Ufone Announces Amended 3G Packages with Free Social Media usage

Ufone which is the subsidiary of PTCL now operated by Etisalat a UAE originated telecom giant. As per PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority) statistics Ufone holds the fourth largest share of telecom subscribers in Pakistan. When last year Govt of Pakistan auctioned next-generation 3G and 4G data services spectrum in Pakistan Ufone got 5 MHZ 3G spectrum and soon after launched its customer-centric super 3G services commercially. Initially, Ufone launched its 3G services in major cities of the country but gradually expanded its 3G service footprints to more than 30 cities in Pakistan at present – with further expansion going on vigorously.

Since last 8 months, when initially Ufone rolled-out its 3G services offered its 3G packages considering the needs of the data services of its millions of customers. But according to this fresh news now Ufone has announced revised 3G packages with more perks and data limits for its 3G users.

Ufone which embraces massive 2,254,156 3G subscribers in the country till January 15, 2015, recorded stats by PTA. These stats also disclosed that Ufone has emerged as the second most used 3G network in the country after Telenor. Therefore, keeping in view the desires of more than two million 3G users,  Ufone felt the need to introduce more affordable and persuading 3G packages for its subscriber with immediate effect.

Newly Released Ufone 3G Packages

A significant thing to keep in mind that now there is no speed limit cap has been implemented on various 3G packages means now all 3G users can experience Ufone 3G with equal and limitless speed.

Furthermore, this time to make its 3G packages more tempting Ufone has introduced free social media usage with every 3G package – bonus named as freebies. This feature will permit users to keep using their favourite social networking and instant messaging services such as FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber excluding assigned date limit with subscribed Ufone 3G packages.

Daily 3G Packages:

Package Name: Price: Volume (MBs): Subscription: UnSub:
Daily light bucket Rs. 10 40 *804# UNSUB to 8804
Daily heavy bucket Rs. 15 75 *8042# *4804#
Special daily bucket (01 AM- 09 PM) Rs. 5 50 *810# UNSUB to 7810
Mega Internet bucket(12 AM – 12 AM) Rs. 6 51,200 *550# *5501#

3-Day Bucket:

Package Name: Price: Volume (MBs): Subscription:
3 Day Bucket Rs. 25 100 *3350#

Weekly 3G Packages:

Package Name: Price: Volume (MBs): Subscription:
Weekly Light bucket Rs. 50 250 *7811#
Weekly Heavy bucket Rs. 125 500 *7815#

Monthly 3G Packages:

Package Name: Price: Volume (MBs): Subscription:
Monthly 1GB Bucket Rs. 250 1,024 *7807#
Monthly 3GB Bucket Rs. 500 3,096 *803#
Monthly 10GB Bucket 1,000 10,240 *5100#


These all above-mentioned packages are for Ufone prepaid subscribers and all these packages can also be subscribed simply by Dialing *3#. Furthermore, to check the remaining limit of the subscribed Ufone 3G package Dial *706#. The default rate of Ufone 3G is Rs. 20 upon the use of 1/MB without any package – users will be granted 19 MB more for free by the operator.