of Degree of Engagement, definitely SMS Marketing is giving highly positive feedback.

Conversation Rate

SMS Marketing

As you know, almost all people have their own smartphones among them, and a message sent directly to the consultant person. The current SMS marketing conversational rate is 23% according to worldwide results.

Social Media Marketing

Whether Social Media Marketing users are growing in numbers but there is only 1.85% conversation rate, in other words, people are not all the time available at their social media sites.

To remove the connectivity error SMS Marketing are proved much better as compared to Social Media Marketing.

Flexible Entry

Social Media Marketing

Basically, Social Media’s algorithms require a long time for understanding and these algorithms rapidly changed on a daily basis which is another problem of understanding. So Social Media’s learning curve is steep. Besides all these drawbacks, Social Media Marketing needs heavy investment. Once you create your profile, you need proper management to keep your rank at high scale and you have to invest according to a specific change in competition.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has no algorithm and you don’t need to make any commitment to understanding. With both long term and short term, simply use branded SMS and appeal to target a specific audience. Without any consistent engagement issues, you can consult with your customers at any time. And in the social media market is not allowed this rule of convenient conversation.

Timely Conversation

SMS Marketing

According to the current survey, more than 90% of people have their own smartphones and 98% of people receive their messages within 3 minutes because all of you check your phones 150 times in one day. And 36% of average people click their messages quickly. For more updates, business holders can even use links in your messages and sent to your customers.

Social Media Marketing

If you talk about the timely conversation from Social Media Marketing, users are not online all the time. Internet accessibility, location issues, and many other technical issues occur in backward areas. So businesses are preferred SMS Marketing services to approach their customers timely.

Final Discussion

No doubt, most of the youth are turning towards social media including, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and many more. But according to worldwide survey results SMS Marketing is playing an unbeatable role in services promotion as compared to Social Media Marketing. In short, if any business needs promotion in the competition world, you must avail SMS Marketing services.

People are more interested to read the message that’s why almost all the businesses and brands level rely on SMS Marketing. Many companies like are offering branded SMS services to businessmen with very affordable price to expand their business by creating direct and more effective communications with customers. It can be said with this whole discussion that SMS Marketing is more reliable, efficient and economical way as compared to Social Media marketing.

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