5 Reasons why you should make money online in Pakistan

It is hard to believe that you can make money online. The internet seems to be a place just for surfing, but there are thousands of people already utilizing it and making millions of dollars each month. Most of the people would consider it as a waste of time. If you make use of this technology in a positive way, you can also earn hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars every month. I highly favor the people who make money online, as I am one of those. Let me tell you a secret, I am making 100 times or even more income online as compared to my offline job.  Last month I resigned from my managerial position because making money online in Pakistan is extremely easy, and here are five reasons why you should also be making money online.

Why you should make money online?

Why you should make money online?

1) Make a steady income stream sitting at home

There are fewer people around the world who are making money online. However, a great benefit is that you can sit back at a comfortable place, have a beverage in your hand and explore great ideas of making money online. The internet is a place that doesn’t ask you to submit your resume or experience or even restrict you to wake up early in the morning and reach office to make money online. You just need passion, time and hard work. On average if you don’t waste time surfing the Internet, rather explore useful guides, you will be making your first $100 or even more within 3-5 months while sitting in your home.

2) You can generate a second income stream

It isn’t necessary that if you start making money online then quit your offline job. In fact, you can carry on both and secure 2nd hand income that will help you spend the whole month with ease. There are many platforms like Clickbank, Adsense, PTC, and Blogging, Freelancing, etc. that can help yours in generating a steady income online.

3) Get paid securely and on time

I know our bosses and companies in Pakistan quite often delay our salaries. But, the internet is a place where you get paid on time and securely for what you’ve earned. For example, Google Adsense pays its publishers on 22nd of every month with a minimum threshold of $100. So, on 22nd you’ll have your money in hands. Same goes for freelancing sites like upwork.com, fiverr.com, freelancer.com. These sites pay through PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill. However, PayPal isn’t available in Pakistan, but still you check out how to withdraw PayPal money in Pakistan.

4) Building your online Personality

Once you have mastered your online skills, you develop an online personality. You get fame and endorsements that make you more successful than ever. People admire you because of your quality work and have more trust in you. Not only personality but your value also increases. For the instance, if you were being paid $5 per hour in the beginning, then after an experience of a year or two it would be $20 or even $50 per hour depending on your skills.

5) You become Vigilant

It is common to face an online scam once in your career. But, once you get involved in this field, you experience so many different faces, colors and another thing that make you vigilant and prevent any future scams.

Pakistani’s living abroad; why not send free SMS to Pakistan?

Are you one of those millions of Pakistani’s who have left their homes and went abroad to make their future bright. Pakistan is a developing country and is the 6th most populated country of the world, this is why people who do not get adequate jobs in the country due to different sort of limitations go abroad – in search of getting better jobs. Although, most of these people do not get white collar jobs and has to do blue collar jobs in different counties across the world to be able to earn to support their families back home.


And as living abroad all these people want to make contact with their family and friends to inquire about their conditions and other matters. But, calling back home from any country of the world in touch expensive for these Pakistani’s, because most of them work as laborers who can’t afford to make expensive calls every day. So, if you are one of those people who have minimized contact with your family friends because it costs you a lot – then why not you try and send free sms to Pakistan.

The availability of alternate sources to contact other people in this current day and age is immense. This has been made possible with the massive penetration of internet and most imperative Smartphone’s. These two in collaboration have transformed this era, for people who wants to make contact with anyone living anywhere in this world. Like now you can make use of many Smartphone communication apps to send instant message and even make free voice and video calls to anyone register on the same apps platform – by just having the internet facility on its Smartphone.

Furthermore, there are many websites are being developed in recent years with the objective of allowing its local and overseas Pakistani’s to send SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan that too absolutely free. Moreover, now these send SMS to Pakistan websites also permits users to receive replies as well from the recipient they are sending free SMS via their web service. This has made life so easy from Pakistani’s living abroad to say what they want to say to people back home they know by sending those free SMS.


So, why not make use of these websites which are offering option to send as many as you want free of charge SMS to mobile numbers in Pakistan – just requiring you to register on their website.

Microsoft’s New Internet Browser Edge Supports WhatsApp Web

Most of the Smartphone users will be glad who excessively use world’s most popular communication app WhatsApp to know that – it’s soon going to support Microsoft Edge. People who still don’t know about what Microsoft Edge is, it’s basically totally revamped version of veteran Internet Explorers. This fresh Microsoft internet explorer renamed and made much more potent than its previous versions is available with newly released Microsoft Windows 10 -as its default web browser.

MS Edge Browser

With this latest updated Internet Edge browsers with the extension will allow users to make instant WhatsApp chatting and files sharing straight from their internet explorer. As this was not possible before, because the older versions of IE provided till the last release of Microsoft Windows 8.1 does not have compatibility with lots of extension and online content including WhatsApp web support. Moreover, now millions of WhatsApp users will be able to post best Whatsapp status on their profiles directly from Microsoft Edge Internet browser.

Although, this WhatsApp web support was available for other top browsers involving Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari for Apple Mac users were able to use WhatsApp through it. But, as Microsoft Windows is the most widely used computer operating systems across the world now its users will be able to use WhatsApp from its default browser – rather than installing third party web browsers.

Furthermore, there was a rumor about this support coming to Microsoft Internet Explorer for the past few months. But now it’s been confirmed as the upgraded internet browser Edge is accessible from Microsoft Windows 10 – user who has upgraded their Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to Windows 10 can use the WhastApp online version from it.

Also, the Microsoft Program Managers for Edge, Greg Whitworth and David Storey also referred about this upcoming support of the WhatsApp web in their tweet. Saying that they are in talks with the Whatsapp developers to bring support for Microsoft Internet browser – but its time frame was not given.

Nevertheless, now this news has become reality and users can use WhatsApp easily from their Windows 10 default edge internet browser. And can enjoy exchanging thoughts and supported files comprising of videos, images and even audio files to WhasApp contacts they want. This will certainly aid countless users who have just get their hands on most awaited latest version of Windows 10 to also take pleasure of using their favorite WhatsApp features via it.

Mobilink & Ufone Increase 3G Bundles Tariff – Advanced Internet Taxes in Pakistan

As the government of Punjab has not withdrawn from its announced pledge made in the budget by not imposing the 19.5% tax on internet services in the province, the implementation of this duty has now been started. According to latest reports, Telco’s operating in Pakistan, including largest operator Mobilink and Ufone has announced a rise in their 3G internet bundles. Keep in mind that govt of Punjab issued an SRO on the 28th May, 2015 this year to put hefty levy of 19.5% on the internet services in the province. However, later after bearing heavy criticism from the local IT industry, experts and online fraternity – announced to withdraw this tax. But now not fulfilling its own assurance made only a few months back and doing completely opposite from – what was expected from the authorities.

Advanced Internet Taxes in Pakistan

And now the end users will bear the heavy tax on internet services in the country, due to this redundant approach of the relevant authorities.  Here are the facts of how much the existing internet plans is going to climb in the country after execution of 14% advance tax.

Mobilink 3G Bundles Increased Tariff Details

Mobilink has started sending intimation messages to their subscriber informing them that the increased rates will take effect from the July 24, 2015. This increase in the tariff of 3G internet plans will certainly dishearten the hefty over 13 million 3G users making use of Mobilink’s 3G data services in the country.

Package Name: Tariff After Increase:
3G Daily Rs.17.93
3G 3Day Rs. 41.83
3G Weekly Rs. Rs.71.7

For details of the remaining internet plans rates of Mobilink, subscribers can dial *44*2#.

Ufone 3G Bundles Increased Tariff Details

Ufone as per newspaper intimation ad has publicized that to make sure that its customers get a superior standard of its services has changed its 3G internet bundle tariff. But actually, it is because of new tax, which has now been taking its toll on the internet services in the country – imposed by the government. The under mentioned increase will be applicable from 4th August, 2015 for Ufone customers.

Package Name: Tariff After Increase:
Daily Lite Bucket Rs. 11.95
Daily Heavy Bucket Rs. 17.93
Special Daily Bucket Rs. 5.98
Mega Internet Bucket Rs. 7.17
3Day Bucket Rs. 29.88
Weekly Lite Bucket Rs. 59.75
Weekly Heavy Bucket Rs. 149.38
Monthly 1GB Bucket Rs. 298.75
Monthly 3GB Bucket Rs. 597.50
Monthly 10GB Bucket Rs. 1,195
Social Daily Rs. 5.98
Social Monthly Rs. 59.75

The default tariff has also been increased to Rs. 23.90 per MB by Ufone.

Huawei Honor 4A: Budget Smartphone by Huawei with Potent Specs

Huawei, who has made a mark in worldwide Smartphone market over the years now and now considered one of the top Smartphone manufactures of the world. The reason of this brisk success story of Huawei is not difficult to figure out – if we look at its Smartphone offerings. Huawei emphasis more on presenting affordable equipped with more than satisfactory specs Smartphone’s for budget markets located all across the globe.

Huawei Honor 4A

Because, people residing in developing or under developed countries are the main contributor to the Smartphone penetration since last few years – that has hiked the sales of the various Smartphone brands tremendously including Huawei’s. Now the latest affordable addition to the company’s Smartphone range is Honor 4A, which is being freshly revealed.

The phone resembles a lot to Huawie Honor 4C that was launched not so long ago – as far as the features is concern. The manufacturers have revealed two variants of this fresh model one supports 3G only and the other one is ready for 4G LTE network alongside 3G.

Here are the significant specs overviews which are decked in this freshly reveled Huawie Honor 4A.

Honor 4A Specs

Display and Design:

Talking about the specs and features which Honor 4A comprises firstly it has 5-inch HD IPS display with the resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels – making sure that users gets vivid picture quality. The screen will be able to produce satisfactory results no matter what kind of content users is playing, but of course source video quality also matters. Phone is also sleek in design to be precise just 8.5mm slim making it looks more stylish.

Hardware plus Storage:

As far as the hardware specs are concern phone is decked with a 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 210 processor and also has Adreno 304 GPU – allowing users to play high graphics games without any lag. Furthermore, the multitasking and hanging free smooth functioning is essential of this Smartphone due to its 2GB of RAM, which is very rare in the budget phones these days. Furthermore, 8GB internal storage is built-in and users can expand it up to 128 GB with SD card – that is supported by the new Honor 4A.


Considering the persuasive aspects of this Smartphone one cannot ignore its 8MP rear camera that has LED Flash and can capture high res images even in low light. The secondary front facing one is of 2MP that can also furnish reasonable video calling and occasionally clicked selfies too.

Other Significant Specs:

The remaining worth mentioning specs involve the phone is running on the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 with Huawei’s custom Emotion UI 3.1 on top of it. The phone supports dual SIM permitting users to utilize two mobile networks at once. Lastly the phone encompasses 2200mAh battery that would easily make available whole day backup to its users – even upon extensive use.

QMobile Introduces Noir Z9: Ultra-Slim power pack Smartphone

Brace yourself to witness world’s most ultra razor slim 5.1mm Smartphone by QMobile named Noir Z9. It’s the most brilliantly crafted phone with aircraft resembling aluminum body, making it tremendously durable. Also the Smartphone is equipped with such powerful specs that will allure prospective customers towards it – as it’s now available in retail markets all over Pakistan.

QMobile Noir Z9

It’s the latest presentation of QMobile’s successful high-end Smartphone Noir Z series that has recently offered potent handsets like Noir Z8 – which offered true value for money to customers. Coming back to this freshly revealed QMobile Noir Z9 check out what’s in and out is all about of Noir Z9 down below – to make out your purchasing decision.

QMobile Noir Z9 Features

Display & Design

As we mentioned above that it’s the slimmest Smartphone that has ever been manufactured, crafted at just 5.1mm slim body. Also the edges of the phone are smoothly curved and top and bottom sides are flat. Furthermore the non-removable back provides a glassy look alongside a beautiful silver ring is placed on all four sides of the bezels – making the phone more attractive.

As far as the display is concern, the phone has 4.8- inches HD AMOLED display furnishing resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. On top of it the ravishing 320 ppi make the Noir Z9 screen more vivid and amazingly crispy for viewing.


As the phone is part of Pakistan’s largest selling Smartphone brand QMobile’s flagship series it is decked with dominant Quad core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor. And this heady processor is backed by 2GB of RAM and Adreno 306 GPU, making the phone capable of running any high-end graphics games and even provides smooth lag free multitasking to users.

Storage Capacity

Talking about the storage capacity the phone offers 16GB built-in memory to store data, but the down side is that SD Card is not supported in Noir Z9. This will be considered as a major con by prospective buyers, as now a day’s user’s likes to store hefty data in their Smartphone’s that will not be possible to do it on this Smartphone.


The camera is another big plus of the phone has 8MP Auto Focus rear camera with LED flash, which can capture images of amazing quality of up 3200 x 2400 pixels. It’s also been reported that the camera of the phone is even better than World’s most popular bands flagship Smartphone’s cameras. The secondary front facing one is of 5MP capacity that can also click excellent quality selfies @ 2592 x 1944 pixels and provide fine video calling experience.


This stunningly sleek Noir Z9 is powered by a 2000 mAh battery that can last for the whole day upon moderate video and wifi usage. Upon just conventional mobile phone calling and SMS usage that phone can even provide battery backup of up to two days. There is also a power saving mode supported in its OS for expanding its battery backup more.

Other Significant Features

The phone supports 4G LTE network so that users could utilize blazing fast mobile data service on-the-go. Also the phone apart from being so slim is also so light weight only 97gms that makes phone handling of the phone easier. It merits mentioning here is that Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is also their making phone display scratch less. Lastly, another amazing feature of the NXP smart power amplifier is also provided in the phone for more enhanced sound quality.

Price: Rs: 25,000/- Only

Huawei Y635: A Mid-Range 4G & NFC Supported Smartphone

Huawei a Chinese multinational tech manufacturer, which has now evolved also as a leading Smartphone manufacturer as well, has launched Huawei Y635 in Pakistan. This Smartphone was officially announced at the recent Mobile World Congress 2015 organized in Barcelona Spain few months back. The phone is a follow up model of Huawei Y625, which was launched in April this year like its predecessor is a mid-range Smartphone for customers – who are in search of an affordable option.

Huawei Y635 in Pakistan

Nevertheless, the phone is equipped with the required Smartphone feature including cutting edge NFC (Near Field Communication) and 4G LTE network support on top. These cited imperative features has certainly made this phone more persuading for prospective buyers than other rival Smartphone of similar price range.

Check out Huawei’s new Y635 Smartphone feature in-depth to know precisely what it has to offer below.

Huawei Y635 Specs

As the Huawei’s Y series Smartphone’s are known for their solid build and moderate specs on the whole manufactured keeping in mind budget target markets. Following this pattern, this new Huawei Y635 has a 5-inches FWVGA display at the resolution 480 x 854 pixels alongside 196 ppi. The display of the phone is not so impressive, but acceptable due to its phones price tag. The phone is running on Android 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box having Hauwei’s own custom Emotions UI 3.0 on top of it – making the phone functioning smooth.

Talking about its hardware specs Y635 is equipped with a 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor having the support of 1 GB RAM that makes the phone capable to handle multitasking and mid graphics game play aptly. As far as the storage capacity is concern, 4 GB default internal storage is furnished alongside SD card support of up to 32GB is also there for expansion.

The rear camera offered in this newly released Smartphone is of 5MP with LED flash, potent enough to capture images at the 2592 х 1944 pixels. The secondary front facing one contains 2MP lens good enough for occasional selfies and video calling.

Don’t forget Y635 Li-Po 2000 mAh battery that will be sufficient to help run the phone complete one day upon moderate use. Other noteworthy feature of the phone comprises of micro USB 2.0, FM radio, Bluetooth 4.0, and Wifi proficiencies. All these obligatory Smartphone features make the phone more viable choice for customers.

Price: Rs. 15,750

This freshly launched Huawei Y635 is a good Smartphone purchase option for people, who want a fully equipped Smartphone with all obligatory features at a manageable price. For the reason, as we have dissected its features in details above, it offers all knacks that you require in a modern Smartphone – most influential ones are its NFC and 4G supports.

Huawei Y3 and Y5, Two Most Affordable Smartphone’s Launched in Pakistan

Huawei that is a world’s top lined Smartphone manufacturer has now introduced two brand new entry level Smartphone’s in Pakistan. Both Huawei Y3 and Y5 are the two most affordable Smartphone by Huawei intended for the budget customers – which are thinking of buying their first Smartphone. The phones encompass all the required features that a usual new android Smartphone user wants just like any overpriced high-end phones – but the prices of these phones are kept very low.

Huawei Y3 and Y5

Y3 and Y5 are designed with complete attention to detail having elegant bodies and scratch less back with mat finish making them solid while holding in hand. Check out the complete specs details down below of both Smartphone’s.

Huawei Y3 Specs

The phone has a 4-inch WVGA LCD screen having a moderate resolution of 480 x 800 making the phone display acceptable. The phone is overall 10.9mm thick and the weight of the Y3 is 120g furnishing good feel while using. Talking about its underneath hardware specs it is decked with a 1.3 Ghz processor alongside supported by minimal 512MB of RAM – because it’s a low price phone what else do you expect.

The built-in storage space id 4GB but there is a memory card slot for expanding it for hefty data storage. Furthermore, the primary camera of this entry level Smartphone is 5MP besides the secondary 2MP front facing one allowing user to make video calls and take selfies. Lastly, the battery of the phone is of 1730 mAh that can last long by utilizing super power saving mode.

Additionally, it merits mentioning here is that Zong has been offering 6GB free internet for 6 months on Huawei Y3 purchase to users. And the phone is available in multiple colors including black, white, red and blue.

Price: Rs. 8, 499/-

Huawei Y5 Specs

Huawei Y5 has a bit more acceptable specs than its associate Y3 having 4.5-inches LCD WVGA display, which is more vibrant for viewing. The hardware spec comprises of 1.3 GHz quad-core A7 Cortex processor along with 1GB of RAM, making the phone performance smooth even while multitasking. Furthermore, the built-in storage space is 8GB besides a card slot of up to 32GB extension enabling users to store additional data. The phone is running on Android 4.4 KitKat having out of the box underneath Huawei’s customized UI.

Talking about its primary camera it is of 8MP with LED flash alongside at the front has 2MP secondary one – both able to capture adequate images. Other imperative feature is that it supports 2G and 3G networks for users to enjoy fast mobile internet on-the-go. Also the wireless proficiencies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS are also there. Finally, as far as the battery aspect is concerned Y5 contains a 1,730 mAh Li-Ion battery, which can keep the phone awake for the whole day upon normal use.

Price: Rs.10, 999/-

Android One “QMobile A1” Launching in Pakistan Soon

Android One which was basically a Google’s consumer electronics devices project launched September last year. Through the project Google rolled out its first Android One Smartphone in 2014, for the developing countries, including India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia including many others. Now Google is launching this much awaited Android One in the Pakistani retail markets in the coming few days named QMobile A1. It merits mentioning here is that Google has partnered with Pakistan’s largest selling Smartphone brand QMobile for this project, to make sure its smooth distribution in the whole country – anticipating strong sales.

Android One QMobile

This fresh QMobile A1 AKA Android One will contain two years of developer support, which means it will be updated to Android M as soon as it gets released. The phone is reported to furnish apt smooth performance in the price tag of just Rs. 11,500.

Another important aspect to keep in mind regarding this Smartphone launch in Pakistan is that it would be manufactured using Google overseen partners recognized as Original equipment manufacturer (OEM). That’s why users will come across hugely better built quality and better detailing with Google’s material design – unlike usual Chinese Smartphone’s.

 QMobile A1 Specifications

The smartphone will encompass 4.5 inch IPS display at the resolution of 854 x 480 alongside 218 ppi, the quality of the display would be fine for viewing any kind of content. Talking about its hardware underneath QMobile A1 is decked with a 1.3 Ghz quad-core processor and minimum of 1GB RAM, making sure that the phone provides satisfactory performance to users – even while multitasking.

As far as the storage capacity is concerned Smartphone will contain 8GB of built-in storage space and SD card support for expanding the storage up to 32 GB. The stock wireless connectivity knack of WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS proficiency is also made available in this Smartphone.

The most imperative thing to remember is that as it’s a Google’s own release, which also holds android OS rights too, that’s why guaranteed software support of two years will be provided to users. Also the phone will be running on stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop directly from the box – with future updates.

Other significant specs of the Smartphone comprises of a 5MP main camera with LED flash on the back and a 2MP front facing one – having knack to click satisfactory images. Furthermore, Android One QMobile A1 is a dual SIM Smartphone with 3G support. Lastly, the battery of the phone is about 1700 me that may provide a whole day backup upon moderate use.

As we have enlightened above regarding what this soon approaching Android One Smartphone wrapped in QMobile identity will have to offer to its prospective customers. Undoubtedly, it would be an impressive looking and durable Smartphone mainly for customers, who is thinking of buying their first Android Smartphone. Also the price suggested for the QMobile A1 Rs. 11,500 is also an affordable one for most of the users – considering the kind of specs it contains.

[News] Apple Pay Coming to UK From July 14th, 2015

Apple Pay the cutting edge wallet payment solutions is according to reports is finally going to be launched for its UK customers from 14th of July, 2015 after last years US launch. This momentous information is taken from a leaked document of a top UK supermarket Waitrose suggesting that they will accept payments through Apple Pay from 14th July.

Apple Pay

Although, Apple proclaimed that the Apple Pay would be launched in the UK in recent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2015 held in San Fransisico on the 8th to 12th of June. But now as this leaked document has confirmed that the much awaited Apple Pay is approaching Great Britian retail stores from the 14th.

So, now as soon as this most advanced much hyped digital payment solutions will be commenced in the UK, people having iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and new Apple Watch could make payments via them. This will be a huge benefiting feature for people of the United Kingdom having new iPhones and Apple in possession to pay via Apple Pay feature – rather than carrying Debit or Credit Cards for goods purchases in the country. Also, the Apple Pay feature will also require true bank accounts for users to make use of this feature aptly at any local retail outlet furnishing Apple Pay feature.

The Apple Pay digital Wallet payment solution works in a way that it keeps the users’ transaction information stored safely on a smartphone. Basically, the Touch ID in Apple Pay responds as the method of authentication requiring PINs or signatures detached entirely.

Apple Pay would definitely be an aiding choice for countless people in UK make payments via it – as its said to be – fast and easy payment solution out there. Because, it will be more safe and integrated money managing tool as well for millions of people, who will be able to track their shopping digitaly – straight from their Apple supported devices.

Thus, as Apple Pay is expected to be available in different retail outlets and supermarkets for customers to make payments via it – we will have to wait and see that what actually happens on the 14th. Furthermore, several banks are already taking advantage of this contemporary Apple Pay feature and one of the largest banks of UK Barclays is also in talks with Apple over this technology – who may well also implies it in near future.

Source: TheVerge