[True Story] How I Survived in Dubai with Low Monetary Resources?

I am one of those millions of people, mostly from the subcontinent, who always dreamed to travel and settle abroad to run away from my miserable life in my country. Because even after having a Master’s degree I was not able to get an adequate job in Pakistan. That’s when one of my friends suggested me to come to Dubai, who was already working there and was earning well. So, I met a travel agent and get myself a visit visa so that I could first go and hunt for a job and then the employer will arrange for my work visa and other relevant paperwork.

Life in Dubai

So, in merely 15 days I was able to travel to Dubai on a visit visa for a month and landed there, where my friend had arranged temporary accommodation for me. But, the issue was that Dubai is very expensive when it comes to accommodation and food also, and if you have to travel also in becoming a tough task to manage. Nevertheless, as I was just landed there my friend guided me about how life works here and told me to stay focused on what you have travelled here.

I asked him other than everything that is the cheapest and easiest way to get in touch with your family back home in Pakistan. He told me that he is in Dubai for over three years and is able to send free SMS to Pakistan. I instantly become curious and wanted to know about this amazing free SMS sending thing, he told me about a website that permits its user to send free SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan. It was a big relief for me, as soon as I used this service and informed my family about my arrival in Dubai safely by sending free SMS from internet to my brother’s mobile phone.

The next day I went out for dropping my resume in relevant company’s offices, I also took help from some of the famous recruitment-related website, which provides vacancies details listed on them and also aloe to apply for those positions. Somehow, I was lucky to get an interview call only after two days and I went there to interview for the position of manager supply chain, it was an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company.

The next day I got a call from this company’s HR department they told me that you have got selected for the position of the manager supply chain – the salary they offered me was 3000 UAE Dirham’s. I said yes instantly because this was the only option for me to somehow support myself for living in Dubai having a white colour job initially and send some money back home to family.

But, trust me it was really hard to manage your living, food, travelling and then saving some money to send back home – that I realize only after one month stay in Dubai. However, by the grace of GOD and my will power – I was able to cope up with low monetary resources. What I did first I searched an accommodation in 1000 Dirham’s, managed my food and travelling in 1000 more and my communication bothers back home was resolved with the above-cited free SMS sending websites to Pakistan. And every month I used to send remaining 1000 Dirhams to my family, which I gradually increased – as my salary was incremented with time.

Thus, this is how I survived with less money in Dubai, so if you want to come to Dubai to find your dream job, you have to be prepared for some hardships – because life is not a bed of roses here. But, once you find a good employer and luck destiny is also on your side, you can enjoy a good life in Dubai by earning handsome money.

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