Telenor WhatsApp Packages 2019 for Prepaid Users

Telenor has brought a variety of WhatsApp packages for the prepaid users in various durations of time. I have listed all of them in various categories such as daily, weekly and monthly. Currently, the people prefer getting in touch with their loved by using WhatsApp. Telenor understands their social media needs and brings a variety of packages for them with WhatsApp MBs. Other telecom companies are also offering different combos with WhatsApp MBs for the users, but Telenor claims to present the cheapest WhatsApp packages for its users. See below the details.

Telenor WhatsApp Packages 2019

Telenor brings affordable WhatsApp packages in flexible timings. Some packages are available in the day time and the others are available in the late evening. You can select the one that suits your budget and time.

Telenor Free Whatsapp Package:

Telenor Free WhatsApp Package is a very unique and affordable for every user. Now, you can send and receive unlimited messages on WhatsApp. You can share multimedia files including audio and video files. The package brings 100MB/week to you. However, the Free WhatsApp package is only for the prepaid customers of Telenor. The Djuice and Telenor customers can avail this offer.

TelenorTelenor free WhatsApp Packagefree100 MBS7 daysNoneWhatsApp

Terms and Conditions:

If you share your location on WhatsApp, you will be charged. This package allows you to send/receive messages, video/audio files and video/audio calls.

If the balance is zero, you cannot avail this offer. To avail Free WhatsApp package, you need minimum 1 paisa in your account.

If you want to convert your package, Free WhatsApp package will automatically expire.

Telenor FREE Unlimited WhatsApp Package:

Like other Telecom companies, Telenor offers another WhatsApp package that is known as the Free Unlimited WhatsApp package. It allows you to use WhatsApp with unlimited MBs. You do not need to spend much amount to get this package.

Just type *213# to get this package and enjoy Free unlimited MBs for WhatsApp.

Other Telenor WhatsApp Packages:

Telenor Daily WhatsApp Package

WhatsApp has become the largest platform used in Pakistan to be in touch with the friends and dear ones. This social package is available in Rs 5 + tax for the prepaid users. It expires the same day midnight. See the details below to activate this package.

TelenorTelenor Daily WhatsApp Package5 +tax100 MBS1 daydial *5*325#WhatsApp, facebook, and twitter

 Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Package

Telenor Weekly WhatsApp package brings even more entertainment for you for the entire week. It allows you to stay in touch with your relatives and friends for seven days without interruption. The package is even cheaper as compared to many other WhatsApp packages offered by other Telecom companies. See the details below to activate it.

TelenorTelenor Weekly WhatsApp Package5 +tax1000 MB7 days*345*991#WhatsApp only

 Telenor monthly WhatsApp package

Telenor brings another very convenient WhatsApp offer for the people who want to access WhatsApp for a bit longer time. Telenor Monthly WhatsApp package brings more MBs and more fun for you. It allows you to stay connected with your friends on WhatsApp, but also on Facebook. See the details of the package below.

Telenor monthly WhatsApp package is taking out your tension of separate SMS and WhatsApp packages. In this single offer, Telenor is giving you some SMS and WhatsApp MBS. You can send messages to any network in Pakistan, but that’s not all with this offer you can have 300 MBS for WhatsApp and Facebook. It brings 10,000 SMS to any network along with 300 MBs.

TelenorTelenor monthly WhatsApp package40 +tax300 MBS / 10,000 SMS30 days*2*2*3#Auto Expired

All the above-discussed WhatsApp packages are only for prepaid users.

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