Warid Mifi and Zong Dongles Launch in Pakistan

As the next-gen high-speed data services entitled 3G/4G have been officially launched from past several months in Pakistan – now its by-products have also been triggered by the Telcos. Latest submissions of services linked with 3G/4G are the new portable internet devices commonly known as mobile broadband products.

Firstly Warid Telecom a few days back launched its flagship MiFi device for customers to use its blazing 4G LTE services on the move. Following the first and only 3G + 4G telecom operator of Pakistan Zong at this instant also unveiled its 3G dongles and 4G proficient MiFi devices to offer its customers something fresh at the same time having utility.

Launch of Portable Internet Devices

Warid’s Offering

Although, Warid Telecom contains the least number of mobile subscribers in Pakistan out of all five Telco’s, nevertheless famous for its lucrative telecom services in urban areas of the country. At this time, take the lead among other mobile operators by launching Pakistan’s first-ever shared LTE plan via its portable MiFi device. Not to mention, Warid is the country’s only operator that has leapt from 2G to directly 4G LTE compliant in Pakistan. Also, it’s considered as the most affordable network for Pakistani students.

Core Features of Warid MiFi

This particular device will allow users to share its MiFi hotspot internet with up to 10 devices simultaneously – no matter whether it’s a Smartphone, laptop or a desktop PC, existing in the range of 30 feet. A built-in battery is also provided in a device that can last for about 6 hours, which will ensure that users get super-fast LTE internet on the go, wherever Warid LTE coverage is available.

Shared high-speed internet for Warid’s prepaid and postpaid subscribers, moreover internet plan can also be shared with an additional two Warid mobile numbers on a single bill.

As far as the security is a concern, connectivity authorization required, therefore nobody against MiFi users consent will be able to access the internet.


To acquire Warid MiFi device users will have to pay Rs: 9,999 upfront. This will include an LTE SIM plus 35 GB of internet for consecutive 3 months from the date of activation.

Types of Internet Plans

  • MiFi Smart = Data Volume Limit 15 GB cost Rs 1500 Monthly
  • MiFi Extra = Data Volume Limit 20 GB cost Rs 2000 Monthly
  • MiFi Ultra = Data Volume Limit 35 GB cost Rs 3000 Monthly

Zong Mobile Internet Offering

Zong, unlike Warid, offers a wide range of mobile broadband devices for its customers to choose the best-suited one complementing their requirements.


Zong Dongle devices

4G LTE Wingle, Super 3G Wingle and Super 3G Mifi are offered by Zong, which permit users to connect any USB power supply and support connectivity up to 10 WiFi devices at a time. All these mentioned dongles will be best suited for home users and young internet enthusiast considering their flexibility on plans.

3G internet Routers, this one is intended for commercial use as it can be mounted on wall easily and allowing internet access for various platforms in a wide range. This particular Zong mobile broadband router can be used to get internet connectivity on various operating systems involving Windows 7, XP, 2000, VISTA, Apple MAC and Linux OS.


Both Warid and Zong customers who are interested in acquiring these mobile broadband devices called MiFi and Super 3G/4G Dongles can get a hold of them from their operators’ customer support centres and franchises. It’s obvious that the availability of 3G and 4G internet depends upon areas where they are working fine.